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If feet don’t turn you on, you don’t have a foot fetish. It’s completely normal to be sexually attracted to the opposite gender. Most people go with their parents to church/the store. You’ve got nothing wrong with you, stop looking for something and work on improving where you want to improve.

Why are you overthinking this

As someone with the latest Apple products I wish they lived up to the hype. All I get instead are Apple fanboys praising me for having overpriced white electronics

We joke but perpetual resets are better than whatever 200 year Monopoly game we’re still rolling dice on for some reason

Ah yes ProtonVPN, the service that takes the worlds most traceable payment method (BTC) and where my account magically stopped working one day with no recovery.

No thanks

People saying “Monero” - How is Monero a store of value if its price is volatile? The whole “Store of value” argument is nonsense

Congrats you upset all 5 of them

Arch Forums are honestly pretty bad. Ask a question where the answer might be found in section 6 subparagraph 8 on a Wiki page not indexed by Google because it hasn’t been modified since 2009 and you’ll get flamed

The Manjaro forums

It’s honestly the part I miss the most about Manjaro now that I’m on Arch. People were noob friendly over there

Not sure about the US but in Canada you’re only protected up to 100k and it doesn’t cover all assets

But also yea keeping crypto on exchange defeats the purpose. Even crypto bros can’t do crypto right

Torrentfreak is pumping out higher quality articles than most outlets day by day.

I simply saved the browser version as an app. Works great

Extended protected Wikipedia contributor here -

Having an article on Wikipedia (especially in touchy/controversal subjects) requires the topic to be notable. The definition of notable is very strict, but the gist of it means the topic must have been picked up and covered by reputable, mainstream media.

So while anyone can create a page on anything, those pages will often find themselves deleted. “Very light rail” not having a Wiki page could mean it’s all marketing buzz that’s failing to stick.

Using KDE Activities (available on any Linux OS), you can create a setup like this

Yea so we agree here. That’s where a good CEO picking good leadership comes in, and why it’s so essential and worthwhile to pay for one that can do that

Now that there’s someone interested in UX on board, I might record some user tests. Would you be interested?

Google Cloud needs to stop telling their engineers to answer Stackoverflow

Whenever I have an issue with a Google Cloud service, whether it’s Firebase, Google Compute, or whatever else, I find myself on Stackoverflow looking at answers. …

Basically past 4 weeks I’ve been slacking to the point I’d have to take 2 PTO to make up for it. …

Can I sign into a federated instance (i.e. Lemmygrad.ml) with my Lemmy.ml account?

Asking before I recreate one with the same name…

What are some good charities to donate to on behalf of someone for Christmas?

My family is fairly well off, and nobody needs anything. …

[Story] The Danger of Success

I grew up in a family of over achievers. …

Why is recruiting the way it is?

Look - I don’t need a job. My job is great, the pay is good, manager buys me stuff, but recruiters still hit up my Linkedin a couple times a month and I say pretty much the same thing - …

Monero is not minable with ASICs due to it’s “hashing” algorithm RandomX using random code execution rather than a traditional hash, but miners pooling together their equipment to standardize profit still poses a security risk to the network if there’s a malicio…

The humming frog clearly benefits from its association with the tarantula. Not only does the spider’s burrow provide a cool, humid microclimate where both creatures can spend the hot Amazonian days, but the mother tarantula aggressively defends her nest from predators—including those that might al…