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Man, I haven’t used soulseek in like 20 years almost. I’m gonna check it out again!

So myserver.com/nextcloud is gonna be an activitypub instance, and I can make a user on it like @electric_nan2@myserver.com That’s what I’m asking.

So this nextcloud feature will just be a client? Not a server? Sorry if I’m missing something. I do have trouble sometimes grokking the implicatiins of the fediverse.

I’ve tried setting this up a few different ways, and I could never wrap my head around docker. The easiest way I’ve found is something called Swizzin community edition. It’s basically just a script you run on a fresh Ubuntu server, and it walks you through a wizard to install whichever of all the relevant apps you want. It configures all the reverse proxy settings or whatever for you. I’m running it on a vps, so I also have a domain name pointed to my server IP.

There are, of course other projects that do pretty much the same thing as swizzin, and some even are docker based, if you really want to go that route.

One thing you want to keep in mind if you use a vps (or even hosting at home, depending on your ISP), is configuring a VPN for your torrent traffic. It can be tricky ensuring that your IP doesn’t leak and get you booted from your connection.

That’s pretty cool. Does this mean that if I have my own Nextcloud server, that I’ll have my own fedi ID ready to go? Will it be an ‘app’ within Nextcloud? It’s own instance?

I love yunohost. Easiest way I found to start self hosting.

I’ve got a one plus phone that I’m pretty happy with. I only buy phones that are supported by lineageos. I actually install lineageos4microg which replaces some necessary (for me) google services with open implementations. Just updated to android 12 last week.

Most of the arguments you’ve heard won’t have much or any relevance to you, as a new user. One of the cool things about Linux is that a lot of distros are able to run as ‘live’ systems. Meaning that you can put it on a USB drive and boot into it and try it out before you commit to installing it.

Here’s what you do. Get a tool called ventoy, and put it on a USB drive. Then download a handful of Linux distros you want to try out. Drag and drop the ISO files onto your USB drive as per ventoy instructions. Now reboot your computer, and do whatever it takes for it to boot from USB. It varies, but might be ESC, or F2, etc. If successful, you’ll get a nice menu of all the Linux distros on the USB drive, and you can try them out one by one.

No one in a position to fulfill the terms of this game would allow it to be won. Therefore I’ll just take the $50.

Setup a jellyfin server for the price you were paying for Netflix. Get whatever content you want.

It’s a lovely thought, but I think it really depends on where the ‘start’ and ‘finish’ lines are. Plenty of arbitrary pairs of dates that don’t bear this idea out at all. When will the music stop on the moral universe? Will it coincide with the zenith of justice? Maybe it’s just a matter of having hope for the future, which is nice to have.

I’m confused by this statement. On the one hand you seem to say that fragmentation is good. On the other hand ‘divide and conquer’ suggests the negative consequences of such fragmentation.

Lots of food for thought there, though I must say I’m not fully convinced, particularly by the alternatives. In my experience matrix and xmpp), there are things that keep me from recommending them to my friends. The writeup mentions client fragmentation, which causes problems with encryption. That is a huge problem in this context. Ease of use is another, which may be dismissed by someone tech savvy, but shouldn’t be ignored in the broader context of activist communication.

On that note, self-hosting is a double-edged sword. Are most activists equipped with the knowledge/skills to implement and maintain a hardened secure server? Using somebody else’s server requires trust.

Those points in mind, I also think we can’t forget threat modeling. For as widespread as Signal is, there haven’t been to my knowledge any confirmed reports or leaks indicating its compromise. In contrast, we have court documents that show very little information gained from subpoenas to Signal. My feeling is that Signal is a good option for a lot of people. Phone number identifier is not good, but you can mitigate by registering with another number. If your threat model includes federal agencies, then you should be worried about your device being compromised, in which case it doesn’t matter which app you’re using. Also, don’t carry your phone to actions no matter what app you’re using.

Edit: d’oh! Meant this to be a reply to the post below, that links to dessalines’ github Signal takedown.

I haven’t gotten back to it yet. I’ve been pretty busy with school.

You say you don’t feel human, or that you have a soul. How then could you feel such anguish? Your pain is proof of your humanity. I wish I had specific advice for your troubles, but all I can say is that it is okay to love yourself.

I’ll have to try it again, thanks.

I tried installing Lemmy on yunohost, but wasn’t able to set it up once installed. Some kind of “user” error. Did you have any problems like that?

The following sentence is true. The previous sentence is false.

That’s cool. I can see myself ending up there actually.