Personal Websites

Good morning everybody, this is my first post on Lemmy. Proud to be here! …


jacob hall's links

It is most delightful to run across a site that links to some things you already know you like, and a lot that you’ve never heard of. You go in to pick through them with high expectations. Jacob Hall’s is one of those for me! …

a pnw artist's lovely online gallery

I like their frogs very much – the one driving has a real emotional character that you wouldn’t anticipate from the stylized figure alone. …


Hey this is my personal blog let me know what you think :)…

Hugo Mechiche's Site

Hi guys, here is my personal website where I post articles on subjects that interest me and also my artistic achievements. This is the first time I’m making a site without a CMS and I need to progress so don’t hesitate to give your opinion. :)…


Dutch blog about general nerdery, iot, privacy and selfhosting…



A personal site for me. Static wonderfullness - photos, linux, possibly some thoughts, who knows what will come of it? …


Dress Code -- a Menswear blog.

Hey guys – this is my blog, Dress Code. Let me know what you think. I’m not sure how often I’ll check Lemmy, but I included my matrix username on my profile (that’s a cool feature), so if I don’t answer here, try that (or Instagram, Instagram works). …

Show some ❤️ for personal websites! This is the place to post personal gardens, wikis, blogs and experiments in hypertext.

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