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claiming him to be autistic is simply bullshit in this context. Even more so because accepting him to question other peoples very identity and existence in society is a far more basic discrimination on his part. Be it “in malicious intent” or not.

His words are that he’s neurodivergent, autistic’s just my guess. Also, see https://stallman.org/articles/genderless-pronouns.html (this may be an odd thing to write an article about, but I don’t see it rejecting the identities of other people).

He’s also not the president, nor the leader of the FSF, just an advisor. It’s interesting that these new facts are never taken into account when discussing his role. That is why I believe this is all unwarranted, if he shouldn’t be the president, or the ‘leader’ of the FSF, ok, he literally isn’t.

But now that’s not enough. This is where I am questioning people’s motivations more with regards to an attempt of blurring the line between free software, and open-source, regardless of what RMS does, regardless of what backseat position he takes, or whether he apologizes and explains himself (which he did).

Autism is a broad spectrum, and cannot be effectively evaluated by other people with another type of autism. To do that is the height of arrogance, and disregards personal experience.

I also find the position that if people are in leadership, their issues in terms of neurodivergence should not be taken into account as antithetical to any sense of justice, or inclusion. You essentially are saying that these people do not deserve the opportunity to participate, due to their condition?

I find this notion elitist, and quite frankly disgustingly discriminatory.

He apologized on various occasions over the years… without changing behavior.

But this is my point. He may not be too good at evaluating whether some behaviour is in fact similar, or the same as another behaviour, which you, as a non-neurodivergent person may evaluate as something that’s quite similar. For example, a change of place, theme, or the structure of participants, may present just enough of a detail to a neurodivergent person to evaluate a situation as being in fact very much different, even if it may appear to us as reasonably (although of course not exactly) similar to previous situations, that they have previously encountered.

I am saying, despite his odd behaviour, his accomplishments and role (even as a public speaker) should be applauded in my opinion, especially, if we look at them through this lens of him being neurodivergent.

Otherwise, what’s being promoted, is essentially discrimination, by people, who therefore hypocritically claim they are for a diversity of experiences and the inclusion in society of the usually marginalised.

Because of Stallman’s jarring directness and language pedantry, I am open to the idea that he may have some light autistic features. Therefore, I think it’s reasonable to conclude that RMS had no malicious intent, simply a very pedantic way of expression, which does not make him guilty.

It should also be considered then, whether those who in fact say they fight against discrimination (disregarding RMS’s actual intent) do not in fact discriminate, in a certain manner against him…

His personal blogposts, while rightly controversial, and sensitive, have, like any work of philosophy, simply the form of a thought experiment, if understandably an uncomfortable one. That doesn’t necessarily mean he endorses all of the expressed views. Since Plato philosophy has pondered/raised questions of mortality. Besides being misquoted, I see no primary evidence that RMS actually endorses what he’s being accused of.

The intention to integrate this with the #fediverse, makes it a very compelling option to use, I think.

Ambitious… bold…?..

Yeah, that’s a good point. Also, does Lemmy.ml currently host with OVH still, and was the transition to another data center done automatically for you @nutomic@lemmy.ml?

Technically, though Google’s forked it away a long time ago.

Can’t argue with the genius of it really 😂

People seem to float https://getsession.org as an alternative. Are there any details on who’s actually behind that? Personally, I really hope p2p solutions like https://jami.net get better soon.

Interesting, considering it’s pretty right-wing as it is (on Iran, Yemen, it pretty-much always takes the more deranged Saudi line).

Awesome updates, actually. I especially think !425 is cool.

This is so on-the-noose promotional in tone, more obviously a PR than many other interviews. I am not sure who can take is as an interview, and not a documentary :-)…

PostmarketOS + Phosh…