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Hard questions to answer without specifics. There is already lots of research on those different areas and even more on stormwater infrastructure (like rain garden design for huge development). I don’t think thinking of anything as ‘average soil’ is very useful when actually making decisions because the range is extreme. Some soils like heavy clay with high water table can’t take more than 0.15 cm/hr. Practically, that’s not much better than pavement unless you live in an area where it never rains, but just drizzles tiny bits at a time. What is more important for local decision making is looking at your local soils and weather patterns. If you’re looking for an overview of soils in your area you can try a search for ‘soil mapping’ if you’re lucky there will be an interactive mapping site. If you’re not lucky, it will be a hard copy. If you’re really, really lucky no one will have done a soil survey in your area and you get to be the one to go out learning and recording what is going on below your feet :) Anyway you get it, your soils maps will be accurate at the city level at best, but if you’re looking at a specific project - like how do I best deal with stormwater on the street in front of my house - you are going to have to get your hands dirty. Here is a link on how to do that.

I assume that they are using 1 inch (2.54cm) of rain per hour. I also assume that they aren’t accounting for more complex factors like evaporation, transpiration, depth to water table, etc. If all of that is true, they are using an infiltration rate (how fast water can get into the ground instead of flowing over top of it) of 0 cm/hour (0 inch/hr) for pavement and 2.47 cm/hr (0.9725 in/hour) for undisturbed soil (forest/wetland). The calculation goes: Rainfall – Infiltration Rate = Runoff. I wouldn’t go as low as 1 mm rain/hour because ignoring the complex factors above will cause issues. I also don’t advise pushing very high in rainfall for the same reason. The real infiltration equation is logarithmic, but between about 2 and 5 cm/hr it is usually functionally linear. For 1 cm/hr rainfall you would have 100,000 L/hectare (100 m^3/ha, 40.5 m^3/acre) of runoff from pavement using these numbers and 0 L/ha runoff from undisturbed soil. That’s because the infiltration rate assumed for undisturbed soil is 2.47 cm/hr which means the soil can absorb nearly 2.5 times the amount of rain that falls in a 1 cm/hr event.

And now for (extra) too much information - there is a red flag here for anyone who works with soils besides not having correct units for rainfall. Forest soils are extremely diverse. Wetland soils are extremely diverse. Forested wetland soils are extremely diverse. To represent them with one infiltration rate is somewhere between inaccurate and arbitrary. Average across the world, country, city, or whatever for infiltration rates means very little when you’re trying to manage storm water. The solution is local knowledge and local planning/action. I will happily forgive the infographic for inaccuracy and over simplification if it gets anyone to make any sort of positive change though.

That happens to me (on lemmur) every now and again. I have learned to be patient and refresh the page. The duplication resolves itself without any input from me. I am almost certain that it is a local duplicate only, so no one else sees it (which is why deleting deletes both).

Their website says that was the most recent release. Looks like you’re out of luck.

Might also apply to other people with penises…

I always thought it stood for “It’s rando, m’friend.”

The APA has a bad history of classifying things as diseases that aren’t, so I had to read to see if they were continuing the tradition. The article does describe some terrorists as anti-capitalists, etc but not all anti-capitalists, etc as terrorists. I still don’t like that those are held as on the same level as the right wing examples of xenophobia, racism, and ‘upholding the [US] constitution’ via para-military groups that are explicitly banned in the US constitution (which get the same ‘some are terrorists, but not all’ treatment), but saying they’ve said ‘all anti-capitalists, ect are terrorists’ is a misrepresentation. If the intent is to extrapolate and use subtext to make a wider statement, it might be more fun to claim that the APA has just proclaimed that vegans are pathologically violent :)

Word of warning - seeds can get held up at customs because they can transmit crop diseases. I would look for somewhere that ships from my country to avoid delays and fees.

I’m not an expert, but it isn’t on the supported devices list. I think that means you would have to do a custom build. The process for building is explained for supported devices on their website. Not sure how hard it would be for an unsupported one.

You can also check the XDA forums for unofficial builds. Note that ‘unofficial’ can mean sketcky or broken, so do your research on the poster before you use their rom.

Good luck!

This one doesn’t look like spam to me. If you think it is, you can at the moderator(s) to have it removed. I have seen talk about a report button but can’t remember the details on timeline.

Is this a cat?

