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There also some exotic ones, e.g.: Zap.

I don’t know them well, but they could bring ideas & improvements to the more common platforms.

Meta discussion

Global timeline is filled with low value messages, but has emoji reactions and full text search.

Quite new, but is fun to use, as it’s fast and has emoji reactions, auto dark/light theme, thread view.

Although complicated and sometimes slow, it’s the most powerful one afaik, e.g.:

  • bridges for RSS, Twitter, and others
  • talks to Diaspora
  • replies appear as comments (in a threaded view)
  • can edit a post (or comment)

Which are your favorite platforms?

And why? …

I think the whole government has accounts on mastodon…

Why didn’t they set up their own instance though? 🤔

TLDR : explaining the Pleroma api, while programming a bot?

@norztoFediverseGuide to the Fediverse

Thank you for this nice guide. 🙏

NB: Friendica is more a macroblogging platform, à la Facebook.

Nice idea, but are there suitable peertube instances with enough storage to do this? 🤔

An possible explanation for this severe enforcement of the law is that it could be related to other law violations, such as drug dealing.
(See comments on the NextInpact article (in French).)

Interesting discussions also on the Fediverse, with the not-yet-official Mastodon account : https://fosstodon.org/@briar

New maximum file size: 1.95 GiB

by Stuart Franklin / Magnum. …


How will country-based mitigation measures influence the course of the COVID-19 epidemic? - The Lancet

« What has happened in China shows that quarantine, social distancing, and isolation of infected populations can contain the epidemic.1 This impact of the COVID-19 response in China is encouraging for the many countries where COVID-19 is beginning to spread. However, it is unclear whether other coun…

The peertube.video instance is closing

Still online at the moment, but the admin posted this message: “This peertube instance will be closing on February 28, 2020.” …

Apple Clarifies Tencent's Role in Fraudulent Website Warnings

“#Safari occasionally receives a list of hash prefixes of URLs known to be malicious from Google or Tencent, choosing between them based on the device’s region setting (#Tencent for #China, #Google for other countries). Hash prefixes are the same across multiple URLs, which means the hash prefix rec…

Earth's Rotation Visualized in a Timelapse of the Milky Way Galaxy - 4K

A timelapse of the Milky Way that was recorded using an equatorial tracking mount over a period of around 3 hours to show Earth’s rotation relative to the Milky Way. …

Hana-Bi (1997, Japon) sur Arte

Nishi est policier. Son épouse est atteinte d’un cancer en phase terminale. Suite à une fusillade son partenaire Horibe devient paraplégique et un autre de ses collègues est tué. Nishi démissionne alors afin de commettre un casse pour rembourser d’importantes dettes contractées auprès des yakuzas et…