A piracy forum.

Application Security is one of the primary concerns for a software developer. People trust your application and share sensitive or personal information. As a software developer, you need to take care of your application user information security. Authentication and authorization both play critical r…

Reading paywalled articles using free software

If I want to read https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/05/19/post-american-world-is-now-full-display/, I have to use archive.vn which allows me to go past the paywall (https://archive.vn/yTP0x). However, archive.vn is still proprietary so I installed ArchiveBox which is free software but doe…

Cacciatori di draghi | Dragon hunters | Chasseurs de dragons

When I was a kid I happened to watch a random episode of dragon hunters and I remember falling in love with it, following every next episode with great interest. …

How can I bypass the black screen of OBS

Hi! My mother have a Proximus (com company in Belgium) and they have a service to watch TV and recorded movies on the internet. …

A piracy forum.
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