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Maybe it didn’t open the ports? See firewall in the yunohost admin panel

interesting. It’s an additional click that’s confusing at first, but still a cool service

That’s true. The client is good, just not for XMPP. I recommend Dino for linux and gajim for windows

I can recommend it. Prosody is good and easy to set up

hey quick question, why does your peertube instance not allow other instances to follow it? Would be great if I didn’t have to make an account just to like and subscribe?

This also leads to the weird behavior where I can’t watch, like and follow through other peertube servers but I can watch, like and follow from mastodon.

Anyways, otherwise a pretty cool project, good luck to y’all!

also it’s pretty slow at the moment, I can’t watch a 1080p60fps video in real time

btw do you know why tilvids doesn’t allow other instances to follow and thus have them index their videos?

I agree that this is a good start, I follow most of these but I come from being a Youtube addict so it’s never enough ;)

What are your favorite peertube channels?

I am looking for content, I like the platform but don’t have much to watch. …


oh I hadn’t thought of that.

Also it’s just straight up punk and more free

I mean if someone gains access to your unlocked device they can install a keylogger and whatnot, so I don’t think this is a huge issue anyways

idk they might be a really cool and respectful person

Ne Scherz beiseite voll am victim blamen ey …


Wie stehts um diesen Server?

Sind alle willkommen die die Regeln einhalten? …


What's the deal with SESSION, Lokinet, $OXEN and LLARP

Lokinet is a onion-router (like tor, i2p) implementation of the LLARP protocol which tries to be a modern re-implementation of i2p. [Session](https:/…


It’s pretty entertaining I think, takes a little bit of time to understand what’s going on but there is are lots of VODs to re watch and he streams >10 hours per day lately. …


He was known as in the fediverse. …


Die Scheiss 1000 Artikel über die berliner Popup-Fahrradwege gehen mir auf den Geist

Schon wieder sehe ich einen, hurra, die Fahrradwege dürfen bleiben… Das ist aber sowas von unwichtig, ist einfach nur ein politisches Thema, die AfD natürlich dagegen und die anderen Parteien denken sich sie können sich jetzt schnell Pluspunkte bei der Bürgerin holen wenn sie so tun als wenn hier …


87EUR 2,5 Zoll externe Festplatte bei Mediamarkt grad, das ist ziemlich guenstig...

Man kann auch online bestellen aber im Markt abholen, das geht oft schneller. …