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It has had independent security audits though.

I wish there was some feature which told websites do not track me. If only someone thought of that… 🙃

Thanks for the-federation.info! No instance for me, sadly. If I had more free time, I’d set one up at tilde.fun…

You have quite some interesting options already.

Pls link

Sorry! makes wind and crackling noises …an’t read you, are you krrrssshh medium?

Hm, sadly the same arguments as all the other systemd haters have. Nothing new. Read this:


Why don’t you use an older version of Kodi?

Are all of the plugins’ issues reported?

How is it bloated? Most people saying it’s bloated don’t even know what they say. Does it have many SLOC? Is it slow? Does it do too much? If the latter, why is it bloat and do you know it’s actually quite modular? What exactly is software bloat for you?

Is this the continuation of Maps.me or a completely new codebase?

@strubbl@lemmy.ml this is true, please fix the title.

If you don’t have polkit installed you are fine.

Which distributions have polkit installed by default? Which applications need polkit? Do you have polkit installed?

Windows users: see, Linux is shit, they have 7y old root exploits!

Yes. And they were found. Partly because it’s Open Source Software.

I hope it has an impact on their stock, since this apparently shows they have either bad security or bad vetting of admins/devs.

Awww yiss: https://finance.yahoo.com/m/14d907be-60ee-37f2-ad0c-9a908c3c711e/electronic-arts-admits-that.html

I already posted that one ;)

We are listening closely to your feedback, and have identified and resolved a number of issues. These fixes are included in patch 3.52, which will be live on all platforms soon. …


Ok, how do you want to make Lemmy better? How do you keep it safe?

Why haven’t you helped the other ‘reddit clones’?

I didn’t even know myself :(

Setting my profile to “bot” now.

how convenient timing is this https://alovoa.com/

“Your password needs to be at least 7 characters long and must contain characters and numbers.” (oh, I guess a diceware password isn’t secure then, but p4,swrd is)

Finally Lenovo’s selling Linux on their X1, too. Hope they’ll give us a driver for their fingerprint sensor. Dell and HP didn’t manage to do that, either…

The company making this calls themselves Talon Precision Optics nowadays and you can hook up your tablet or smartphone to your scope. …

What do you think is missing from NMS?

I really, really like NMS. It’s basically what I wanted from Freelancer back then. It “only” needs “a few” things for me to be the nearly perfect space exploration game: …

It's a UNIX system. I know this.

Jurassic Park, 1993…

[PDF] Alexa, Who Has Access to My Data? Amazon Reveals Private Voice Data Files – c't

At some point, we simply forget all our fears and end up inviting Alexa to share the bedroom or the shower. What’s wrong with having a chat with Amazon’s virtual assistant in the privacy of our own homes? Things only start to go bad when Amazon gets sloppy and sends your voice files to a stranger. R…

Reddit actually gaslights the people it doesn't like.

I commented a post where someone insulted me in an ableist way (“I guess you’re disabled as you couldn’t read the comments.”). …

Tilde.fun – free shell accounts and community services

We’re the tilde.fun collective, a small group of admins providing services for the public. Everyone can register an SSH account (currently with a mail to the admins, we also have a currently unused ssh registration script) and we provide the following services…


List of Lemmy Communities

This is a site where you can see a list of communities on Lemmy!..

New community: !communities

In this community you can talk about new communities you created and communities which are communities created by communities. You can also talk about communes and commune-related and community-related stuff…