What games are you currently playing?

I have mostly played Ubisoft games.

Their battle royale game Hyper Scape was on an open beta on which I got an invitation. Even though battle royale is as worn out as “open world zombie survival”, I found the game fun to play. My skills aren’t the best for competitive online shooters and I died many times but still I found the game funny. The game’s environments are more vertical compared to the competition, which I liked.

The second Ubisoft game I have played is Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. The game shows that Ubisoft is breaking out of the mould they have set with their previous games with more emphasis on player choice and RPG elements. The game series benefits really much from the added RPG elements, with Odyssey being a logical continuation from Origins. I just finished the game’s main storyline and it had emotional depth at times, contrasted with really comedic moments. Considering how Ubisoft has done stupid and repetitive things with their games in the past, I didn’t set my expecations too high. This is a really good game with high production values, but not “the best thing ever”. Hopefully Ubisoft learns a lot of things from this game and iterates the gameplay elements further with Valhalla.

The third game I have been playing is the Hitman reboot, something not made by Ubisoft. I have only played the first few missions but the gameplay is still likable. Tinkering with all kinds of objects, masquerading as diferent people and trying to be stealthy enough to get a person killed is fun!


I’ve been trying to 115% celeste, celeste is a really nice game and imo it’s really worth checking out even if you aren’t into platformers


I love Celeste. It’s hard enough to be fun, and the story and animations are very cool.


I tend to play indie games mainly cause they tend to be shorter, and I find I actually end up finishing them more often. :)

Recently, I really liked

  • Children of Morta, it’s a Diablo style roguelike that’s really polished
  • Dead Cells is another roguelike 2d platformer
  • Baba is you is a neat puzzle game that’s pretty creative
  • Gris is just pure art

Last big games I played were the new God of War and Persona 5, both were pretty fun. Persona 5 is quite an commitment though.


Yay Persona 5 mentioned! I do agree that you need to have some time as it does have quite the exposition. I’m currently playing Persona 5 Royal, but I save it for the weekends.


Children of Morta was super wholesome too! We thoroughly enjoyed co-oping the entire way through it.

Though often it did feel like the only viable party was John + a ranged. His ability to soak and group up enemies was too good to pass up.


I used John at the start, then Lucy, and mostly Joey at the end. I should try going through it coop again, I can see how John + ranged would be a solid combo. :)


I loved Gris!


I had stopped playing video games a few years ago, I would probably play skyrim for nostalgia whenever I go back to my parents’ house and that was about it. But I downloaded stardew valley a week ago out of boredom and I love it. Does anyone have similar suggestions for relaxing “casual” games (Linux, I should say)?

I also get bored of games easily. I would recommend Oxygen Not Included if you can get it on sale / free. It’s probably best described as a combination of Terraria, Dwarf Fortress, and the Sims.


Stardew Valley is great! Really surprised how much I got into it too. Have you tried Animal Crossing? I heard it’s similar, though I haven’t played it myself.


I’m still playing yo-kai watch 3 on 3ds. I can appreciate some childishness, but I almost gave up on the game early just because of how childish it was, especially your female character. A billion hours later, I’m really glad I didn’t, it’s honestly one of the best games I’ve ever played.

I started playing yo-kai because I was interested in a pokemon clone, but other than the community sizes it’s so much better than pokemon is now. The battle system is totally different from pokemon but they’re comparable as both are monster-collecting games with tons of sidequests.

My only criticisms (other than lack of a large community to play alongside) are that there are rare glitches and that the rewards from the dungeon-raiding “blasters” minigame are overpowered for the main gameplay, so the game can be too much of a breeze by focusing on blasters early on.

If anyone else here plays it I’ll trade out something good, playing a billion hours has gotten me spares of a couple rare things.


Ive been playing Star Wars the Old Republic. its amazing these days :D


Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break

Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break. A mixture of tower defense/racing game with a spice of mythology/art/Monty-Python-esque elements.
It is great there is an in-game editor (at last!) yet I would have put more efforts in modding.
Here a gameplay.


