You can now grab lemmur from f-droid and the Play store.

If you want to follow lemmur releases/news checkout the repo and/or follow the ! community. You can always support the development on Patreon or BuyMeACoffee

PS. We do not flavor our releases: github release tab, fdroid, and play store apks are built from the same source code. Feel free to download lemmur from any place you like.


Love the UI and the colors

This is purely amazing!!

Love the UI, it feels really clean.

I’m also impressed to see the comment appear on my desktop as soon as I posted it from the app, thanks all the devs!!

Dreeg Ocedam

This is just to test if the reverse is true

Edit: seems like you still need to reload in the app to see the new comments appear, it’s not really an issue IMO.

We have started the works on ‘live’ updating. So hopefully in the future the reverse will be possible in lemmur


I’m so glad! Having to open Lemmy on the browser on my phone every day was the one little inconvenience I was having, finally having the app is great. And it’s a good app too, good job, team!

EDIT: Ok, two things; first, typo, second, I found something missing from the app, I had to open the browser again to edit this comment. But I’m still enjoying the app, good launch anyway!


Thank you, I’ve been waiting for this!!


Just installed the app and what an awesome interface, looks modern, simple and clean. Kuddos to all the contributors!

I really appreciate the addition of AMOLED mode. It’s a pretty fantastic app considering it just launched

i’m happy the AMOLED option exists, but it’s not very easy on the eyes IMO.

enjoying the general feel of the app though!

yeah we are aware the AMOLED mode has many contrast issues, we implemented it the most lazy way possible just so it exists but we plan to improve it

I’m guessing you already have a list of things that need/want improving.

if you don’t however, i’m happy to note anything that sticks out to me

if you wouldn’t mind you could make an issue on github or post on !lemmur with this list :)

Thank you! 😃 The app is so wonderful. It’s working really well so far 😊

well this is nice


The app has an incredible UI ! It will be a good way to promote Lemmy to new users that mainly use the phone.


Wow! I’m currently use it and yes… The interface is awesome and modern. Thks all, it was missing 👍🙂


currently using it and so far it’s amazing, very clean interface and it has a darkmode (AMOLED) for those of you who like a true dark mode.


I’m typing this on the app, it works great! Very clean look and feel.

The real question is: When will there be an ios version? 😉

We are working on it right now, it will be soon on on the test appstore channel


where can I file bug reports? For me, links won’t open at all. Also, when commenting, I have to manually close the keyboard before I can hit “post” and then the comment gets sent twice :-))


The “links won’t open” bug has already been fixed. It only happened in android 11. But the fix is not there in the f-droid release. You will have to wait for the next release. However, you can build the app following the instruction on

The fix has already been included in the build.


Also, something is up with the time zones I guess because my freshly posted comments show up as ‘posted 1 hour ago’

links won’t open at all

Android 11 issue, fixed already.

something is up with the time zones

UTC parsing issue, fixed already.

then the comment gets sent twice

Are you sure?


Maybe the 2xcomment was just a one time thing… thanks for the response!! 👍


This has also been fixed but you have to wait for the next f-droid or playstore release… However, you can build the app following the instructions from the main repo.


This is some cool stuff! I dont understand what the difference is between and is though.


Lemmygrad is dedicated to far-left idologies, mainly communism. is the general purpose instance.


Ah, that makes sense I guess. I think I’ll mainly use lemmygrad tho, not a fan of anti-communists haha


Awesome, this’ll make it easier to gain traction.


is it just me or can it not open the original links?


interesting. i can’t seem to open links either.

EDIT: it just says couldn't open link, Exception

Android 11 issue, already fixed just not released yet


The links are working fine for me

Great apps, love it !!!


It’s funny because I use mastodon’s WPA on my phone rather than a mobile app and I love it.

So far I’ve been loving the lemmy mobile web version, it still has a long way to go but I enjoy it. I perceive most people actually like more native apps rather than their web versions.

Edit: wait why did you pick the GPL2 over the 3? Just a question.

why GPL 2 over 3?

this probably deserves a separate post. Long story short I know very little about licenses so I just went with what sounded better after some research. So we are more than happy to change if someone convinces us


It sounds really good, for this case of use, I think the GPL3 is much better than the GPL2.


  1. Better defense against patents compared with the GPL2.
  2. Tivoization is not something of particular concern here.
  3. Compatibility with the apache license.



But what happens if any part of the software is recycled on web or compiled like it using emscripten or similar software?

I think AGPLv3 is better.


Well this is a client for a social media that is already AGPL3 so I don’t see the problem.


This doesn’t prevent someone converting it into a web client directly with emscripten and similar or recycling some parts of it.

This have been done already in other projects and could be converted into a leak to serve propietary code.


Fair enough, AGPL3 would be a good option.


Well most apps work perfectly fine with the use of GPL3; lemmy for example uses AGPL3 which is the GPL3 license but adapted to the SAAS environment, even F-Droid uses GPL3.

I don’t see anything wrong with the GPL2 outside of the fact that is not compatible with the GPL3, if you’re concerned about dynamic linking and such I would advise the use of the LGPL3 which is compatible with the GPL3 license. But the GPL2 is fine.


Only ****! (Sorry)

This is so cool, I’d like to use just the browser, but this is on another level. I love it, the exelent work continues. Congratulations, I’ll make a donation without thinking twice.


deleted by creator

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