I’m pretty happy with the theme I have now. It’s personal and “proprietary software”, I won’t be sharing this one cool thing I have :> but, I’m sure you all can theme stuff yourself and tweak it to your liking.

a few days ago when i first started, what I did basically was a bit messy and hacky. I couldn’t find the CSS classes (I didn’t look close enough between the lines) so I just kind of went off and copy a lot of CSS paths and then combine the base theme and the junk i’ve written. that’s why the previous themes aren’t install-able directly through the Stylus browser addon. you had to pick the base theme from the settings.

Then I learnt a bit about bootstrap. and how it works. but it doesn’t matter if you’re theming lemmy. bootstrap CSS basically manages columns, divs, and such, with classes. in our case we just want to modify their shape, colors and borders.

Some classes are missing in lemmy-ui that needs to fall into place so there aren’t seemingly missing elements, and generally easier to theme. i’ll probably work on that in my free time. but of course, no promises. one other thing if I’ve done that, I wanna write a documentation on lemmy’s css. I think most fediverse platforms need this (e.g. peertube) explaining the CSS. I had to figure it out which-affects-what using browser tools and it was tedious. Often times I miss some button colors that are more hidden. If I do it It’s gonna take a lot of time and effort. But… I could write it just little by little. I probably don’t wanna do it alone, I’ll be glad if someone wants to give me a hand. So anyway, That’s the plan at least.

I’m gonna take care of my health and a lot of things I want to do, so, see you later.


Enjoy your break. Theming documentation would be incredible. I may be able to help, though I have limited knowledge.

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