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Gonna try this for a month, looks promising

Interesting, thanks for that link I’ll give it a go

recommended iptv providers
Are there recommended iptv providers by users?

Oh that’s actual name, thanks for pointing out. I’ll check them

I’m assuming you mean “Build your device” in that case are there resources? Is this like kit car?

interesting, they still don’t have much info on infotainment/brain of car but right to repair is promising and generally means better approach. I’ll follow their progress.

I wasn’t aware lane keeping and emergency braking needs cloud connectivity, wouldn’t that be hazardous (if internet connectivity is not available) ?

lol tell me about it, however using that in USA is not really an option. Bicycle is option still not complete solution

Any EVs coming out now / in future without reliance on cloud services.
Most of the EVs being announced have 24/7 internet connectivity, which in itself is fine. However most manufacturers are depending on Google, Amazon etc. to provide infotainment systems (and I'm assuming smart car related features). Generally always connected and tech giant integration doesn't go well for privacy. So are there any manufacturer not dependent on tech giant at all ? Or is tech giant integrations are fine since data is never (and never will be) relayed to cloud?

building 1u system
Is there a website that supports pc builder for 1u server? I've supermicro chassis which I'm planning to populate with parts but figuring out parts hasn't been easy since I don't know about compatibility. Mainly looking for PSU, motherboard, CPU, RAM and storage - all these (without GPU) may not need compatibility as much but still good to know

This doesn’t seem to work how I want, but I will try to see if it can be used for non-pinned tabs for organization.

Looks like a extension JShelter is very CPU intensive. Removing that feels so much better

I suppose only part of Vivaldi web panels, I am ok with pinned tabs opening in full view when clicked, just want them on left sidebar. What I’m trying to solve: I’ve plenty of tabs pinned (email, nextcloud, mastodon, element, pixelfed, home assistant, lemmy etc.) that leaves very small space for normal browsing - more than 3 tabs makes it harder to keep track, so I’m trying to see if pinned tabs can go somewhere else

Yup leaning towards Vega right now, my past experience with proprietary drivers is not very good. Quite a few times OS update doesn’t update driver and got black screen

Don’t really care about CUDA programs, mostly will be using as light gaming along with steamDeck

Thanks, ya leaning towards Vega 64 just for ease of use

Interesting, let me try this

Making pinned tabs vertical
Can I make pinned tabs vertical on left side (only pinned tabs) like Ubuntu Touch menu?

1080 TI vs Rx Vega 64 with Pop OS
I'm getting handed down either 1080TI or Rx Vega 64. 1080TI definitely has better benchmarks however how is experience of them being used on Linux (I use Pop OS)? If Rx Vega provides stable / reliable experience then I would pick that. [EDIT/UPDATE]: picked up rx vega, pretty good out of the box experience

Thanks, it looks like only related to my use case. Going to try closing tabs (4 open) and disabling extensions.

Yes Firefox is definitely CPU intensive, please let me know what further details are needed. I only ran top when I noticed unresponsiveness

Using SteamDeck as PC
Is anyone using deck as PC ? Opening Firefox seems very detrimental. Running `top` shows CPU uses almost/beyond 100%. Generally for 2 processes `Firefox` and `Isolated Web Co`. Is there some kind of workaround? Or would it be better to just install normal Linux (instead of SteamOS)?

How to mount NFS share
I was suggested to use AutoFS but Steam Deck doesn't have AutoFS installed and changing fstab is not sticking after reboot. If there is option to enable mounting NFS without enabling RW.

I’m liking Manjaro and don’t think sxmo is available. Can you please confirm if I can install and use any apps (gnome-calls and kde dialer) or do I need sxmo specific apps ?

Is this through service enable disable mechanism? Also in that case is there list of meta names for packages (i’m going to search as well)

Using multiple DE/WM on phone
Can I install multiple DE/WM and switch while logging on or through terminal? I use phosh primarily but want to try plasma and maui.

toLemmyHow to format text

Exactly what i was looking for, thanks

How to format text
Is it simply markdown or is there an option to pick how do i want to format block of text on lemmy?

Nextcloud (disable iCloud and Siri completely) Home Assistant (instead of home kit)

Thanks, i remember amazon integration and that is when i used gentoo for a while. I never tried snap, i like flatpak better but again that’s just cause i’m used to it. My pop os installation is super good for gaming, but I’m trying to see if I can move to different base for personal laptop.

Sorry I am not knowledgeable enough, why is ubuntu base not good? I’ve been using ubuntu for almost a decade (used gentoo for maybe 6 months). I’m with ubuntu (pop os now) because i’m most comfortable with it (just because i used it long)

I’m looking for something similar, either DE or WM which can be used through controller. I like my HTPC setup, currently almost everything is click on icon and use (steam, jitsi, firefox - streamin services, kodi etc). Maybe a setup like window mobile few years back?