A pro-science marxist who is labeled with Autism and ADHD. Psychiatry is a psuedoscientific tool of oppression mostly used by the bourgeoisie and we should oppose it!

Dealing with silent reflux.

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> Holterman immediately rushed to see his general practitioner, who prescribed him a round of antibiotics. Unfortunately, the drugs had no effect, and the personal assistant’s condition began to deteriorate further, with the bumps lingering for several weeks. Better question: Why did the doctor jump immediately to antibiotics instead of checking the pathogen? U.S doctors suck ass…

[Esperanto] Kial iĉo ne bezonata: [Why iĉ (a gender reform) is not needed]
transafiŝita el: > Simple: > > * Patr'o: ĝeneralseksa patro. > * Patr'in'o: ina patro. > * __Vir'patr'o:__ vira patro. > * __Vir'patr'in'o:__ interseksa patro > > Instru'ist' enhavis viran sencon; sed nun tio enhavas ĝeneralseksan sencon. Simply: * Patr'o: for parent * Patr'in'o: for female parent * __Vir'patr'o:__ for male parent * __Vir'patr'in'o:__ for intersex parent Instru'ist' used to have a male sense; but now it has a unsexed sense.

Kial iĉo ne bezonata:
Simple: * Patr'o: ĝeneralseksa patro. * Patr'in'o: ina patro. * __Vir'patr'o:__ vira patro. * __Vir'patr'in'o:__ interseksa patro Instruist' havis viran sencon; sed nun tio havas ĝeneralseksan sencon.

Ugh, my mom is an enabler for my controlling sibling…
so, it turns out my sibling, after college, they became fearful for their (and our family's) life and started pressuring my family. They are controlling me, my grandmother, and my mom. Recently, I've seen this manifest in their confrontations. 1. They says something ridiculous (usually about leaving the door unlocked for 10 secconds; not looking behind enough; ). 2. I prove them wrong; 3. They gets mad and insist being right. 4. I slowly get angered when they keeps insisting I'm wrong 5. then I get uncomfortable and angered so I request to end the conversation and they refuse and insist on me "listening to them" (repeat, multiple times) 6. I enforce my boundaries (usually when I get harassed). 7. They harass and try to assult me (they broke the door in my room). This happened in the past few months… Well, my mom (a "mental health" therapist, ugh) is basically not doing a thing to fix *their* problems (anger management therapy); my mom instead just coddles them and blames me for starting them up, when they are pressuring me and our family. (Why am I surprised? Christian liberal-supporters who haven't read the bible, get mad when their children curse (but nor anyone else), and overstock on food; turn out to be garbarge parents and enablers…) My aunt went on about how "I need to bond with my family and work together" (which really just means "do as they say"). Grandmother cant do a thing about it; because she's weak. ---- Also, I'm thinking about signing out for good; if I keep posting; I might actually dox myself.

[Post] My husband refuses to learn how to cook so he made himself boiled eggs and naan bread for dinner. - r/mildlyinfuriating
The fuck is OP's problem? He cooked for *himself,* not *you;* and he didnt pester you to cook. Also, naan bread requires cooking… so either he cooked it or ordered it. Either way, who cares?

[Neveraj diroj pri Esperanto]
Mi nesuprizis ke malkontraŭkoloniistajn burĝarojn disdiras tiajn malverojn pri Esperanto. Ankaŭ, esperanto fondata sur *kunigeblaj vorteroj.* esperanto ne fondita sur afiskoj.

[Ho Chi Minh and Esperanto]
Even more based.

Mi havas demandon por cxiuj riistoj:
Kial ne uzu vorton "oni"?

The Fraud of the “Testament of Lenin”
I'm real pissed that Lenin's wife, Trotsky, and Khruschev would take advantage of Lenin's weakness like this. Mi kolerita al edzino de Lenino, Trotskijo, kaj Kruŝov uzas malfortecon de Lenin por tio celo.

Ever notice how there’s a lot of Russophobia and racism against Russians in Counter-Strike games?
Before the ukraine war, I noticed that a bunch of insults in that game were targetting Russians like saying SUKA BLYAT in a mocking tone. Some of The U.S fan base generalize(d) russians as if they're like this.

Gotta love AmErIcA where you can get called ill for being abused…

What is the marxist conception of the age-of-(sexual)-consent discussion?
I have noticed that when I looked at some discussions on age-of-consent that the arguments are often built on metaphysics. (For example, the idea that sexual development (or puberty) has definite, exact stages; and start or end dates.) However, the dialectical materialist conception *opposes* metaphysics; so this would mean that if the age-of-consent is built on metaphysics; then it will not correspond to material reality. This would include the start and end of sexual development in people; some people self-initate or end puberty much earlier (like at 8 or 9 years age) than what is traditionally expected (12 to 13 years age); and the rate of puberty onset has changed with the material conditions^[[J Epidemiol Community Health. 2006 Nov; 60(11): 910–911. doi: 10.1136/jech.2006.049379 PMCID: PMC2465479 PMID: 17053275](] (as dialectical materialism predicts). So, if a person ends puberty (sexual development) much earlier than the age-of-consent and has gotten clear sex education; then should they still be not allowed to have sex until that age? What about adults having late puberty? What about people who never went through puberty, like some people with [Kallmann Syndrome]( --- Since the conclusion of sexual development allows a person to have sex without sustaining damage, with ***good and proper*** sex education (as is education that doesn't lead to rape), that would mean the person would be able to safely have sex, even if they have late puberty or end puberty earlier than expected. This is the opinion I've developed from my rethinking on this topic.

transafiŝita el: > Kamarado Hó Ĉi Minh! > > Ĉu ajn homo aŭ ajn reto havas ĉin libron? -- Comrade Ho Chi Minh (is based AF)! Does anyone or any site have this book?

Kamarado Hó Ĉi Minh! Ĉu ajn homo aŭ ajn reto havas ĉin libron?

> A protege of Wilhelm Wundt, Emil Kraepelin has been lauded as the father of modern psychiatry. > … > Further on Kraepelin’s perverse view of his fellow human beings: > *“dreamers, poets, swindlers and Jews” possess ‘distinctly hysterical traits’ and fall outside the bounds of normality, adding that Jews exhibit “frequent psychopathic disposition.” These tendencies, he noted, are most importantly accompanied by “their harping criticism, their rhetorical and theatrical abilities, and their doggedness and determination”* Found the antisemites…

¿Kioj Vortnomoj por Hegelaj Dialektikoj kaj Marksaj Dialektikoj?
Mi ŝatas vorton «dialektikismo» anstataŭ «dialektikoj» aŭ anglan «dialectics».

Damn, RF admitted to committing (medical) fraud… *again*

Out of the frame: disability and the body in the writings of Karl Marx
Also, Marx himself became disabled and chronically ill in his adult life.^[[The nature and consequence of Karl Marx's skin disease](]^[[Was Marx’s Probable Enemy Hidradenitis Suppurativa?](] You'd think more disability rights movements (other than the ones conducted by marxists) would be supporting him and other revolutionary marxists.

Historical materialism is *built off Dialectical Materialism;* marx stated this.