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It’s the strangest thing, but Newpipe Legacy seems to have been updated (I think it was 0.20.2 last time I checked?) while the regular version has not seen an update in months.

It’s that time of year again. ~Also, stolen from reddit a while back.~ Edit: can’t get subscript or superscript to work right. =/…

This is true for me as well. Some examples I can think of are Pokemon, Digimon, Dragon Ball, Yu-gi-oh…

I love the ending themes “Take Off” and “Wired Life” from that show <3

I have such a hard time with this. I just take things too personally sometimes.

Been playing Persona4 Golden on my PSVita on and off. Also some old Castlevania games from the GBA era on emulator.

Yah, this is what I thought too.

How about this one? https://digitalcourage.de/support/zensurfreier-dns-server Blockada has it as one of their configurations. Oh the website is in German though

Aww, but that’s the fun of it.

I have one of those too!



Fallout! Err I mean, yeah this right here.

Waait, don't leeeave meeee D:

Stolen long ago from 9gag, I think…

Oh man, I just wanted to be lazy… though it is fun to type it in at times

O___o;; This reminds me of that one Black Mirror episode where a comatose patient’s mind ended up in a teddy bear. It was against the law to delete her consciousness, so she’s just there, in that bear, forever…

I love KDE. I also like the color scheme Pop!_OS uses.

@KamuitogunsMy Mini-14

Lol yeah! Made me think of the rifle from Valkyria Chronicles

This is really scary… I guess to be truly private we shouldn’t ever connect to the internet? =/

It’ll keep your hand warm c:

-gasp- I’ve been duped?! Hmm… it’s too cute to return though ;)

From the reddit archives…

Old pic stolen from reddit…

Another one of my faves from reddit. …

Stolen from (you guessed it) reddit. xD…

Stolen from reddit (again). …

Pinephone: Postmarket OS edition

I’d really like to order this, but the website says “Linux Enthusiasts only.” Do you guys think this means that its only for developers/programmers? …

Figured out how to cross-post… don’t judge me! Link to files: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3024153

Bonus: the pot is also 3D printed!..

Look at how shiny it came out! Link to files used for those curious: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3783279

I’ve only ever had pet gerbils, but I want to have pet rats someday. Sauce: reddit…

Shamelessly stolen from reddit…🤫…