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Bladecoder Adventure Engine Releases 4.1.0

Bladecoder is a set of tools to create interactive graphic adventures (classical point and click games). A few weeks ago they recently released version 4.1.0 here:

Sozi is a zooming presentation tool for SVG documents. The main website is at …

Kdenlive 21.12 is out.

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The company posted on their discord channel that the promising software is no longer open source. Accoring to msarca (on their discord channel) *"The entire team behind this project has families to care of, and we can’t afford to continue on the open-source path, given the fact that we made exactly…

Penpot is a web based design and prototyping platform meant for cross-domain teams. …

Shotcut - New Version 21.10.31: Markers

Timeline Markers seems to be the focus of this release…

Synfig Studio is 2d animation software for linux, windows, and macos…

Kdenlive comes to macOS (nightly version) | Kdenlive

Every now and again users would ask for a macOS version of Kdenlive. Up until recently, the only thing we were able to offer was a very, very old MacPorts version (0.9.10)…

The Highlights: …

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