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My absolute favorites to follow are:

The Grayzone - it’s Max Blumenthal’s analysis.

Moon of Alabama - one guy’s perspectives on what to look out for

The Canary - for the UK perspective on its involvement in the world’s affairs.

Unlimited Hangout - a more analytical take on long-term established players.

MintPress News - more about the West’s influence in far-away regions.

And for technology:

Techdirt - Crazy legal proceedings, frivolous lawsuits… at times both sad, and very much hilarious.

The PC port of Horizon Zero Dawn currently. The story’s just cool. In some ways reminds me of another great game - Xenoblade 2 I played 3 years ago.

Choice and flexibility is always a good idea. Can you imagine if someone said ‘What’s the point of GNOME, if KDE exists?’ Everyone has different preferences and there’s no reason why ActivityPub should dominate decentralized social networks.

Hopefully they will link to the modified source code sometime too…

Doesn’t the change just mean it’s going to be a rolling release? As long as they push quality updates, I can’t see why it would be unstable. In fact, wouldn’t security vulnerabilities get patched sooner?

A small point about grammar:

In the installation section:

Lemmy has two primary install methods, docker, and ansible.

Could be written like this?

Lemmy has two primary installation methods, a docker image, and ansible.

Flash Mobian (https://mobian-project.org) using Jumpdrive, it would go faster than loading it from an SD card, use a nightly image, as kernel 5.9 significantly improves audio call quality. I have my primary SIM card in the phone since that update landed a few weeks ago.

As for applications, there are a bunch of good ones I use:

  • gnome-feeds for RSS
  • gnome-dictionary - a dictionary
  • gnote - Basic, quick note-taking
  • geary for email
  • setzer for Latex
  • marker for Markdown
  • sublime-music for subsonic (set scale-to-fit sublime-music on) in Terminal first
  • tootle for Mastodon
  • cawbird for Twitter
  • Polari - IRC
  • Fractal - Matrix

You have the opportunity to get some of the people you know on. By the way, Friendica looks like FB too, but it knows ActivityPub. You may want to look at that?

I think Fediquest has the right idea here: https://social.matej-lach.me/@MatejLach/103148962181822666, although it seems to be in early stages, building federation first, and the app itself only after (https://github.com/MatejLach/astreams)?

Inventaire.io is a self-hostable catalogue, although regrettably not federated.

utopia p2p

Never heard about utopia p2p in privacy/security circles before, so took a quick look. While the concept does seem interesting to a degree, the group behind it seems to be a private firm registered in the UK from 2015 (though the guy who introduced it in a Medium post doesn’t seem to be a native English speaker at all), rather than to form a more transparent public foundation.

They released Utopia only at the very tail end of 2019. This raises a question in my mind, of whether they have some private funders supporting the, which they don’t want the public to know about…?

Delta Chat receives money from the OpenTechFund, a branch of the U.S. government, with its own geopolitical goals.

Mine have a little bit of a philosophical bent to them, most written in the first half of the last century:

The Man Without Qualities by Robert Musil - does what we know define us?

The Book of Disquiet - a diary of sorts

Prae, by Miklos Szentkuthy

The Transilvanyan Trilogy by Miklos Banffy

Favourite publisher in this area: Contramundum Press.

Metager.org has decent search results in my experience.