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spell & aspell are also nice ;-)

But that is kinda insane.

Yes but blocking or flagging (“risk assessment”) IP-ranges of bigger hosting providers is sadly pretty common.

although they use the same engine, but with this the similarities end.

Thats by far the biggest part of a web browser isn’t it?

If you get a vps you might not be able to get the wireguard kernel module running. In that case you can use wireguard-go.

I exclusively use external mic/preamp/adc, so a builtin mic is just a security risk. And if people know I have a camera they might expect me to turn it on for online meetings which I like to avoid if possible :D

Have you checked for continuity? If the jack was ripped off the cable might (also) be broken.

The socket seems to have 4 connections, does the jack have 4 rings? If not the 4th one may be a switch for detecting an inserted jack. Try to check if the switch works correctly. (Maybe check the board first to see if it is actually connected since I can’t think of why they would need it.)

I can’t find this socket in the Manual. Do they use 3.5mm Jacks for internal wiring? That would explain why it’s so expensive :D If yes and if it turns out that the socket is broken you can replace it with just any socket if you glue it to the board and then solder the connections.

Do you have any suggestion how to make it easier?

I never found a good solution myself, I guess a central bugtracker where guests can post would be the easiest, but most standalone bugtrackers aren’t that good and having pull&review requests in the same place is pretty nice. For (very specialized) personal/friends projects I run a gitea instance with some oauth options enabled. (but iirc that still requires an email)

We dont want to have issues in two different places because it would be complicated.

I guess you could post the gitea issues to github/gitlab via a webhook but properly syncing comments would then require a more complicated bot.

Would gitlab.com be a compromise?

It’s better but it still requires an account and an email address. I usually go through the trouble of creating throwaway accounts if I think I have something important to contribute but it’s not optimal. (Idk how many people actually care though, might be something for a community poll)

Maybe you could build a bot that creates issues from lemmy.ml threads in a bugtracker community if they are tagged in a certain way. Lemmy doesn’t require an email address and I’d guess most devs have an account at lemmy.ml or a federated instance.

This with RISC-V and without the camera and mic would probably be the only way to sell me a laptop I don’t need :D (Posted from my 4-year-old but definitely adequate for another 4 years laptop)

I dont write but do other creative stuff. Imo the best way to get around such phases is to put yourself into new situations for (any kind of) input.

  • Go to a library (maybe in a different town) and read some books that you wouldn’t normally
  • Take a random train to a random town and just explore
  • Go to a weird little pub you never went to and talk to people (or just the bartender :D)
  • @yxzi@lemmy.ml’s dogsitting idea is nice. Just phone the next animal shelter and ask if you can walk a dog. (Try small ones first ;)
  • Visit a niche hobby or antique store

@pinknoisetoMemesLemmy be like

there you go (At least for the last one, I guess the other stuff is pretty obvious)

I can confirm that this worked very well when I forgot to lock my sway session at (computer science but for MS plebs) uni :D

Ich bin ja eigentlich ein Freund von Hanlon’s Razor. Aber so verblödet kann doch niemand sein?

Vlt. ist das aber auch einfach nur so eine Arbeitsvermeidungsstrategie, dass man seinen Vorgesetzten erzählt da war ganz böse Mathematik am Werk, deswegen kann man leider seine Arbeit nicht machen.

I have not bothered signing up at Github with some “anonymous” email address

Yeah github sucks. Would be really cool if there was a less involved way to submit bug reports and patches.


Some of what we do today 50 years ago would have been deemed pseudo-science

Do you have some examples?

Idk voice message can easily leak your identity or lead to people being prejudiced, also speech-to-text still barely works but would be absolutely necessary for searching and accessibility. Furthermore properly recording and editing audio takes way more effort than I would ever want to invest into any social media.

That ban is still valid, and could be applied to this new party as well.

The only reason to ban a party in germany is if they actively work against the constitution. Afaik communism is not against the german constitution. So if the DKP doesn’t seek to replace the constitution in an illegal way (in some bounds that could be done legally iirc) they should be fine. The DKP also wasn’t banned but only not allowed to the bundestags-election for formal reasons. (They did not file some documents about party spendings in a timely manner) Its still bad for them bc they could lose some official funding.


Thats cool and all, but could be even better if they asked about their Matomo…

USBGuard: Black- or Whitelist USB Devices

Protect your Linux machine from being plug-and-pwned by malicious USB devices. They have a command line program which allows you to easily write your own scripts for showing notifications, controlling what devices are allowed etc…