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Evolution is like a brute-force attack that tries out random mutations over time, and usually keeps them as long as they don’t affect chances of reproduction. As long as a bug isn’t critical it’ll continue to get copied to the next offspring. Not every phenomenon that evolves has a purpose.

I agree. If they’re used solely as any other public forum. The problem is it supports the ecosystem of these platforms’ faux private chats. Also if you have to create an account to view a public chat why not make it encrypted all the way? Matrix.org supports encrypted rooms.

It’s also ridiculous that you have to give a phone number to use any “type of public forum”, telegram.

Telegram is no more secure than any other for-profit platform it claims to be an alternative to.

A service like letterboxd, myanimelist, and goodreads, that unifies all these mediums and more, into one single media tracking site with individual user profiles and off that, on the side, some social-networking. As of today, there’s no site for tracking ALL media, rather only many sites focused on a single medium, each with ad-hoc databases and different UI:

  • Film (IMDB, letterboxd)
  • Anime (myanimelist, anilist, kitsu)
  • Games (mobygames, glitchwave?)
  • Literature (goodreads, bookwyrm (federated!)
  • Music (rateyourmusic, …)

If I’d just like to keep track of media I consume I can just keep one big offline spreadsheet, but what I enjoy of these services is the ability to make friends with similar tastes and being introduced to amazing art through personalized recommendations, that I otherwise would’ve never known about.

Apart of being fragmented, most of the aforementioned available media tracking services sell user’s data and are proprietary. I guess I’d like to see something like bookwyrm, but with a larger scope than just books. Maybe integration with Wikidata is the only viable solution for the herculean scope of cataloguing every media release that ever existed. Not sure how this would turn out in practice, but Wikidata could benefit too, from having legions of people adding info on their favorite obscure shows.

What do you find weird about it?

OpenSource Builders still does not support user input through the website, you need to create an issue for something to be added, but as far as I know they were working on that.

I think without supporting user input it can never hope to cover the crowdsourced breadth and detail of alternativeto. It’s no more than a frontend for another awesome-list , as it currently stands.

In alternative to installing another extension try this ublock origin list first: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/llacb47/miscfilters/master/antipaywall.txt