I am not sure this is the best place for a feature request but a discussion before the actual feature request is most welcome.

On mobile, lemmure has a card display design. This is nice to show images and other details. However, some people like me want a compact mode a bit like redreader for reddit. Short strips or list of posts and we gat the full detail when we click on the post.

This is useful to see more content on screen at once while allowing some quick gestures like swipe left or right to upvode or downvote.

This is a good place to request features :) We have it planned, and it is within the NLnet scope: https://github.com/LemmurOrg/lemmur/issues/126


speaking of layouts, would it be possible to figure out something that uses the whole screen width on PC?

O wait, my bad, I noticed too late that this is !lemmur ,

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