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Sketchfab - Home To Many CC 3d Models

Sketchfab is a great tool to tool for 3d artists. Many Sketchfab users offer their own creations as free downloads. There are tons of models licensed under every Creative Commons license, including CC0. …

This is great news!

When my linux machine bit the dust a few years ago, I had to use my old mac. I didin’t want to use the macports version, so I had to switch to Shotcut to do some light video editing. I’ve been happy with Shotcut and still prefer it over kdenlive.

Kdenlive comes to macOS (nightly version) | Kdenlive

Every now and again users would ask for a macOS version of Kdenlive. Up until recently, the only thing we were able to offer was a very, very old MacPorts version (0.9.10)…

The Morevna Project is working on their next motion comic, based on the webcomic Pepper & Carrot. …

David Revoy has posted a bunch of illustrations for Framasoft’s Donation Campaign

I downloaded and fooled around with it. The interface is a little too busy for my liking. I’ve been using Zim for a long time and it suits my needs.

Yeah, one day I’ll download and learn Ardour. I’ve been putting it off for too long.

The techniques and skills you develop as a sound engineer go beyond just learning a software interface.

Too many people focus on the software when they are just starting out. It’s the foundations that are important.

Is Learning Music Production On Linux Worth It?

There’s a discussion on Reddit (r/linux) about this. Link: reddit. …

Anyone going to participate? I’m going to take a stab at it.

Monthly Inkscape Challenge

Solve the riddle (anagram) to get the challenge: …

I mostly use Zim, which can save to a readable text file.

For bookmarks and links, I use Simplenote.

I was lucky. My state makes it easy to go into teaching if you already have a college degree. I only had to take one additional college course.

Having three children leaves us very little free time for the both of us to hang out. We have to plan that together time or it puts a strain on our relationship.

I realized that I was good at relating to children after my second was born. So I switched careers and got into early childhood education.

Artist David Revoy posts a video review and gives some tips on how to install and set up the driver…

Of Mice And Men

Animal Farm

Been playing around with this cool little program on my eOS laptop. All the necessary vector drawing tools are there and easy to find, and you can see the influence of Inkscape on the program. It’s basically Inkscape with animation, which makes me very happy!

Thanks. Thinking of getting one just for counting steps and as a stopwatch. Which is what I currently use my old Fitbit for.

I’m with you on this. It’s hard to find a good small phone anymore. It took me a long time to upgrade but that was only because my previous phone wouldn’t charge anymore. Now I have this huge 6"+ nokia that’s clunky for me to use one handed.

Glaxnimate - 2D Animation

According to the website, Glaxnimate is a simple and fast vector graphics animation program. It has a nice looking interface and seems mainly designed for small, web animations…

This. And people are addicted to toxic behaviors and environments.

Not OP, but for me the most difficult would be google maps. our family travels a lot on the weekends, and I become extremely dependent on maps.

The Wick Editor - games, animations and everything in-between

The Wick Editor is a free, open-source tool for creating games and animations. It’s a browser and downloadable app for all platforms…

Mainly a bug fix release…

This is a bug fix release…

Is the PineTime Sealed usable right out of the box? Or do you have to install the firmware or OS first?

It’s a web app, but you can use offline also. Only problem is that you must have chrome to use it for now.

Tax write off.

But it really does benefit Adobe & Epic to show support for Blender. Blender users use Adobe to make 2d textures and they also make assets for Epic games. (As mention by another)