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I try to use libre software when I can too, but sometimes it can be difficult not too. Pokemon was so big for me when I was younger. I stopped playing at OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire. Though I did recently become interested again in the Mystery Dungeon series.

Gosh I hope things get better. I’ve also been unemployed for a while and, on one hand, it sucks because no money/stability but on the other hand, freedom(?). Glad you’re here c:

I, er, well, not really haha. A buddy of mine paints his and they look great afterwards.

Hey that’s cute! You should consider painting it

I really appreciate the detailed response!

I also believe that we have forgotten our ability to live as a community and, as a result, are suffering from isolation despite being paradoxically connected all the time. The whole hyper-individualist culture does not help either.

Hope that we can change that… together! c:

Hiya Luca,

You should post pics of those vegan foods (along with recipes)!

Glad to have you here c:

Hiya Nappé,

I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on why the world has this loneliness epidemic going on.

I really admire how you can live life with no expectations. I wish I could also learn to do so. It feels like unnecessary pressure put on myself at times.

Thanks for making this community. I hope it helps everyone here to connect to others c:

Hiya Travis!

I think its so cool that you’re a social worker. I know it can be hard, but you help out a lot of people.

OMG I loved Okami! I played it when it was released for the PS3, it was such a breathtaking game with beautiful music and visuals. Also can’t believe I like all those movies you’ve listed.

That bit about nostalgic sadness… I think I sorta understand. For example, I’ll be carrying out my day and then notice the sunset, or some other arbitrary thing, and then I’ll just have no more energy and that crippling sadness you refer to. It honestly annoys me because I feel like I have tasks left to do but now that I noticed that particular thing I no longer have the energy to do so.

Anyways, glad to have you in the community c:

You never know until you try c: -hides under blankets because too scared of people-

I’ve only used AnySoftKeyboard, but I will definitely try these other ones out. Update: I have tried SimpleKeyboard, Openboard, and FlorisBoard and have now switched to the last option!

I like using KDE’s built in “Night Color.”

Cool! I have one of those straps. Err somewhere lol

STL file: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3031049 Made this quite some time ago, using Hatchbox Blue sparkle PLA…

I’ve always wanted to make one of these, but I don’t have white pla… I wonder if (silk) silver would work well?

Awesome! I bet this brand would be great for functional prints or replacement parts.

Me too ;~;

Cool! Didn’t know that was a thing xD

Wowzers @___@… so what’s your favorite filament brand that you’ve printed with?

Wow, you are a pro! The Rumba one was really good too. Hmm I should play an instrument too. I kinda want to learn the piano but eh, maybe someday

Stolen, again from that one site…

What are some holiday movies you grew up with/like?

Even if they’re cheesy! I myself like It’s a Wonderful Life and Grandma got run over by a reindeer

One of the goodest bois (or gurls)…! Stolen long ago from 9gag…

It’s that time of year again. ~Also, stolen from reddit a while back.~ Edit: can’t get subscript or superscript to work right. =/…

Waait, don't leeeave meeee D:

Stolen long ago from 9gag, I think…

From the reddit archives…

Old pic stolen from reddit…

Another one of my faves from reddit. …

Stolen from (you guessed it) reddit. xD…

Stolen from reddit (again). …

Pinephone: Postmarket OS edition

I’d really like to order this, but the website says “Linux Enthusiasts only.” Do you guys think this means that its only for developers/programmers? …

Figured out how to cross-post… don’t judge me! Link to files: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3024153

Bonus: the pot is also 3D printed!..

Look at how shiny it came out! Link to files used for those curious: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3783279

I’ve only ever had pet gerbils, but I want to have pet rats someday. Sauce: reddit…

Shamelessly stolen from reddit…🤫…