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lol sorry, i hope you dont read too deep into it, i’m making this comment simply based upon the keyword “metaverse” rather than the video itself. I’m watching it right now though, seems interesting.


Thank you for the reply. Quite the response there, might need time to process. Although I will not ever discredit you for your source of information (which is family, friends, and colleagues), I didnt expect that you would go on the route of “independent media has their own master” and “media as a source of information is laughable”. It’s true that biases does exist, but it certainly is also true that we as a human being can process those biases out based upon the political alignment of each news source. I mean, I would expect that as a basic skill and conclusion that everyone would realize once they know news source are likely biased.

And about CCP, I suppose I use that term interchangeably with the chinese government and officials and I’m sorry if that’s not accurate enough to convey my intention.

Also, just as a note for the future, calling all of the things in media is “100% pure unadulterated bullshit” would only highlights your lack of skill in engaging with a society/system which has more than a single news source and narrative.

Hmmm I haven’t been in touch with people that actually opposes the mass media’s narrative about how screwed and inhumane the social credit systems are in china, and speaks english. That pleases me knowing that other people would think differently than I am.

Although I don’t agree with how you see “if you dont live in X, i cant be confident of the condition in X”. Because as a person I could also conclude things coming from incomplete information scattered around independent/corporate news outlet. It seems like you have misclassify my non-involvement with China and their citizen into a misjudgment on my conclusion.

Let me give you a perfect example on a very specific issues about China that I’m confident about. The fact that China have even a notion of regulating speech via state wide censorship is horrendous enough for me to not trust any non independent media representative from China.

Edit: I think your vision towards my non involvement within China and their citizens also undermined the fact that I’m an adult with a human brain which could actually think. Although I would be pleased if you could give me a sourced argument on why,

  1. Chinese Great Wall of Censorship is not bad and it’s actually misunderstood
  2. Social Credit system is also a misunderstood part of the CCP effort to manage their citizen

I intentionally left out the covid part of the argument, simply because it will devolve into a discussion of “well I was there and it was ok” kind of argument, which is to me, not interesting.

I hope metaverse isnt just “VRChat with more constraint”

What does the mod think about being anti chinese government within lemmy?
Is it not allowed or frowned upon by the mods and maintainer of Lemmy? Although I do respect the technology and services that Lemmy and its community have provided, I'm still looking for answer on the fact whether it's ok/allowed to have a vocal and confident opposing view. Also, within this community (China), Am I allowed to post things that opposes the chinese government, such as, not liking their attitude towards a certain island in the south east of china?

Question: Community Empathy Towards Palestinian
Pardon me if the questions seems insensitive. I'm a new member of lemmy and doesn't really know the community climate towards some other irl communities such as Palestinian (knowing most post are leaning more towards Palestinian). Please take my question as neutral as possible, I have no reason to stir the pot too much. Question: *why are you sympathetic towards palestinian and why that is the case*

At this point, I don’t care as long as it’s open sourced and it’s good to me to use. Hell, lemmy is made by communist which I am very opposed of (I really like capitalism with socialism safety net more). Political views and shit like that doesn’t budge me anymore from using the product. Maybe I would value more in the way they treat their product, like microsoft’s way of handling their open source project as a way to EEE.

Elaborate please? I’m here just for the open source project

made by a person that sells vpn

conflict of interest.

What’s your complain so far with the engine? I’m using it right now for a 3D game and it does work quite well and saved a lot of time from development (which is important knowing I’m making mine whenever im free)

I still won’t use it, got element ready and all and it’s as functional as signal lol

Just serve static files

  1. If you want “it just werks” then you should use either gnome or kde. If you some snappy hacker-ish DE, then use i3wm or other window management program of your choosing.
  2. That’s just the default UFW lol

how many cocks do you need to suck to not like gpl like the commenter?

Need help on migrating people to matrix
What's the best strategy to migrate people of age to use matrix instead of the alternatives? With the implementation of space coming in soon, I would like other people to use this instead of discord, whatsapp, and other insidious applications.

This is not true, knowing that you can verify yourself before talking to others and they can’t just willinilly act on your behalf because they’re not coming from the same device.

Manjaro is pretty good. The best thing about it is that it’s quite stable, the open source and proprietary driver is up to date and it has everything that Arch has, including aur.