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No, it’s totally possible to mantain an independent repository for F-Droid. We don’t need another appstore.

You didn’t say about any pronoun, I was creative

Remember to note their users and passwords on paper.

Make food for the crush, so it slowly will need you.

This dude should be very worried about moderation, because the user of forum like that might not be healthy.

XMPP cover most of it, plus Tor.

These three should be worked for Federation. Even though they have incompatible features, they work on the same systems and this would be precious!

No, Left 4 Dead is left for dead, even TF2 receives more attention.

The crows and the food available made in the day.

Yeah. Why the downvotes.

I could not even use reader mode to read a NYT article, the text the reader caught was about their dumb subscription.

I think a YDL client would be much better for it. I think a KDE client works like that, but is outdated.

I suggest a client like Newpipe and Freetube, but one is bloated and for Android and the other one is low featured and based on Electron.

An account is not even needed to use Mumble, so fuck off the email thing

In case the picture is not showing to you, the channel's name is 2hr56xh.