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Exactly what i was looking for, thanks

How to format text

Is it simply markdown or is there an option to pick how do i want to format block of text on lemmy?..


Nextcloud (disable iCloud and Siri completely) Home Assistant (instead of home kit)

Thanks, i remember amazon integration and that is when i used gentoo for a while. I never tried snap, i like flatpak better but again that’s just cause i’m used to it. My pop os installation is super good for gaming, but I’m trying to see if I can move to different base for personal laptop.

Sorry I am not knowledgeable enough, why is ubuntu base not good? I’ve been using ubuntu for almost a decade (used gentoo for maybe 6 months). I’m with ubuntu (pop os now) because i’m most comfortable with it (just because i used it long)

I’m looking for something similar, either DE or WM which can be used through controller. I like my HTPC setup, currently almost everything is click on icon and use (steam, jitsi, firefox - streamin services, kodi etc). Maybe a setup like window mobile few years back?