Need help on migrating people to matrix

What’s the best strategy to migrate people of age to use matrix instead of the alternatives? With the implementation of space coming in soon, I would like other people to use this instead of discord, whatsapp, and other insidious applications.

ugh... lo!

I moved my family to matrix by reviewing ToS of popular messengers (thanks for TL;DR), moved to, but we still had contacts in other networks, so decided to have our own homserver (because ems didn’t provide bridges), so we ordered services.

I still didn’t figure out how to move granny from Viber to matrix (she loves big animated stickers and other shiny stuff :/), but succeeded with some mid-age friends and other family members


Here’s some things I personally do to get people on. I’ve gotten my girlfriend and my family over, and I got a group of friends over to Keybase before the Zoom days.

Do NOT mention privacy/encryption to anyone who doesn’t care about that stuff. Focus on the genuine benefits beyond that: online chat (no iPhone/Android stuff), reactions/stickers/editing/replying, good UI/UX, can message from computer (or have multiple devices in general).

For this reason, you could try getting them on Wire instead. It’s also very secure (more secure than signal) but it has the drawing feature, which nothing else has, and which is very fun.


Wire [is] more secure than signal

Do you have any proof for that?

No of course not. How could I possibly have proof of something like that? Do you have proof that cycling is faster than walking?

But I will share something I wrote already.


  • based in usa
  • requires phone number
  • all client and server software owned and controlled by one company
  • no federation
  • has no web app


  • don’t have most of the terrible problems (is based in switzerland for example)
  • nobody uses it. for some reason everybody uses signal.
  • has a very fun built in drawing app.

That doesn’t answer the question. You can answer how secure Signal is with an audit. You can also answer the question if cycling is faster than walking by doing a study. I didn’t say walking is faster than cycling though, I asked for proof of your claim.

So, I guess, Wire is not more secure than Signal, as I thought.

I’ve already given you a lot of useful info, that can help you to answer the question for yourself. And you’re not satisfied with that. Now it’s time for you to do your own bit of research. When you do, return the favour and post it back here.


It depends on how close you are to people but you can tell them about privacy concerns and that’s the reason why you do not want to use these tools anymore. if someone values communicating with you they often will be willing to install another application.


I just created an account for my mom and installed for her. I told her I removed all other apps because they were spying on me and my friends and that she has to contact me on Fluffy/Matrix.


What do you mean “of age”? Old people? I just set up element for my parents and tell them - I will call you on here. They don’t care where and what it is and they communicate with their friends mostly by phone or on Facebook. I don’t expect those to migrate to matrix or even signal at this point, so I wouldn’t bother with

I think the fact that it has multiple apps is a good selling point for a lot of people, let them pick what they want. There’s also a project called carbon which aimed to create a discord ui for matrix, it’s been abandoned now but it could be forked and expanded. It’s pretty good as it is though, even without encryption.

Remember to note their users and passwords on paper.

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