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Mega based. Surprised to find something like this in the Linx community, but it’s exactly what I need!

Ah kk thanks for clarifying - I was able to donate through PP without an account :)

I have a $50 prepaid Mastercard. Where is a place I can donate it to open source?

The Mastercard is in CAD and I don’t have a Paypal account. Where’s the easiest place I can donate it? …

Khan Academy is great but a crowd sourced alternative would do wonders. I tried creating a small language learning website (OurKorean.com) but I’m not quite up to the task.

If there comes a day where a crowd sourced alternative starts popping though, I’ll be on there creating lessons in my spare nights :). Education for all is how we get a better future.

Why should Chinese people suffer?

I’m a game developer for my day job and was recently looking through a large number of crash logs that had the following in them: …

Remember - It’s about numbers. You can apply to a job in 30 seconds. Time it or risk wasting insane amounts of motivation

Hey so I’ve had a lot of help in life and this is one step I’ve mastered with my friends. I can tell you how to do it, but not everyone has the motivation to follow this. If you don’t, I’m sorry but this won’t work for you.


Landing your first job comes from several steps:

  1. You need a good resume
  2. You need a lot of applications
  3. You need to get a lot of interviews
  4. You need to be good at interviews

(Note that 4 is after 3 because your first bunch of interviews will be about practice, not getting the job. It’s free practice!)


The resume is not a one step process. It’s something that you should redesign and iterate on as time goes by. I personally wrote my resume in LaTeX since it stands out more than the black on white ones. If you to do this, create an account on Overleaf.com and ping me your username, I’ll share you a copy of mine that you can just fill out with your info.


This is the most crucial step, and the one people screw up. This is the step that you must listen to what I have to say, and you will get a job.

  1. REGISTER to Indeed.com
  2. FILL OUT your profile
  3. Search “Software Engineer”

You should be able to apply to a posting in LESS THAN 30 seconds. If you are taking more than 30 seconds, you are doing it wrong.


  • It’s up to the company to decide if you’re qualified, not you. So don’t read the job posting
  • With ZERO experience, it will take 60-90 applications per interview. At 110 applications an hour, that’s just over 1 interview an hour. You don’t have time to read the posting.
  • If you’re actually good at computers (you’re on c/Linux afterall), this efficiency level shouldn’t be a problem for you

Once you master this step, you’ve almost got your foot in the door and are ready to start your life. If you can’t do this step, I can’t help you.

Note: If you don’t see “Quick Apply” on anything, get a free VPN and change your location to North America. It’s not there for some countries.


The interviews are about 2 things:

  • Can this guy communicate?
  • Can this guy code?

THE ORDER OF IMPORTANCE IS AS LISTED. When I ask someone to write an algorithm to find all the prime numbers less than some N and they start making typos in the editor while not talking, I’m not hiring them. If someone writes a brute force O(n^2) solution but talks me through it as they go, they still have a chance.

Let me be clear: If you cannot communicate, I will not hire you even if you have the most optimal solutions.

So how do you communicate?

  • When solving a problem, legit just explain your thought process. The interviewer will know where you are and give you hints too when you do this ;)
  • When answering a behavioural question, tell a story
    • i.e “Tell me about a time you had a successful project, but still weren’t satisfied with the results” you should explain everything from what made you want to start/contribute on the project, to the crux of the problem, and to what you did to make it better in the end
    • Check out this guide on the STAR method if you have a hard time with this (trust me - it works!)


When negotiating the offer, note a few things:

  • The salary range for the title in that area
  • If they ask how much you want, give a RANGE - The lowest being the 60k or the bare minimum you’ll accept (whichever is higher, if you think you’re worth less than 60k you’re just wrong), and the highest being 90-100k for your first position
  • Don’t feel pressured to accept your offer right away - you get raises by switching jobs, not doing well; start this early, get multiple offers, and pick the best one

I’m past the point in my life of getting that “first job”, but I’ve been there. You have to understand something: People don’t like being uncomfortable, but your comfort zone won’t get you a job. Do it. You can do it.

