Downfall of Minecraft

Anybody else feel that minecraft slipped after Microsoft bought it. Before microsoft, every update felt like it added something of content, but now every update feels like its just added to make the game look better. Take the caves and cliffs update: those giant caves may look cool, but whats the fucking point? The mining experience is not really “supposed” to be this open. There was nothing wrong with the old caves, and now the new caves are not the same. I miss the pre 1.8 days of adding brand new mechanics like restone.


I don’t really feel all the updates before Microsoft always changed that much. I think the cave update is kind of cool because it adds so much more height to the world which is pretty cool, I’m just glad the game is still being updated after all this time. but personally once you have figured out most of the game it’s hard to get back that feeling of when you first started, when everything was new, I think that’s why valheim is doing so good right now, it’s kind of like playing Minecraft for the first time again


I’m actually quite liking the new content they’re doing, but I get the same feeling, the new mountains and caves are REALLY cool, but I never did mountain climbing even with the older mountains, same for those submerged caves, I don’t think I will explore them ever.

That said, the warden and everything related to him is really fucking cool and I love it.


Yeah. The wireless redstone and stuff like that is cool, but I wish they would actually change the fundamental cycle of progression and create new fields.


As someone who primarily plays in creative, or in small multiplayer servers with friends, I’d much rather have more aesthetic and ease-of-use updates to building and world generation than modifications to game progression – which I feel is fleshed out enough for an open-world sandbox game.

Minecraft’s not really a story game and for that reason any change to make getting to the end harder seems detrimental to it. It’s better to look to games like Hytale for that sort of experience.


Microsoft has a long history of ruining good things. Hotmail and Skype are two really good examples.


i like the new stone they are going to add in the next update but i find myself not playing it as much as i used to ive been dicking around with minetest lately though i just dont play video games any more i find posting and creating horrible crummy youtube videos more amusing now


Minecraft is bloated a.f. Should give Minetest a try, one dev is making a mod called Traitor based on Among Us, he makes constant videos about it recently: Minetest Videos.


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