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Great, another hitpiece by someone whose claim to fame is trashing on public work.

The tl;dr is someone made a falsey article. This is like saying someone uploaded malware to Github, therefore Open Source Software is insecure.

For further reading, because I cba to defend Wikipedia, see Wikipedia’s Notability or Reliable sources guidelines.

I want to see China announce military base plans like this just to watch Amerikkkans do mental backflips

I’m agreeing with you, the explanations are simpler than people make them out to be

Sry was just testing something 😂 I think Lemmy had a lag spike

“We saw how you treated the other two system regime and saw that was bad”

Lemmy users do mental gymnastics

Only Taiwan’s people can decide its future, ministry spokeswoman Joanne Ou told a news conference in Taipei, the capital.

This comes after China withdrew its promise to not send in troops to Taiwan if they accepted the plan. Previous proposals included that condition, among other Taiwan-favorable ones.

Translation, Putin will drag this war out until he runs out of people to throw in the meat grinder.

That’s the one!

Where’s the one where they’re curing cancer… “but at what cost?”

Honestly the comments really sell this

This is basically what we all thought Minecraft was gonna be like back in the day

It’s what Minecraft was. Community driven. We made our own ‘games’ out of Minecraft. Now it’s all pre-written by some Microsoft employees.

I’ve started to realize that Minecraft could’ve gone in many different directions if it really wanted to. I’m glad some people have recreated some of these directions. Stuff like this is absolutely believe and i could see it being added back in the day.

Making sure Lemmy never takes off any%

Tell people they need to install an extension to make Lemmy usable

I work in the gaming industry. If you’re not pirating your games you’re directly contributing to this rot. Companies (even indie ones) don’t see players through anything but spreadsheets, and none of my peers (other companies included) seriously believe the games they’re working on are fun.

We need serious competition in the gaming space, because until then we’re all milking the cow.

This isn’t mine, but OC since it’s not been shared on internet before

While my monitor isn’t 4k, you can upscale everything (in my 2x upscale made things too small, but if I had a 4k monitor I certainly would have done that)

The memes posted today are too on point

This kind of explains the teeter-totter you see in comment sections, especially on posts that are a few days old but still on the front page thanks to Lemmy's algorithm. It looks like, surprisingly, Lemmy.ml has not turned into an echo chamber like all the other alternatives did. Maybe we got Federation to thank for that? 🇨🇳 🇺🇸

Snap actually sucks. This isn't even a meme.
Upgraded Ubuntu to 22.04, where Firefox is Snap by default. Wasn't going to fight it, especially since Canonical has made 3 blog posts talking about how much faster they made Firefox on Snap. Since then, I've had subtle but annoying issues. * Can't Google things that have a colon after the first word- i.e. `error: file not found` doesn't work * I get *notifications* for pending updates * Other apps like Gnome's Software take a minute+ to load on my beefy computer This isn't even a meme. Snap is trash. I wanted to be neutral and not join the "hate train" but seriously. Snap is that bad.


Insane lmao https://www.reddit.com/r/privacy/comments/vitir0/germany_asks_the_eu_commission_61_critical/idewzw7/

Swan (2022/06/04)