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Here is the source for the font:

Comic Mono font review

The animation project is 13 years old!..

"For those who asked if @glimpse could be a plug-in, we have looked into it! Sadly, it's not feasible."

Modified translation files have to be updated & rebuilt for each new 2.10.x release. Humans also have to decide when “gimp” should be “Glimpse” or “GNU I.M.P”. …


Libre Graphics Meeting 2021 has started!

Libre graphics meeting is a annual conference for open source visuals and software. …


Looking for design work? (Job listings page for opensource design)

Opensource design has a great job listings page for software projects. It as a lot of real jobs and some volunteer jobs. I really like the sentiment of volunteer work, particularly if you want some portfolio content. But it also can mesh badly with a culture where art isn’t considered real work, and…

'Logos by nick' is a great resource for learning graphic design

‘Logos by nick’ is a great youtube resource for learning Inkscape and GIMP, making it easier to use libre and ethical software for professional graphic designwork…

Penpot is a new design and protoyping programe similar to Figma or sketch…

NFT and art

“While going through portfolios on Behance Network, I stumbled upon a quite interesting take at 3D landscapes by Pierre-Abraham Rochat, a Lausanne (Switzerland) based artist.”… is the biggest community for opensource designers on the web. They have job listings for opensource projects, Events, Forums and resources for designers wanting to go opensource…

Many don’t know that there is a active community for design in the libre and opensource community, and when it comes to fonts probably less so. …

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