Of course you can get base level info on a donations page. Can’t believe I didn’t think to look there. Thanks for the heads up.

I agree the installs are at maximum easy. The only advantage I see is making steps away from any command line which scares people even if you’re only typing literally ten words.

Yep, they do DivestOS, router firmware, privacy apps (including Mull), and some other stuff.

Thanks for the input on Mull. I am looking at playing with that and some of the other apps, so it is good to know that they have a reputation out there.

Opinions on Divested Computing Group

Does anyone have experience with this organization (https://divested.dev)? There isn’t any footprint I can find of them outside their repos and message boards. …

Thanks for the distinction. Just for the record and anyone asking the same question - /e/ does still support even though lineage dropped my device.

I don’t think that is quite true. You may not be able to dirctly replace certain parts of an ebike’s electric drive system, but that will be true of a conversion too if your components come as a packaged system. The important thing if you want repairability for either of them is to get one that you understand and has standard specs so whatever parts are available in the future can be swapped in.

Front wheel conversion was the most common last time I looked because you don’t have to mess withe the current drive train. In a hilly city front wheel drive loses traction on uphills especially if you put the weight of a kid on the back. I am talking about real steep hills - higher than 10% grade. No performance difference that I have heard of on flat areas.

Yep, add a quart, check, and repeat until it is on the stick. Then check more regularly because you’re either leaking or burning oil. Fix the problem if you can, but don’t let it run dry if you don’t want to destroy your engine. Don’t wait for the engine oil light to tell you, by then it is dangerously low.

The other place to get a factory dipstck is at a junk yard. Find a vehicle that matches yours exactly and grab the dipstick. It will be super cheap.

Nice work throwing the choice out there, getting the power to make the decision, and putting a solution in place. It is a small thing, but I love how smoothly (and quickly) that went. Kudos especially to the OP and to the community. This is the kind of thing that keeps me engaged even when the option I was rooting for lost out.

Maybe if I am ever looking at graphene I will. As I said it isn’t available on my device.

Looking for a new mobile OS

I have been running lineageOS on my OnePlus 2. I liked it, but Lineage has stopped supporting my phone. There are two options that I have been able to find as replacements - postmarketOS and /e/OS. Any thoughts on those or other recommendation? Anything that gets security updates, is open source, an…


Here is a video demonstrating how to make inari (tofu pouches filled with rice). Sushi purists might take issue with some of his technique, but they probably don’t need to watch this anyways :)…

Firefox banned at work

Do any of you have thoughts on a business case for continued use of Firefox for an individual? …

Tesla Valve Explained With Fire

A fun watch of propane going either way through a Tesla valve and being ignited…

Yumm sauce

This is a copycat recipe from a restaurant. They serve it on top of rice, beans, olives, cilantro, and green onions. We put it on anything that needs a little something extra and change up the spices to match. It is supposed to be thick like a cheese sauce, but it tastes like its own thing. Anyways:…


The large flowered collomia (Collomia grandiflora) is just starting to bloom around me. They are annual and have cool blue pollen (typically pollen is yellow). You can see the pollen on the anthers at the center of each flower. …


Anti to Pro

Sometimes defining things by what they aren’t creates a lot of ambiguity. As in what do you actually want if not consumerism. So, fellow anti-consumerists, what do you value that is in opposition to consumerism? I am for (pro) the respectful use of resources. We need to give back at least what we ta…

Question about wave/particles interacting

Does it make sense to ask: How hard does a photon hit an object? …

This one is meadow-foam (Limnanthes douglasii). It’s annual that is native to prairies of the west coast of North America. Smells great, looks cool, and bugs like it. Comercially, similar plants are grown for the oil from their seeds. The seeds off this one will just fall where they want to sprout u…


Wasting drinking water to move sewage

In the usual sanitary sewer system we use drinking water to move waste through pipes towards resource recovery plants (wastewater treatment plants). Across the US the infrastructure is in disrepair and needs a lot of attention, so getting a wasteful system running right is going to take a huge inves…

For me it is my phacelia (Phacelia tanacetifolia) blooming. I throw some seed down wherever I don’t have other plans because the bugs love the flowers? What have you got going?..


Mid level knowledge

It is easy to find articles and guides designed for laypeople. If you know the right keyword, it is just as easy to find professional/expert level papers and articles. I have noticed that this is the case across fields. Is that what other folks experience? Where do you go for information when laypeo…