I am really enjoying Monster Train. I loved Slay the Spire and while it’s not StS, it borrows some mechanics and creates its own unique spin on the genre

Been playing around with randomizers for various games (Diablo II, FF6, etc) and getting into that kind of stuff too.

I have such a backlog of other games I want to play too (Driftlands, Hades, and probably like 500 others lol)

Elite Dangerous. I bought a basic flight stick for it and it’s been super fun. I generally don’t play simulation games but this was surprisingly fun for me for some reason. Mostly doing exploration (scanning planets), mining for money and sometimes I am a fighter pilot in a friend’s crewship. The atmosphere in this game is soooo good!

Diablo 3 on Switch. Just really love the Nintendo Switch and decided to give D3 another go (I had D3 on PC). Not much to say about D3, it’s fun just smashing hordes of enemies. My fav classes are probably Witch Doctor and Monk. Too bad I can’t play it with a friend (which was why I bought it) but hopefully I can do that soon when we meet up (we’re in a different country, and probably differences in NAT was the issue).

Tabletop Simulator - Jigsaw. Just for a chill time with friends.


I’ve heard/read lots of good things about Diablo 3! I think my copy is still shrink-wrapped actually… But I’ll get to it someday!

Hope you’d have fun with it. I love Diablo 2 and most Diablo-like (Path of Exile, Titan Quest, Torchlight, etc) games after. Diablo 3 wasn’t great for me at the start but now I’m having some fun with it. For me it’s mostly about collecting cool looking items and pets now :D

Sky Rouge. I got it on itch.io in the $5 bundle and it’s really fun and convenient because I broke my hand so I can’t do as much with a keyboard but I can use a mouse well enough to play and I can use the other side of my keyboard for what I do need keys for. Also I’ve been playing the carrion demo, really fun just mouse controls too.


Forever on the grind in Runescape


Monolith. It’s a roguelite, a category that I am not completely infatuated with, mostly due to the games in the genre getting absurdly hard towards the second half, but Monolith keeps bringing me back every day. To briefly describe it: think Binding of Isaac, but more bullet hell. Also, no blood and feces.

Weapons are varied and fun, every level has shops and upgrade stations and there are secrets to find, too. Best of all, runs are short. I think the longest one took me a little under 20 minutes, but they usually last about 10. I might get sick of it eventually, as is usually the case with me and rogue-whatevers, but I’m already thinking about my next run.


Jurassic World Alive

It’s a GPS game like Pokemon Go but with dinosaurs instead. Do I need to explain more? It’s quite fun and dino catching is more enjoyable than throwing pokeballs and hoping to get them, instead you shoot darts at moving dinosaurs with a drone, your accuracy determines how much DNA you get and you use the DNA to unlock and upgrade your dinos.
The battle system is traditional turn based rpg with some dinos being tanky, some fast and some having special abilities like bleeding and point reductions. It’s actually much more like pokemon than pokemon go in that regard.

I’ve been enjoying it a lot but it seems to be a bit dead in my area. I hadn’t encountered any other Dino hunters yet though I’ve seen some upgraded posts so someone’s playing. So far I’m treating as a singleplayer game and as a vehicle to encourage me going out a bit more.


God of War on PS4. A bit too much repeat in combat but the overall level of art is amazing! Plus the amount of missing load screens is something that makes me jealous when considering what crap I code myself. Also playing Grim Dawn on PC, which is great. Haven’t played much on PC during the last year or two since I bought PS4. It’s funny that I used to dream of powerful PC as a kid and now that I’m a bit older I feel silly with my build when programming is almost all I do with it. Been wondering if I should sell the parts, get a NUC and stay on consoles.


Mostly PUBG, but also The Longing from time to time.


Steam has a free weekend for Tropico 6. It’s okay, I stopped after 2 hours which actually is pretty long for me. The art’s quite beautiful but I think some of the world building and politicosocial mechanics need work.

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