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Manca Brave Search che sto utilizzando da un po’ e mi trovo molto bene… Poi, SearX non dovrebbe appoggiarsi su più motori “grossi”?

Peccato che non usi geko come motore…

Non so gli utenti Mac cosa ne pensino ma la versione windows così sarà l’ennesimo browser chromium quando avrebbe potuto essere il successore di Firefox

How do you manage fans/power profile for gaming laptops on Linux?
I have a new MSI Summit laptop (i7, RTX3050) and it's currently running windows 11. To manage fans and power profiles the was an app already installed (MSI center pro) that offers 4 useful profiles (Performance, Balanced, Silent and Super Battery). Since I may want to switch (back) to Linux (I was thinking about Fedora but not sure yet), how would I be able to switch between profiles like these? Do you have a software to do that easily that you recommend me?

Best Cryptos/Blockchains in your opinion?
I love the crypto and blockchain world mainly because I see it as a very innovative and powerful technology. Because of this, almost every time I bump into a new project I quickly fall in love with it (for example yesterday I discovered the Terra ecosystem and my reaction was like 🤯) So, if you are like me I have an hard question for you here: **What are the top 3 blockchain-related projects you find most promising? And why?** (please consider only the technology behind them and **not possible profits they can generate as investments**)

Yeah I was thinking about PeerTube too, but @rhymepurple is right about the multiple instances problem… In fact PeerTube currently handles only YouTube.com and Framatube.org links…

Oh, right, I didn’t think about the fact that Lemmur should include a “handle this link” for every Lemmy instance… Maybe developers could start supporting major instances (such as Lemmy.ml) and then progressively add more instances when user suggest them? I don’t know…

Open Lemmy links in Lemmur app?
As the title says, is it possible to choose to open the Lemmy links (for example https://lemmy.ml/postXYZ) directly in the Lemmur app instead of in browser?

Oh… None of these 2 scenarios looks good to me… But I guess I prefer the GPL one if I have to chose

Thank you! And, if for example someone forks my code and start distributing his new forked app, is there a license which would force him/her to credit the original project?

Which FOSS licence would you suggest me?
I'm rebuilding an app that I made few years ago to make it open-source and free from big company dependencies (for example replacing Firebase with Appwrite)... Now, since it's already live on Codeberg, I think it would be good to give it a license but I'm super new to FOSS licenses and so I don't know how to move... Which one would you suggest me?

Recently started using Anonaddy aliases + my old personal e-mail which it’s still used on more important sites and for personal emails. 😁

Oh, right, there is also outlook for school 🙄