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LibreWolf wouldn’t be recommendable to a non tech person doe to its changes to the browser to make it more privacy friendly. It breaks a lot of sites that the common folk uses day to day. My advise would be Firefox with uBlock as pointed out.

Albeit is not advised to do so, it is not a strict convention that you should not use. I suggest reading this guide that explains the situations that VPN over TOR / TOR over VPN is advised. It’s very well documented. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Online Anonymity

There was a big fuss about this addon on PTIO on Reddit, I’m still curious if it’s worth using instead of good old uBlock.

More or less what I’m doing. Sites known for tracking users such as Amazon are isolated in their own container. And uBlock is on the backside doing its job to block third-party trackers.I just whitelist in same container (with uBlock still active) some sites that are not worth or not invasive enough to be in its own bubble. For the rest: first parties are isolated, third blocked and when stuff eventually breaks I pin down where is it the problem and allow for that session the ‘whatever it is’ to work and call it a day.

It not necessarily need to be lemmy centered, but I’m interested in content that is worth reading when that notification pops up. Sometimes we find some obscure and interesting sources that “I wish I found it earlier”.

Albeit they function differently, I think the use of containers with temp containers is the way to go. You whitelist the sites you want conserve login and cookies, and blacklist the rest in individual temporary containers. It’s been working for me so far with a few services like Google login not working properly, being in an endless loop of authentication.

I think the DDG calls Microsoft for the Bing API, which the site uses to provide search queries. I’ll try use myself and see how long I can go without breaking the web. lol

I tried self hosting Wallabag on a Pi Model 3B+ but doesn’t seem like they support ARM 32 bits. maybe they’ve changed that. I’m eager for archiving my stuff in it.

It kind bums me out that there are so many devices available in the market, some only region locked, that hopping a FLOSS distro is almost impossible. By the time a device gets popular, in some way it is already outdated. Companies like Samsung make their system so dependent on their services that by the time you manage to flash an open source OS half of the phone’s features are defunct due to some hard-coded bs. More so with a low group of devs working their asses to make sure everything works well. Sorry about the rant but honestly I hope someday we can ditch these bloated data mining vanilla whatever brand you’re using and support free and open source. And all of this start with you guys, so my kudos to all de devs and best of luck on this endeavor!

Just installed the app and what an awesome interface, looks modern, simple and clean. Kuddos to all the contributors!

I think the best would be the one you self-host with your own parameters. But other than that searx.space provide you with the ones up to date, sorted by speed etc… The one I use most is the anon.sx