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How common, or how real is it that something someone has said in the past, would be not merely a poorer, if clumsier articulation of their present, but instead a fundamentally different nature, to the point of being decisively opositional altogether?

https://peertube.co.uk seems to be quite stable, and running for already quite a while. Mind you, when it comes to gaming, https://owncast.online is also a good option actively still working on ActivityPub federation.

U.S. corporations are not held to any standard of decency, or human rights even at home :-)

More like Clubhouse, though at the start perhaps.

To be fair to GNOME 40, they are not so much moving away from the desktop as such, but more towards convergence also with tablets, and mobile, while remaining desktop-level competent even on those smaller devices. I think Valve chose KDE more because it’s less resource-heavy.

It’s neat too, that it’s an AMD handheld, rather than the patchy Intel.

It’s best to always call these Western plots out while they’re still in the process of being plotted!

Their documentation isn’t the most self-explanatory for new users unfortunately. Other than that, once you figure it out, the installation’s quite easy.

I wonder whether there are any privacy differences between an eSIM, and an actual SIM?

In a way, you could say that in the U.S. the antiwar movement (as well as a racial justice movement) did indeed really largely fail…

Sanctions, imposed by the U.S. is the soil.

The number of votes a comment gets could push it higher (or lower) in the hierarchy of replies to a post.

For a browser, get the privacy-first Firefox fork called Librewolf.

Didn’t the U.S create a social network similar to Twitter in the past, to congregate anti-Cuba sentiments, and try to effectively destabilize the country through the use of this social media sillo to organize an unrest there?

This is wild!..

First saw on RT, but now it’s apparently confirmed…

Ambitious… bold…?..

This is so on-the-noose promotional in tone, more obviously a PR than many other interviews. I am not sure who can take is as an interview, and not a documentary :-)…

PostmarketOS + Phosh…