just a youtuber and a linux nerd that is every where on the internet but twitter and self hosts his own xmpp server and message board

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didn’t the dev hard code some of the words he didn’t want because we was afraid the alt right was going to get a hold of it which they sorta already have

ive tried that and i ended up with folders i could not delete even after uninstalling it

i have an idea about and opensource dating site
how about we create a dating site that is opensource and federated for no life software nerds like me and you and works with activity pub so you can interact with mastodon users to

i have an idea how about we build a federated dating site for furrys :D

yes no longer do i have to mess around with gimp or photoshop i can make the spiciest memes with ease

i like the new stone they are going to add in the next update but i find myself not playing it as much as i used to ive been dicking around with minetest lately though i just dont play video games any more i find posting and creating horrible crummy youtube videos more amusing now

i think this has been done before with freenets WOT (web of trust) it is defiantly a bad idea ive seen people get down voted for no reason and if you dont know what freenet is heres a link to it https://freenetproject.org/ i dont recommend you use it is very old and nasty and the develpers are total grammar nazis they will piss on you hard if you miss a single period and i mean pretty hostel about it to

the day that normies start using federated networks like mastodon or using RSS feed readers will be nothing but a pipe dream that is a guarantee there will always be a few people like us but if it ever dose become main stream it will only be shown in negative light hell i bet your bottom that they will try to slander even you as alt right

i dont think this place is as open as pleroma like you can’t post porn or anything or anything that leans to the right cough cough

i don’t care what people say about it i don’t mind it i don’t use it for the crypto currency if i wanted to do that i would use monaro or loki i also have a bitcoin wallet it seems fine when it comes to blocking ads but i would not trust it 100% since its based off of google chrome but im the kinda guy that would use some thing the devil him self created as long as it dose not give me malware hell i dont care if it was the other way around and the guy was a socialist which is why im here in the first place i defiantly didnt join lemmy for the politics thats for sure

but all seriousness even some of the people who are on the same pollical spectrum as you don’t buy your bull shit and I’m one of them i know i should not be saying that here but still you flat eathers are scum that are even hated by you’re own kind

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you guys are a syop
just stop it and quit while your head you're bigger clowns then i am we all know the earth is shreks swap he was sealed inside the earth for is crimes against nature the earth quakes are just him trying to escape one day he will the day of judgment will come for thee soon hast thy sun turnth green

better get psyced!
I'm not to sure if this is really open sourced but this could be of interest

found this wile lurking gitlab its written in python looks cool maybe i will test it out later or some thing its even got a few bells and whistles

what are your thoughts on postmill
so i came across another reddit clone on GitLab but i don't think this one is federated there are currently 2 sites that use it as far as i know im probably use it for my self hosted site or just keep using that closed sourced forum script i paid $32 for

i hope you commies are happy now i only have about 130 subs on youtube but maybe this will help get more people on to this platform or at lest make more people are ware of it the amount of instances seems to be lacking to so i hope this helps with that