A netflix clone where you can find shows and movies from all the networks

This is a brand new streaming website we have a dedicated team constantly working on improving it, please help us grow be first join our discord community where we talk about the website improvement and feedbacks …

Avoid Time Cap Download on Maxstream

Good Evening, I have to download multiple files on Maxstream but there is the limit of 1 download each hour without an account. …

Guide: The idiot proof guide to downloading ebooks off IRC. With Pictures and everything!

I decided to boost this Reddit post here since it contains such important info. I didn’t use the URL in case Reddit tries to take it down. This is a method to download ebooks from some servers in case LibGen goes down for some reason. It contains many books, I found what I was looking for in there, …

Be safe comrades, don’t be tracked, don’t lose your music when the app store goes down, don’t let them fuck with you with DRM. …


Websites to download e-books

Some sites got books that z-library and libgen don’t have: …

A good place to follow recent HD releases?

I’m waiting on Eternals and Spider-man but but I don’t watch cams, is there a place to track it?..

[META] !piracynews mod banned me for criticizing a Bloomberg article...

@CHEFKOCH banned me for criticizing a Bloomberg article that didn’t link to any primary sources. He claimed I was being “disrespectful” for that criticism… …

Convenient Music Piracy

I really want to ditch spotify, but its just so convenient to be able to search and stream music on any device at a moments notice. Not to mention the fact that its integrated with a music player that can quickly queue up, or add to playlist a searched song. Is there any software (or collection of s…

Digital STEM Courses?

Does anybody know of any online courses that are available through torrents? I’m looking specifically for engineering courses (lectures, instructional videos)…

I recently made a simple android app to search my https://torrents-csv.ml service. …


Microsoft Word Problems

I apologize if this has been answered elsewhere - I haven’t been able to find the info I need. See, I’ve been trying to get a working installation of Office (well, just Word, really) for a long time now, but every single time, I run into a problem: it slips into reduced functionality mode after vary…

Welcome to /c/piracy

No netflix or streaming services landlubbers allowed, this is pirates territory.

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