Personal Websites

The sidenotes alone are a thing of beauty and wonder. I am very much not sarcastic when I say that. …

I’m gradually assembling a little page with alternative search engines, especially ones that aren’t striving to recreate what Google does. This newest entry is phenomenal. The way that it uses sites’ own background images to decorate their results is wonderfully remini…

you may not like it, but this is what peak web design looks like

One thing that probably drew me to this sort of style from a young age was that – it’s a highly refined Internet look that is entirely built up by women and girls trying to impress other women and girls. I love when it goes fully over-the-top because it’s saying, *you know what, other nichey girls …

Good morning everybody, this is my first post on Lemmy. Proud to be here! …


jacob hall's links

It is most delightful to run across a site that links to some things you already know you like, and a lot that you’ve never heard of. You go in to pick through them with high expectations. Jacob Hall’s is one of those for me! …

a pnw artist's lovely online gallery

I like their frogs very much – the one driving has a real emotional character that you wouldn’t anticipate from the stylized figure alone. …


Hey this is my personal blog let me know what you think :)…

Hugo Mechiche's Site

Hi guys, here is my personal website where I post articles on subjects that interest me and also my artistic achievements. This is the first time I’m making a site without a CMS and I need to progress so don’t hesitate to give your opinion. :)…


Dutch blog about general nerdery, iot, privacy and selfhosting…


Show some ❤️ for personal websites! This is the place to post personal gardens, wikis, blogs and experiments in hypertext.

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