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Unsere Polizei muss mehr dürfen als Kriminelle können.

Er sieht die Polizei also als eine Art super-kriminelle Vereinigung?!

You used some shallow rhetoric so I participated in shitposting. You stated the obvious to which I responded with humor because I was unsure if you are joking or just stupid. By that I owned myself apparently.

tbh where I live the air steadily got better since the revolution against our “communist” authoritarian government. (only english article I could find, idk that company but the data seems correct) For a brief moment in the early 90s we even met our climate goals, just by abolishing socialism :D

Li-Ion batteries do charge quickly and have high capacities.

I’m not sure they would survive nearly as long as lead-acid, but I’m sure that they would be way less complicated and dangerous than hydrogen.

I’ve been at multiple businesses that still used electric forklifts from what I’m pretty sure must be the late 80s. I was told that the newer ones they had were pretty similiar models and they all used lead-acid. I guess it’s just more reliable and repairable because of simplicity. Also I’m 100% sure that there are no trucks that run on lead-acid batteries, maybe as a hybrid.

Just don’t do stuff you don’t understand just because someone has told you to or because you observed someone do it who you think knows better.

Always take advice and especially rules with a grain of salt. You shouldn’t blindly follow them but try to understand why they work because then you also know when they might not.

Ich glaub es ist für Personen die keinen Plan von Software haben und maximal ihr sowieso-walled-garden Handy benutzen nicht wirklich nachzuvollziehen wie unfassbar dämlich das ist.

Would self-hosting a Nextcloud instance locally without an internet connection be viable?

Yes, that should be no problem. Some nextcloud plugins might require a domain name and/or a https connection. If you can’t use your own DNS server you can change the clients hosts-file. Iirc docker and snap versions of nextcloud will auto-generate self signed ssl certificates and you can use a reverse-proxy if they don’t. (e.g. use caddy, it will automatically generate certificates) You won’t be able to update regularly, so you should only let trusted users into your network.

Idk about gitlab, but I’m sure you can run gitea offline, if you don’t need any of the fancy gitlab features. (It’s faster too+ you can set up gitea to login with the nextcloud account.)

There’s more to crypto than ransomware

Yeah: gambling, drugs, weapons, money laundering and regular ransoms lol

That they have small dicks and need to compensate with shiny badges?

LTS releases (should) get all bugfixes. If you read about some hype vulnerability in the news you can be pretty sure that it is or at least will be fixed.

Actually it’s a tie with F9, but caps lock is more useless

Paper: Breaking Rainbow Takes a Weekend on a Laptop
**Abstract:** "This work introduces new key recovery attacks against the Rainbow signature scheme, which is one of the three finalist signature schemes still in the NIST Post-Quantum Cryptography standardization project. [...]"

> The Chinese government is responding to dramatically increasing costs for coal and natural gas, both of which are used extensively in the country for electricity generation. Beijing is also reportedly unhappy about the failure of regional governments to hit targets for reducing emissions. Additionally, it’s not uncommon for China to order local shutdowns when air pollution levels increase, especially during events that attract foreign visitors. > City and regional governments have said that domestic energy usage is being prioritized over industrial use.

> The list was left accessible on an Elasticsearch cluster that had no password on it. X leaked because of misconfigured elasticsearch is pretty much a meme at this point...

Thats cool and all, but could be even better if they asked about their Matomo.

USBGuard: Black- or Whitelist USB Devices
Protect your Linux machine from being plug-and-pwned by malicious USB devices. They have a command line program which allows you to easily write your own scripts for showing notifications, controlling what devices are allowed etc.