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In the same spirit perhaps tips like RES does could be beneficial too?

Yeah, the PeerTube and Mastodon vidéos are cool vu they are a bit too much like ads.

Perhaps the best would be to have a promo video and a short (<10mins) how-to-basics video.

Perhaps you should have an alternative webclient like Reddit did with their new apps?

It does work better on mobile if you are not using a native app I have to say.

On the computer I quite like the feel for it. Then again if you were to get professional help I’m sure they would recommended moving loads of stuff around that would make it better that couldn’t even think about.

Yeah let them just write if of when they spend for charity work and voilà.

Apparenlty, the AP burreau was also in that building.

I hate when these deals happen, it’s not based on supporting artists from fans and also just shows the major bubble that big bands get.

I honestly am not sure how the Red Hot Chili Peppers catalogue can be worth $140M. Honestly, how do they make that kind of money, it’s certainly not based on Spotify royalties. I suppose they must get played on the radio or in films/shows a lot.

Does the step-counter work as a standalone app or does it synch with fitness apps on your phone?

Never had a Pebble Time, but for sure the affordability seems like a great way for this ‘side project’ to get some momentum in the FLOSS dev community. Another win too for Linux phones.

What is your favourite Minestest server?

I was wondering what Minestest server you play on? I’m thinking of a more general like server but theme servers are of course possible answers. …

So it’s actually working now as a real thing and not just a prototype. Pretty cool and the $25 price is very interesting. I might get myself one. Anybody got one, what do you think?

The president doesn’t appoint large chunks of the assembly. Before changing the rules, there used to be a couple of cohabitations. The assembly does keep legislative power. Proof is they don’t always go 100% with the government even when they are from the same party.

Though I agree a change would be very welcoming.

I mean, yeah for sure but still that is a lot. It’s Twitch Replays or something (also no need to use 4k necessarilly).

That’s huge! Who uploads so much they need 80GB :o

Well no the president doesn’t have absolute power. The national assembly has most of the power. Of course, very often the national assembly will just follow the government but still.

Yes, Mozilla clearly could save money by not being located in California or paying their higher-ups such salaries.

Ok thanks for the reply. A shame it’s not up-to-date but there are few users on it anyway.

I’ve recently started using NewsBlur and I quite like it. It has some filtering but I don’t use it so I have no idea how good it really.

A couple of more popular channels started offering their videos in podcast format, I am thinking of CGP Crey and MinutePhysics. It would be interesting to know how many views (or downloads as I think that’s how it’s calculated) they got on that. As it’s possible to get PeerTube videos via RSS then it could be possible to set up their own instance. I wonder what the difference is for costs or views in that sense.

It could be worth creating a proper guide to moving to the fediverse. Including views from users, admins, where to self-host etc. I don’t think that actually exists. There are a couple of providers that ship Mastodon directly like masto.host but no idea if that’s really working out that well.

How many GB are we really talking about per week here? Most instances seem to have costs of between 15 and 40€/month and some of them have over a TB of data…