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I’m confusion
Why is there Palestine in Ohio? There is only one Palestine and it's Palestine. Fr, really confused when I found out there is Palestine in Ohio. I think they want ethnically cleanse Palestinians from Palestine and expected them to migrate to Palestine, Ohio. Just my tinfoil hat theory.

4th wall break :O

Making videogames in RPG in a Box. Learning Python in SimpliLearn, and CCNA from YouTube.

I see, I can’t believe they just can’t leave China alone. Like, improve your shiz first then criticize others.

What is this dude’s point?

Thanks, i’ll look into this later, lots of cool projects i can and i can’t do.

Having problems self-learning and I feel like I need a teacher to learn stuff
I am trying to become a Python Developer (Don't know which career path). I am going through [Tutorial Hell](https://www.wbscodingschool.com/blog/what-is-tutorial-hell-how-to-get-out/) and it's like I have learned nothing. I feel like learning programming is better in a school environment with teacher and students (for me at least).

How to add a lunar calendar replacing/appending the normal calendar.
I use **Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS** and I want to know how to download and use the lunar calendar. I had one in my previous device but it had **Linux Mint** and I downloaded the lunar calendar from the **Linux Mint's Software Store**. The software I downloaded is not in Ubuntu Store so, please help me find one (not the software i downloaded but something similar), thanks.

How to add an lunar calendar replacing/appending the normal calendar.
I use **Linux Mint 20 Xfce** and i want to know how to download and use the lunar calendar.

Thanks for the help informed stranger

Changing the “New Tab” page
I have my homepage set as the **Whoogle Search**. I want to do the same for every new tabs but the only options are **default** and **blank page**. Is there any solution for this?

Steven Universe S4 E22

I never knew this man was a pedo bro. I want to share this to the world but where?

Never been to this monument. Looks unfinished or this is how it’s supposed to be design?

Woah hold your horses! what about that time he raised 100k for PCRF (Palestinian Children Relief Fund). I’m not saying that donating makes him a good guy, but I think he’s more (insert word here) kind of guy

how to get a North Korean passport?
Since there is no North Korean Embassy in my country, is there a way of getting Passport for North Korea without being a part of a tour group or as a tourists? Just getting information for which anti-US (or a country thatstands up against the US's BS) to live in.

Thanks, I’ll look into it.

Fat chubby burger boys in their living in the basement of their parent’s housr

“Muslim World” you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. They want to add Muslims to the Hate Soup where Russia and its allies are already an ingredient.

I am curious about Stalin…
what actually happened during Stalin's "era" (sorry for bad vocabulary), plz provide links to video ordocumentaries or books because idk which video documentary or book is telling me the truth.


With the power of decades of hate, Russian Army and its people will decimate any US related threats.

My Opinions about Pakistan
After the US ousted the Best and Surviving Former PM, Imran Khan similar to Sri Lanka and replaced him with the (Mafia) Godfather's brother who's Gods are the US currency. I can't find they're crimes on the Inter Web but they're about Billions of Pk Rupees in criminal charges. I said 'Surviving' cuz every Former and Deceased PMs who's gone against the Burger Land's commands gets killed in creative ways. But the way Imran Khan's is exposing them, slowly revealing more and more classified info after every rally, speeches, press conference, etc. is very smart. If Imran Khan is successful, this will give an incentive to every country under the Burger Land's grip to fight back and i hope i will be alive to see that day.

I’m trying to install a driver for my USB Adapter, but I don’t know what to do…
There is not even a "Help" or a "Read Me". There is not even a Doc on their official web page, if there was I cannot find it. Context: I am trying to transition from Windows to Linux. I am using Linux Mint in VM Ware before fully switching to it.

I’m confused about North Korea…
With a good military and weapons (and cool reveal video) that the US is scared of, why isn't North Korea unlike South Korea functioning as a normal society? Edit: Thank you everyone for telling me what's on the other side of the "Great Wall" put there by the MSM. If any got offended by this post, I deeply apologize to you, and it will never happen again.

Thank God…
Hell exists for the USA, Israel, Britain, France, etc. For what they are doing now and what they did in the past. It is such a relief to hear them screaming in hell while those who were killed are watching them smiling and in relief. It may look like they are safe living in their billion-dollar mansion and bunker, but they ain't safe from Karma.

Good studio apartment for a foreigner, middle-class student…
Hi! I have planned to go to university in Russia, but I am torn on which state I should go to. I am coming from the Middle-East, so coming from a place where there is hot weather to cold weather might take some time adjusting to. As the title says, I want a studio apartment that is cheap with the necessary bathroom, kitchen, etc. and maybe a swimming pool.

I know he is Muslim and Muslim = Terrorist, but the things said in this video is interesting. Alt link here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lViVqHonW5A&t=232s