Dubstep that grinds - A growing collection

Sometimes I’m in the vibe for dubstep that really grinds those chords - it has a weird sense of relaxation and hype! If you’re interested, I plan on expanding this list as I slowly find more and more that fills the niche. …

I haven’t read the book, but based on the Wikipedia dissertation of which jobs are bullshit I kind of disagree. Take for instance this one, which isn’t a strawman:

goons, who act to harm or deceive others on behalf of their employer, e.g., lobbyists, corporate lawyers, telemarketers, public relations specialists, community managers;

Good luck having a gaming company without community managers. The developers are usually so boggled down with bugs and infrastructure they don’t have the time or are too burnt out to talk to the community. While you could then blame this on many other things, excellent community managers (I’m from the gaming industry and speak anecdotally) can nearly completely mitigate the problem.

These jobs might not seem too important, but without them, customers don’t feel good, and if they’re spending money they’re spending it to have a good time. It’s not about practicality, it’s about giving them something that lets them live life in the moment.

The goalposts for Bitcoin keep moving. Let me know if I missed one

Peer to peer cash

Only 21M circulation (Noobs buying on fractional reserve exchanges)

Most blockchain transactions

Highest miner fee reward

<--- You are here

Highest marketcap

Store of value

BTC might still be a fun pyramid investment but it’s not what people think it is

The company doesn’t claim to trace Monero transactions, they claim to have tools that help visualize Monero transactions on the blockchain.

Monero’s recipient on the blockchain is hidden by using one time stealth addresses, and the amount is hidden with range proofs.

However, the sender is merely obfuscated and each UTXO is coming from one of multiple (11) stealth addresses. With these visualization tools and extra information (i.e. you sent Monero to the victims wallet), you might be able to guess when they made a withdrawal.

What would be wrong with the excuse if it’s valid?

Apologies. I’ve seen CPC around before but I wasn’t sure when to use it. I’ll call it CPC from now on 👍

The [police] accused the alliance of being “an agent of foreign forces”

I can confirm it’s not the same journalist since they haven’t (publicly) said anything since leaving China

By the way, how come he only talks to prisoners? Is he afraid that normal people might say something positive about the government?

I only inquired on things he did not post, his public posts were very much closer to what you describe

[OC] - Interviewing an Ex-Chinese Journalist

Hi Lemmy! Today I’ve got something a bit interesting to share. I’m going to keep the other person’s ID totally anonymous and write everything as sic where possible. …

Theory vs practice. In theory this is great, but if we want to improve the world in practice we need things we can actually act on and implement

It is precisely because of censorship these people became further and further radicalized, without the opportunity for regular people to arrive at their new locations and tone it down a bit. Lemmy is making the right call to do nothing about this.

What do you mean by privacy/security? Unless you’re going bonkers, that’s down to the software you use with it

  • Age of consent: 14
  • Working age: 16
  • Age to play games: 18

Not to mention people will just use their mum’s ID.

I’m hopeful that no games means people will go outside and services will cater to that, but in reality I expect more singleplayer and offline games.

LibreWolf could have been the “Brave without the Bullshit” on Firefox, but instead they have unoverridable config options that break websites.

No thanks

Here’s the spreadsheet I’m using to calculate. It’s super simple and makes all the pretty graphs for me: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1M_dapyFEkPycw0rzEAaPmIFZds2J0k9wmzPVMXUtq-c/edit?usp=sharing

After starting to track the real amount of time I’ve worked, I’ve managed to bring down how much I’m working. Don’t get me wrong, I love working, but I’m not gonna do overtime without keeping track and adding it to my vacation (although I do have unlimited PTO…)…


I always find this website redundant. Most ideas fail. It would make sense that big companies want to keep their new ideas going, since they don’t have to worry about funding to see it through. So it makes sense that Google would have a bunch of products that failed.

Anyone know where I can buy a longer engine oil stick?

My check oil light is on, but my engine oil stick doesn’t reach the oil. I want to check how much oil I have though, so it’s not very helpful. …

Hey AskLemmy! I created some community icons. Which one do you like most?

I noticed for one of the largest communities, there was no icon! It looks strange in the Communities view. Anyways, I mocked these up trying to use the Lemmy logo. If you like any of them but it’s not quite right, I can adjust it - or if you have a new idea, I’m down to try that too! …

What are some easy ways to use your computer to "Give Back" to the FOSS community?

I’ve always wanted to run as many programs as possible that “Give back” to awesome developers who create things. I’ve got a few, but I’m looking for more.

/c/KDE Logo Suggestions

I tried my hand at making some basic logos for this community: …

Telemetry is disabled by default, but can be found in the System Settings => User Feedback. It’s a great way to passively give back to the developers of KDE, and you have REALLY simple controls on how much telemetry you give! …