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he was thinking of women as sexual objects, educate yourself

How can one educate themselves about other people’s thoughts?

In 2020, CSIS recorded 110 domestic extremist attacks. Of those, two thirds were from the far right, about a quarter from the far left, and the remainder were driven by religious or “ethnonationalist” causes.

I highly doubt the leftist attacks warrant a terrorism stamp since most of them are against property, not people. But then again, in the US of A, property is worth more than people.

that it’s probably not the end of the world if you don’t get an offer

Studies suggest it’s rather random and depends on too many factors you can’t even control.

Good advice. I’d add a recruiter to coach you for free only that you can dump them later.

Also LinkedIn and Xing are huge in non US countries.

Went to a recruiter, had them offer 5 jobs, did 3 interviews and took the 6th job at a friend’s company.

Put keywords in your CV, let recruiters help you brush it up. IT skills are in insane demand worldwide right now.

Can vouch for Geany, used it for years until I switched to Kate because Qt. It’s highly customizable with plugins and you can basically rewrite the whole GUI in Python.

This one was really interesting, thank you for providing your view on the topic :)

Serpentza’s opinion on wealth gaps in China… Watch that whole video BTW, they both say really racist stuff against latinos too.

Yeah, watch the whole video. Maybe try to understand that living “above” people is not a positive thing. The comments below are painting a clear picture on what kind of subreddit GenZedong really is.

Before you comment on that I posted from helix@lemmy.ml and not helix@feddit.de: Feddit doesn’t federate with Lemmygrad and I couldn’t reply with that user.

no worries :)

I can really recommend watching his channel. You have to watch a few videos to get his personality, but then you find out he provides a really unique view and explanations of Chinese culture which really made me appreciate China a lot.

Most people who really hate him are Chinese nationalists. Sure, he’s also doing a bit of propaganda and often blows his experiences out of proportion, but you can easily filter through that if you speak English well.

He always differentiates between the CCP and China and “the Chinese”, where he always stresses that there’s not the stereotypical Chinese person, but that there are many regions with many different cultural identities and interesting people and places to visit.

I don’t really get that. The Unity desktop experience can be replicated very well with both KDE and Gnome nowadays, so what does Unity offer apart from hemorrhaging developer resources?

The article answers none of the question I have after reading the title, as always.

Can you provide sources to that statement? Would love to learn more.

There’s not a single mention of Minetest by them in this thread. Even if they’d discredit everything, it’s a logical fallacy to think they’re wrong just because they hold views you don’t agree with.

That’s called the genetic fallacy.

Europe is not a country, but the GDPR is pretty good. It gets enforced in Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy and many other countries in Europe quite effectively with high fines.

They also all have very invasive intelligence agencies, as @pinknoise@lemmy.ml already mentioned.

also I suggest that both of you stop arguing, because it is not going anywhere. Just accept that you disagree, and ignore each other.

Good idea, sorry.

I never said they weren’t both my accounts. Stop seeing nazi ghosts and fuck off, please.

This user is operating with 2 accounts, @helix@lemmy.ml and @Helix@feddit.de

Thanks for reminding me. That’s clearly to throw you off and dogwhistle some more. It’s not because all lemmies look the same and this federation thing is a bit confusing sometimes.

You call other people racist, which in my book is a serious crime, and then cry about when they tell you to fuck off? What are you, 12? Or have you simply never grown up?

Stop causing drama and stop trolling me. The new ignore feature will be live in a few weeks and I can’t wait to test it on you.

I don’t even know what a “12yo p*jeet ROM” is. After a short research I found out it’s a derogatory term for people shitting in the street, who in my understanding probably don’t even have the means to create ROMs as they don’t have access to more basic infrastructure needed to piece them together. Your allegation doesn’t even make any sense.

deleted by creator

does that still work? If so, how? Just entering it into the search box doesn’t seem to work (anymore) for me.

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Tilde.fun Wiki page about starting with Ham Radio

I’d love to add more resources; the German version is fleshed out a bit more. Feel free to link resources for starting here and I’ll add them :)…

On the 11th of May 2020, the Guild Wars 2 servers had an outage. One GW2 sysadmin breaks down what happened in a post mortem with a lot of inside information and lessons learned…

Doesn’t replace a medical doctor, of course, but it’s surprisingly accurate in my experience!..

Zhaoxin: Chinesische GPU läuft im Heaven-Benchmark

Nach eigenen x86-CPUs mit S3 Graphics entwickelt Zhaoxin auch eigene Grafikkarten: Ein erster GPU-Prototyp ist funktionsfähig. …

Neue Community: Spiele

Hier geht’s um Computer- und Brettspiele, auf deutsch…

Not Watching E3 Is The New Watching E3 (The Jimquisition)

E3 happened, and it was a particularly mediocre one this year. Let’s face it though, even when it’s at its best, E3 isn’t really that important or vital. It’s always been guff, and always will be guff. …

We are listening closely to your feedback, and have identified and resolved a number of issues. These fixes are included in patch 3.52, which will be live on all platforms soon. …

The company making this calls themselves Talon Precision Optics nowadays and you can hook up your tablet or smartphone to your scope. …

What do you think is missing from NMS?

I really, really like NMS. It’s basically what I wanted from Freelancer back then. It “only” needs “a few” things for me to be the nearly perfect space exploration game: …