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Edit: or did you mean the website I was talking about ? I eventually found it, it was http://peppercarrot.com/

New community: /c/tipofmytongue
I was going to ask for help with finding a site but I realized there was no community for that so I created TOMT (first time creating a community, sorry if I did something wrong). not sure how marking posts as solved would work since there are no flairs on lemmy, feel free to suggest if you have any ideas

I think the author is @werwolf@fosstodon.org, I feel like the article is targeted towards people who already know about the drama. (some of it’s mentioned in another page)

I don’t think so, I believe they already know about it just didn’t write it in the article.

maybe it depends on the ISP, I can’t access it. (if your ISP is airtel, most of these might not be blocked, not sure why but airtel tends to not block some of the sites that other ISPs do)

The point is, there are too many ads

agreed, but I don’t want to use archlinux

I mean, Wikipedia probably wouldn’t survive if the internet disappeared.

not for me, it works fine for me, you’re using libgen.is right ?

yep, I’m using this, it’s great!

actually, github is better for these kinds of things from my experience, there are so many repos that github is unlikely to notice this, on the other hand it’s easier to be discovered on smaller sites like codeberg and get taken down (happened to me).

Let's revive this sublemmy, comment (any number of) your favorite books
mine are: * Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir * Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

How do I search for web pages under creative commons license without using Google ?
so Google has this [advanced search](https://www.google.com/advanced_search) option called "usage rights", I'm looking for something similar that's privacy respecting. (I'm NOT looking for image search, I know there are a lot of services for that)

how do I make my feed better ?
its filled with useless stuff like someone saying "good morning", do you just scroll past toots like that or is there a way to make it better ? like Twitter has an option to sort the home feed by recommended tweets, is there anything like that for mastodon ?

Bibliogram alternative ?
since bibliogram pretty much [stopped working](https://proxy.vulpes.one/gemini/cadence.moe/gemlog/2020-12-17-future-of-bibliogram.bliz), are any other ways to browse Instagram without an account ?