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This looks very nice. I wonder if it’ll also run on Steam Deck… would be cool.

Apparently they stripped out the federation somehow too…

I see Russia as a reliable partner to its allies, like Syria for example, even China.

It does not pursue an aggressive, but rather a defensive (for Crimea see access to Black Sea ports, offering its citizens passports and pensions that Ukraine foolishly invalidated at that time) foreign policy.

Like China, Russia wants to be seen as sovereign.

Had good experience with iwantmyname.com, pretty easy to use interface for domain administration. Would go with https://njal.la now for privacy.

Not in development for quite a long time now. Tox, or Jami are a better fit now for peer-to-peer communication.

Any money system has such problems. With crypto, the simplest rule of thumb is: just don’t buy shittycoins.

Doesn’t mean you’d be objective about it, tho.

Not really. GPL is a left wing license. It literally enforces cooperation, and collaboration, which’re communal values, rather than individualism.

Jami is anonymous when it comes to account creation, and p2p, so the accounts are only created on-device, and disappear from existence completely when all connected clients are deleted. It’s also end-to-end-encrypted.

A third party could find out your IP address if they monitored your network traffic, but not the content of your messages, and not that you are messaging someone. Only that you are using the p2p protocol for something.

Most media in Venezuela are private doing propaganda against building houses for people, and not mentioning international sanctions that devalue Venezuelan currency and inflation. State TV channels, or newspapers do not dominate the Venezuelan media market. Capitalists who are already rich, but never have enough are vile against the government and people controlled cooperatives there.

Whisper Systems was founded in 2010 according to Wikipedia, while the funding from the open tech fund started in 2013.

Interestingly, Singnal actually introduced its cryptographic protocol to the public only in 2013, when they got the funding (see even Wikipedia for that).

Would it even be possible to encrypt some basic metadata? I doubt that.

If you want, you can try to give the newly released Conduit Matrix server a try, it’s light on resources, so the most basic plan from DigitalOcean, or Vultr would power it just fine.

That said, you’d need to find out how to at least deploy a Docker image onto a server for this to be of any use to you whatsoever.

This looks like it’s a web app probably? Nice, simple and clean interface, somewhat reminds me of Pencil2D for desktops.

Sure. Signal is a better choice than the clown that’s Telegram.

This is wild!..

First saw on RT, but now it’s apparently confirmed…

Ambitious… bold…?..

This is so on-the-noose promotional in tone, more obviously a PR than many other interviews. I am not sure who can take is as an interview, and not a documentary :-)…

PostmarketOS + Phosh…