Calling all Brave browser users!
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Brave is an open source browser which is on a mission fix the web by giving users a safer, faster and better browsing experience while providing support for content creators through a new attention-based ecosystem of rewards. Available on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux. Try brave now: https://brave.com

Hello everyone,

I recently moved to Lemmy completely from Reddit and I am happy to use this open source alternative, with a Wonderfull community. I have been using brave since it was launched and had been a long time enthusiast, I have created a new community for all brave users and people who are interested in brave & take part in fixing the web!

Brave Community


For anyone who isn’t aware, Brave Browser is run by a terrible person .

It is also funded by Peter Thiel, the billionaire ‘conservative nationalist’ financing Facebook, Palantir Technologies, and the most egregious fascists in the Republican Party.

All about open source! Feel free to ask questions, and share news, and interesting stuff!

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  • Posts must be relevant to the open source ideology
  • No NSFW content
  • No hate speech, bigotry, etc

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