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directly into your blood stream

mRNA vaccines (I guess that are to ones you are talking about) are not injected directly into the bloodstream. Please at least try to get your bullshit straight.

Will you want to fight it out with a weak immune system, heavily reliant on the 4th or 5th booster dose?

Vaccines do not weaken your immune system in the long term. They are meant to do the opposite. A vaccine fakes an infection to trigger your immune system to respond to the threat so your body is prepared for the real thing. This will make you weaker in the short term (since you are basically going through an illness). However I fail to see any mechanism that would make your body reliant on it.

Yeah I just tried with vitalium it’s fine on x11 but the UI behaves strange on xwayland

It’s about time, attackers can extract quite a bit of data about the local network via the browser. It’s pretty easy to identify appliances and home routers given someone stays on a site long enough.

If thats true for all data you are probably safe, but if you can and it’s important you should try to verify. (I remember similiar claims for android 5 and thag was a mess)

I think this is the password for the encryption

Only if you enabled it, default is no encryption sadly.

I copied one movie several times until the memory is full but not different files , is this enough to write the free space or not

May or may not be. You could check by employing the method from my first comment.

If you want to sell it you should overwrite the internal memory with random data, but I have no idea how to reliably achieve this. If encryption is properly implemented enabling it should do so, then when it’s done you can reset the system again.

If you just reset it and hadn’t enabled encryption before your data is most likely recoverable.

Iirc you can copy the internal memory via adb, but you need root or a recovery software on the device. You can then scan the image for file signatures. (e.g. with foremost)

“But webcams are near-realtime (but not quite realtime, but that’s what the name means), so that’s not a problem.” - textsynth.com

Maybe we should try to build a similiar service that tries to shoehorn pro-FOSS propaganda into every prompt it gets.

Because some podcasters death doesn’t really qualify for worldnews.

GRUB told me I had to wait 120s when I was so drunk I entered the wrong LUKS password 3 times in a row. Even in that state of mind I figured I could just restart it :D

I feel bad because I immediately knew what the abbreviations stand for -.-

wchar_t isn’t from win32, but from ISO C. There should be a compatibility typedef/define called WCHAR in win32 headers for compilers that don’t have wchar_t.

Fun fact: the C standard neither defines the size nor the signedness of char.

Also the rust side is missing Vec<char> and maybe Chars<'_> and I’m sure you can make up more representations :D

Also there is at least also wchar_t* on the C side because you can’t (always) cast between the two. (I mean you can, but you shouldn’t)

It is not really a rant rather than a Benchmark Review

Ah, I must have overlooked that because the benchmark only makes up a small part of the text and because of the title.

Maybe you could make the rules shorter and/or more concise? Something like “make your first paragraph a list of your short answers”, that would also make parsing easier in case you want to evaluate the polls at some point.

The Chinese government is responding to dramatically increasing costs for coal and natural gas, both of which are used extensively in the country for electricity generation. Beijing is also reportedly unhappy about the failure of regional governments to hit targets for reducing emissions. Addition…

The list was left accessible on an Elasticsearch cluster that had no password on it. …

Thats cool and all, but could be even better if they asked about their Matomo…

USBGuard: Black- or Whitelist USB Devices

Protect your Linux machine from being plug-and-pwned by malicious USB devices. They have a command line program which allows you to easily write your own scripts for showing notifications, controlling what devices are allowed etc…