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The real advantage of ngrok is 50% what it does, and 50% how easy it is to setup. To run ngrok, I do ./ngrok http 80. To run sish… After reading that 3Kb readme, I’m not even too sure. Also their website is down.

Sounds awesome. Downloading and checking it out now!

I thought Stardew Valley was like Mafia or Among Us? I better look into it right away!

Edit: Downloading now!

Looking for a game with casual skilling like Runescape?

For several years now, I’ve been looking for a game where I can casually hop on for a few hours here and there, and do casual tasks to level up my skills. Things like Fishing, Woodcutting, Fletching, whatever it may be. …

It’s an unpopular opinion over at Ruqqus, but I believe you should be generally more safe in the presence of law enforcement. If I really screw up my life and ever find myself high on drugs, I want the police to be able to save me - not kill me for it.

Mattermost and Element have both expressed concerns with hCaptcha, and I found a summary of one in a Github issue here: https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/issues/13905#issuecomment-605627370

Tl;dr hCaptcha isn’t exactly the free reCaptcha service many people think it is. It has it’s own bag of privacy and effectiveness issues.

I think better UX. Just writing this comment, I can see 25 button on my screen, 20 links, and everything centered towards the middle of the screen.

I think the community is ripe for discussion and doesn’t have too much noise (which is a perfect ingredient for growth), but the UI could do better looking a little more like Ruqqus and less like Element (not the best example, but an example of cluttered UI nonetheless)

I know people will disagree with me that the “UI isn’t cluttered”, but I want to note it won’t look cluttered through your lens if it’s the same UI you’ve been seeing for months on end.

No guarantee for weekly, I just happened to only look past the last week. I’ll do it every so often, though!

Is Ruqqus Good Yet? April 15th Edition

Is Ruqqus Good Yet?


The FOSS movement is one that we want to expand as much as possible. We want our friends, governments and gamers to switch to using more open platforms so everyone benefits.

But somewhere along the line people forgot there’s a world outside Western culture - and billions of people don’t even have a gateway to FOSS. Said differently, there is so much potential to grow FOSS development in other countries and languages. Despite the power users and advanced hardware state, Linux is hardly even heard of in Korea.

If a Korean were to find Linux, and were to install it, it’s still almost impossible to use without Korean input - and therein lies the problem. Most people would shrug and assume it’s as trivial as enabling French, Russian, or any other input - but it’s not. Korean input is uniquely non-trivial, and varies greatly from DE to DE, let alone distro to distro.

No Korean input is a showstopper, so this channel started with the dedication of providing bilingual tutorials on it. You can see written versions of those tutorials here: https://linuxreviews.org/Category:Korean_Input_HOWTOs

I agree with this comment. While it’s true that gun control can save lives, there’s always another freedom in line you can revoke to save lives as well.