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I think from the perspective of the IT department it makes sense to unify programs that people use. As I cannot really tell what your company does it’s hard to argue for it but if the company does something website related in IT you could argue that it’s important to test on all browsers to ensure that it works for all users. Aldo you could try to find information about data collection and how quickly security issues are fixed by each browser manufacturer.

Klingt ja echt vernünftig, das freut mich.

What sets this apart from nextcloud?

You are aware that you can also regulate capitalism? For example tax fossil fuels. Subsidies solar panels, introduce high enough minimum wages, redistribute wealth through taxes, etc. So is the system actually the problem or is it that these rules are not made?

This website doesn’t look like a reliable source to me.

I am not sure what media you consume but you will find articles talking about Israels politics especially in regards to settlements. Violence from any side is shit.

Sadly it doesn’t show anything about metadata in the comparison.

You don’t need to trust the organisation if you can see the code. And the way the signal apps are built you don’t need to even see the source of the server because you can verify that everything is properly encrypted in the client.

The Tor project is also funded by the us government, that doesn’t make it less secure.

With open source software you don’t need to trust that nothing shady is going on in its source code.

I am not so sure if trying to extract water from the air is very smart. In places where there is not much water, the air is usually dryer. This means even more energy needs to be expended to condense the water.

Dummerweise ist es gar nicht so einfach zu sagen was KI eigentlich ist. ist ein einfaches statistisches Modell schon KI?

Foe me it works great, however, I fully agree and in my opinion the dash should have configuration options for when it is visible and where it is placed.

i use cospend but it’s more for tracking shared expenses.

It depends on how close you are to people but you can tell them about privacy concerns and that’s the reason why you do not want to use these tools anymore. if someone values communicating with you they often will be willing to install another application.

I’d recommend connecting to the same network (WiFi) and using https://snapdrop.net The data does not need leave your network.

Alternatively, you could try to set your ISPs router into Bridge mode and use another router as the main router.

Having sealed sender only with contacts is an anti spam measure and they allow you to turn it on for everything. Also requiring a phone number is something that is fine if your threat model is not related to anonymity but to keeping conversations private. Moreover, at signal they are working on removing the requirement for phone numbers.

You can usually set up which DNS server to use in the device settings of each of your devices. is more work but fixes it.

I did not mean that you do literally everything with a keyboard.

What is quicker for opening an application? Going to the app overview finding the application and then clicking on it or quickly moving my hands to the keyboard (especially when using a laptop) and typing the application name + enter key?

A tiling WM renders my computer unusable for other people to use so it only is an option for a machine that only I will ever use.

Didn’t ever feel like using it.

The author seems to not get how Gnome in its default is meant to be used. Opening applications is not very efficient if you do it with your mouse but this part of Gnome is incredibly efficient when the keyboard is used. Moreover, that the dock is now further away is something that the Gnome designers have become aware of and planned fixes are in the pipeline for Gnome 41.

Of course the author also has some fair points. Extensions would be better of to be updated and downloaded via the systems package manager as otherwise updating them might break them.

That files does not give any default files to create by default I find a bit idiotic too but this functionality exists you just need to add a file to the template folder.

Matrix does not keep metadata completely private.

I don’t get why you are concerned about your IP address, every service you use will be able to see your IP so if you want to hide it use TOR.