Bans and Lemmy policy
Discussing soferman's history on Lemmy (WITH FACTS)

So I said a few days ago that I would make a post on this issue, and it got delayed as I was running busy with family. Apparently some people like @helix got no chill., here you go. …

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    1Y banned on ! for hostile behaviour, a site administrator of, banned from ! The reason they gave is: …

Bans and Lemmy policy

    This is a sublemmy (scnr) for discussing bans on Lemmy.

    You can discuss your own ban, you can discuss other people’s bans. Please do not have more than one thread for an incident open at the same time. If the OP deletes their thread, you can open another one.

    You could format your post titles like on ! for being an anti-Lemmy troll. Please don’t do link posts, if you want to link to some ban announcement, do so in your post title.

    If you banned someone from your community, try to include a few examples of posts by them to justify the ban.

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