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Well no the president doesn’t have absolute power. The national assembly has most of the power. Of course, very often the national assembly will just follow the government but still.

Yes, Mozilla clearly could save money by not being located in California or paying their higher-ups such salaries.

Ok thanks for the reply. A shame it’s not up-to-date but there are few users on it anyway.

I’ve recently started using NewsBlur and I quite like it. It has some filtering but I don’t use it so I have no idea how good it really.

A couple of more popular channels started offering their videos in podcast format, I am thinking of CGP Crey and MinutePhysics. It would be interesting to know how many views (or downloads as I think that’s how it’s calculated) they got on that. As it’s possible to get PeerTube videos via RSS then it could be possible to set up their own instance. I wonder what the difference is for costs or views in that sense.

It could be worth creating a proper guide to moving to the fediverse. Including views from users, admins, where to self-host etc. I don’t think that actually exists. There are a couple of providers that ship Mastodon directly like masto.host but no idea if that’s really working out that well.

How many GB are we really talking about per week here? Most instances seem to have costs of between 15 and 40€/month and some of them have over a TB of data…

Considering it’s the most known app that blocks a couple far-right instances then this is surprising…

Basically the only people I’ve seen do it are Reddit Admins. Then you’ve got a couple of subreddit used a bit in this fashion to. Most popular might be r/CGPGrey

Where do people get this information? In the Appstore? How does one see it. I can’t find it anywhere

Actually you could be doing something illegal : tax fraud. Depends the country but you should be expected to pay revenue on income whether in the “official money” or crypto like Monero. (Basically they expect a little maths to calculate the conversion rate and then tax that. I think in France it’s considered property so it’s a flat tax after x amount.

I just use OsmAnd to be honest. I don’t think any other app really compares. However I don’t need my navigation app all that much. I don’t really see the point of leaving GoogleMaps for another closed-source software and data. I also really like being able to easily add POI with it.

Honestly, is this an “unintended conflict”? At some point, you need to ask yourself how two government agencies can arm two sides in a war without wanting there to be a conflict. Or maybe the CIA and the Pentagan are involved in a proxy-war in their greater struggle in the USA? just so fucking bonkers…

And untill the majority of Firefox users start sending money to Mozilla that’s certainly not going to change.

One thing I will give great credit for is having contributors in some pretty uncommon languages. Breton’s got a couple of hours for example, despite it having less than 0.2 million speakers and not being recognised by companies such as Google.

It’s got a bit of a problem regarding gender imbalance but accents aren’t that bad to be honest.

For those of you that don’t want Mozilla to have a recording of your voice or don’t like the choice of the licence: You can also help verify recordings from others.