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Support blames users, users blame computers. Most of the time it’s actually Microsofts fault.

Even the ones which I know to be pokemon might be some weird npm package I don’t want to know about…

Also is “canvas” just html5 canvas? Why would he list that when theres already javascript on the list? Is that something thats actively searched for?

Possibly due to their school program

lol no

You can get your google calendar via CalDAV, Microsoft uses “ActiveSync” (which might be better or not, lets hope I never have to find out)

If you don’t use outlook (which you should) then chances are that your e-mail program already can show you all these calendars in one, at least on desktop.

Most people use either paper calenders, google or maybe an exchange server at work so dedicated CalDAV/CardDAV hosting isn’t a thing. But i’m pretty sure you can get managed hosting of next- or owncloud. Theres also managed hosting for so called “groupware” that usualy includes a calendar, but thats, as the name implies, meant for group coordination so not so much for private use. (May still be useful for family or organized hobby stuff)

Theres also zrythm, which is kind of a compromise between those two.

it’s on Linux via flatpak

Is this official? The website only provides a deb package.

CalDAV (+CardDAV) is the easiest solution. Evolution mail works great as a desktop client too. DAVx5 will integrate into your android calendar and contacts seamlessly. If nextcloud is to fat for you there is also DAViCal (webserver+php+postgres) and radicale (python…).

Sadly there are no clients that encrypt your data :/

Yes, thats why I use FnordVPN, if you sign up now with my coupon code you can save 5% for a 25-year plan!

Der hat auch nur Scheiße im Kopf…

It’s not, they are misinformed.

An UBI would have to be financed by taking the money directly from businesses since otherwise they would abuse it. If it’s their money they will lower wages, but it would only really negatively affect people that already have a high income. Companys would have to to pay for peoples lives regardless of if they actually employ them which seems more appropriate for the 21. century where you can, in theory, have an online shop without any (direct) employees.

Directly organizing free food, housing, infrastructure etc. would maybe have less overhead but also be less flexible.

But if I learned something from software development it’s that if you constantly have to patch weird edge cases of your system then it was probably a bad design to begin with…

creating an absence of lower paid workers.

So they’ll have to pay more or lower the cost of living. Both wouldn’t be bad imo.

Ist ja nicht so als hätten bereits BVerfG und EuGH bestätigt, dass das weder mit dem Grundgesetz noch mit der EU-Grundrechtecharta vereinbar ist. Aber CDU/CSU stehen natürlich über dem Gesetz.

Parteien, die nach ihren Zielen oder nach dem Verhalten ihrer Anhänger darauf ausgehen, die freiheitliche demokratische Grundordnung zu beeinträchtigen oder zu beseitigen […], sind verfassungswidrig.

Parteiverbot wann?

geo-redundant off-site surprise backup, to help you implement resilient disaster recovery strategies

The Chinese government is responding to dramatically increasing costs for coal and natural gas, both of which are used extensively in the country for electricity generation. Beijing is also reportedly unhappy about the failure of regional governments to hit targets for reducing emissions. Addition…

Because cloudflare sucks they (correctly) identify lemmys preview generation as a bot and then refuse service without solving a captcha.

But yeah, you can just take a needle and scoop out the dust from the headphone jack.

With usb-c this works because it’s shallow and closed off. 3.5mm jacks have springy contacts that need a bit more room so you can’t really reach everything. Also many smd sockets don’t have sealed bodys so maybe they were also hard to source.

You can install lineage and for FP2 there is “fairphone open” (It even got some updates a few weeks ago lol).

They already made it harder to watch content flagged as 18+ without an account over the last year. First they blocked embeddings, then they blocked the actual streams. Now they want an ID, even though most of the content they flag 18+ wouldn’t even get 12+ rating in a movie where I live -.-

Their technically a provider so they aren’t responsible for the stuff they “host”. They would still have to help law enforcement to take it down. For some sites this very suspiciously doesn’t happen.

The list was left accessible on an Elasticsearch cluster that had no password on it. …

Thats cool and all, but could be even better if they asked about their Matomo…

USBGuard: Black- or Whitelist USB Devices

Protect your Linux machine from being plug-and-pwned by malicious USB devices. They have a command line program which allows you to easily write your own scripts for showing notifications, controlling what devices are allowed etc…