Another unexpected good one for this season so far…

[ANN] Wonder Egg Priority E12 Eng Sub Delayed

The Funimation release of Wonder Egg Priority E12 will now air at 7PM EST (23:00 UTC). …

Just saw the first episode and I guess it could be a really cool series this season. If you can, check it out :)…

Any plans for the upcoming season?

With the new season just around the corner or rather already past the starting gate are there any series you are especially looking forward to watch? If you don’t know what’s to come this season you can find a list [here (AniDB)](

AniList just added The Devil Is A Part-Timer Season 2

Looks like we’re finally getting the Season 2 that we all wanted!..

Kizumonogatari hit its 5th anniversary last month, and to commemorate that, we’ll be publishing a weekly series of interviews. First, a lengthy conversation with its lead animators and directors about the movie’s creation, and what it’s like to work under an eccentric genius like Tatsuya Oishi. …

I really enjoy Jonathan Clements and Andrew Osmond’s writings on this site. They also provide some context and usually provide some good insight on the topic they’re writing about. Not too verbose about it either. …

Favorite Fansub Group?

I started torrenting recently, and found myself using the same fansub (Erai-raw) for my shows. I tried a different fansub and found that I couldn’t even watch the video due to the video freezing constantly and the sub track crashing my program. …

The final chapter of the Rebuilds of Evangelion will finally be released on March 8 2021 (happy birthday to me) in Japanese theaters, after 9 years from the previous movie. Hopefully the blue ray release will be made available as quickly as they did with Evangelion 3.0 (around 6 months), if anyone’s…

Some background on what goes on in the business…

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Crazy series you can recommend?

With crazy I mean somehow strange or funny to a level that makes you wonder how that show’s script ever got green-lit let alone funded… …

I started binge watching this again, almost had forgotten how magical this anime was!..

Best Winter 2021 anime series?

Now that we are a few (3-4) shows into the Winter 2021 season, what are your thoughts on the best show(s)? …

Anime is hand-drawn and computer animation originating from Japan.

Anime; the one thing that gets us closer to each other.

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