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How do I get my own domain for free? [QUESTION]
Don’t really want to spend much on a domain name. Criteria; free, Doesn’t show personal info on whois lookups. Thanks in advance. - Rei

The sidenotes alone are a thing of beauty and wonder. I am very much not sarcastic when I say that. The vibe is sort of like reading beautiful little booklets, which is wonderful and non-distracting but also not very hypertexty. Their pieces don't link among each other a ton so far as I've read. I wonder if it's an intentional choice?

I'm gradually assembling a little [page]( with alternative search engines, especially ones that aren't striving to recreate what Google does. This newest entry is phenomenal. The way that it uses sites' own background images to decorate their results is wonderfully reminiscent of [whostyles]( I haven't used it enough yet to really be able to evaluate how well the search indexing does, but the spirit of the project is such that no matter the quality I'll be happy to follow it and watch it iterate.

you may not like it, but this is what peak web design looks like
One thing that probably drew me to this sort of style from a young age was that -- it's a highly refined Internet look that is entirely built up by women and girls trying to impress other women and girls. I love when it goes fully over-the-top because it's saying, *you know what, other nichey girls like me are **worth** trying to outdo. My scene is worth my investment.* The careful attention to detail is a statement of values. Anyway, click around until you get to her art; there's a very cool glitchy oekaki vibe.

Good morning everybody, this is my first post on Lemmy. **Proud** to be here! [My personal website][], linked above, contains a lot of crazy stuff I do around Italy and online. I would love it if you could check it out; any feedback is very welcome! Best, T []: "Tommi’s virtual brain"

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