I’d really like to order this, but the website says “Linux Enthusiasts only.” Do you guys think this means that its only for developers/programmers?


It likely means “Linux enthusiasts only” in the sense that you will be excited to use full Linux (not the Linux crippled Android) on the Pinephone and not behave like an average consumer that wants things to work out of the box and that things have to be super consumer easy. If you like to tinker with Linux but are not a coder it looks totally fine to buy the Pinephone !


Definitely excited for a full Linux phone! I do understand there are some issues, but with time, they should be sorted out.


deleted by creator


which is written in the announcement:

Before we get into the details: postmarketOS is in beta state. The parts to have basic smartphone functionallity with phone calls, SMS, mobile data, Wi-Fi, and a touch friendly UI are there (overview). But as of writing, there are too many bugs to provide a reasonable user experience. We will fix as much as we can over the next weeks, until the device is shipped to everyone who has pre-ordered. More fixes and improvements will become available over time through software updates. It should be possible to avoid most future regressions with the new stable release channel. Please have realistic expectations.


I understand that it still has wrinkles to work out. I just wasn’t sure if it was for an umm “average” consumer with no coding/developer skills.

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