Apple’s iPhones are pretty famous for being closed off, with jailbreaking being the only way that most people can imagine for sideloading apps. However, there are other ways to sideload apps onto an iPhone, and the easiest way is through AltStore. …

Apple Wallet is usually a quick double-press away on the iPhone or Apple Watch to pull up payment cards or travel cards. In a very few places you can already add drivers licenses and IDs, but beyond that, not much else (I did note Discovery Health in South Africa does a quick add of your health insu…

Sounds incredible if you’re used to Android, and you’d think Solitaire was a reasonably basic game, but I’ve been through about 5 so far and some are loaded with really irritating averts (the ones you must wait 30 seconds to pass) or else they have subscriptions per month to eliminate the ads. There…

Yes another thing taken for granted on an Android phone by just long pressing on the app icon (at least with Nova Launcher) but there is an effective trick using Shortcuts on an iPhone to do the same. It may be a bit long-winded, but you only have to do it once. …

A very cool looking and powerful Mastodon client for iOS that I’ve used for the past year and I really like it so far!..

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