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Of course you can pin and follow hastags in Mastodon.

  1. Search for a hashtag (e.g. #web in the search bar).
  2. Click on the hashtag (#web here, as an example).
  3. You will see a column #web open in the web interface at the far end.
  4. You can pin this hashtag column by clicking on the three settings leavers at the top of the hashtag column, then selecting Pin.

Wikipedia has been a political actor for a long time. There’s Philip Cross (https://wikipedia.fivefilters.org), and Jimmy Wales’s a huge Rand fan (https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2008/sep/25/wikipedia.internet). It is well known to alter events to a pro-Western, pro-imperialist narrative.

The developers of Lemmy the software have no power to take anything down, provided you set up your own server and host the Lemmy software yourself. Any hosted server (lemmy.ml, lemmygrad.ml… etc, ) can decide on their own rules they wish their users to follow though.

This depends on where a particular instance/server of Lemmy is hosted. The software is as free speech as you make it, but not all instances can host all forms of speech legally, depending on the specific country that a particular Lemmy server is located in.

It deserves another look by developers though, may not be exactly the same version, just a similar group of trojans with akin purposes?

This all depends on how big their team was, especially during the economic downturn from the pandemic.

China detects Trojan for Linux used by the NSA.
The NOPEN Trojan is a remote control tool for Unix/Linux operating systems primarily used for stealing files, gaining access to computers, redirecting network communications and viewing information on a targeted device, according to the report.

Use EndeavourOS, which’s pure Arch Linux so you won’t ever have problems with updates, it’s easy to install. I am running the same installation for years now without issues. Can only recommend!

The problem is, although the term exists in English, it’s never used in popular discourse, unlike oligarch.

Ukraine’s a lot of problems Russia doesn’t need. It just can’t be allowed to acquire nukes/join NATO seems to be the point.

It doesn’t seem like annexation is the plan here tho.

Oh! There’s cooperation in nature also? Don’t tell that to Jordan Peterson.

No. It says that the maintenance is slow: i.e, “developers have less time” and “New features may take time to be implemented”. But it’s still being worked on nevertheless.

The building process also requires autoconf to have installed.

Well, .ml, .ga and .tk are all officially completely free of charge.

It seems that it's ported over from Android...

- double-ratchet E2E encryption using AES-256-GCM cipher with X3DH key agreement using 2 ephemeral Curve448 keys to derive secrets for ratchet initialization. These keys and secrets are separate for each contact, group membership and file transfer - additional encryption of messages delivered from servers to recipients, also using Curve25519 DH exchange and NaCl crypto-box - to avoid shared cipher-text in sent and received traffic

We now occupy a very nearly natureless world
For more than 99 percent of our history as humans, we lived close to nature. We lived in the open. The first house with a roof appeared only 5,000 years ago.

- Introducing ability to send password reset/sign up emails via MAIL_PORT - Responsive styling fixes Other urgent bugfixes...

An Arch based distro with broadened kernel hardware support options

Fixing visual bugs, security vulnerabilities and improving federation, it is an all-around recommended update.

Self-sovereign identity they called it.
An effort for a linkable identity to follow you even across decentralized systems.

Free software, repo here: https://github.com/penpot/penpot

First saw on RT, but now it’s apparently confirmed.

Ambitious... bold...?