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Well, I’m the guy who thinks that spaces are must-have. The reason is pretty simple - I have 200+ rooms, including bridged from other networks.

Spaces allow to set some level of order in that mess

The most secure is briar messenger without a doubt, but it’s nor usable for general public, so for myself I choose matrix.org - compromise between security and usability

TL;DR: Apple does good changes to their software for user’s privacy. Google does not. Apple is good. Google is bad.

Both of them are bad, IMO.

Seems like a bug. Create an issue on their github

You need an identity server configured, ma1sd is a good one

Did you hear about Matrix.org? You can use it yourself and chat with non-privacy-concerned friends via bridges to other messengers.

I concidered it as best available solution/tradeoff for myself

I’m not from USA and “cultism” is not for me, I’m enthusiast of open source and don’t trust proprietary software and hardware. Sadly, but there is no 100% hardware ready for end-users, so I’m just trying to find a balance.

Btw, any device has proprietary “security” components, so it’s all about “smells less”, not " trusted one".

My own opinion - GrapheneOS is good one, using it on Pixel devices is a trade-off.

Anyway, that thread comes to holywar and I don’t want to take part in it, my arguments and thoughts you can find in comments above, if you disagree with them - OK, I’m fine with it. Just shared my thoughts

OK, has any xiaomi phone audited by anybody?

What about proprietary hardware of all other vendors?

I’m not trying to say that pixel is perfect or something, I think whole mobile market is a proprietary shit, tbh. But you need phone anyway, so IMT just trying to tell that pixel smells less that xiaomi, Asus or anything else

Privacy can be controlled on application level, but there are a lot of system stuff that user can’t change and the best solution for system is GrapheneOS in terms of security, as I said in first comment.

Google is evil, no question about that, but Google is just a brand / label on the phone. Ironically, but most secure and privacy-friendly phone is Google Pixel without Google

As for privacy, any phone capable of running lineageos is fine, but lacks security

I can agree on Fairphone, but all other vendors… Are you joking?

The GrapheneOS is the only good security solution on phones right now, so check their website for supported models.

Some time ago I bought Pixel 3XL (used, not new) for pretty good price, so I suppose your budget is OK for that

It’s an article from 2001? :D

Tbh, Firefox is more powerful than chrome

You talk about users like about some apples that you can just buy in the nearest shop.

That’s not how it works. If you want users to use your app, you don’t need to create imaginary problem, you need to solve a real problem, otherwise all your “user gatherings” will give you users for a very short period of time, after that users will leave platform.

Your post is very naive view of current state of the world, sorry. Nobody will buy privacy, people who concerned about privacy don’t use data-mining services (like line or Facebook).

Do you want money? Do something that users will want to use.

I know one good example - etke.cc, those guys create and support Matrix servers for users, their work based on opensource and they get money directly from users, fair relations with users, IMO.

I know a lot bad examples, where sevice maintainers sell users data, even if they have paid service.

Be fair with users, be good one.

I wish they move to matrix… Like KDE, GNOME, Mozilla and others did

Matrix saves metadata on your server, inside your database and you can disable federation, so only your server will have your data. In such case you are limited to users and groups on your server

Try briar messenger. IMO, it’s more solid than jami

I moved my family to matrix by reviewing ToS of popular messengers (thanks tosdr.org for TL;DR), moved to ems.element.io, but we still had contacts in other networks, so decided to have our own homserver (because ems didn’t provide bridges), so we ordered etke.cc services.

I still didn’t figure out how to move granny from Viber to matrix (she loves big animated stickers and other shiny stuff :/), but succeeded with some mid-age friends and other family members