I haven’t played it myself, but if this is good I might just check out the gunfus. …

MAL vs Anilist?

What are some of you folks using? I’m using MAL and only recently discovered they were open source, but couldn’t find anything on anilist’s website. Does anyone have a primary list and a backup list? I see this is a big discussion online and want some Lemmy opinions!..

Crunchyroll subscription worth it?

So, I watch some anime, but usually the less popular niche ones… and have been debating with myself if a Crunchyroll subscription would finally get me off those dodgy piracy websites… any thoughts and experiences? …

What got you into watching Anime?

Title. I’d love to know how or why people started. …

What are you looking forward to in the Summer 2020 season?

With the next season of anime starting up in around a week, what anime are you looking forward to? …

Anime is hand-drawn and computer animation originating from Japan.

Anime; the one thing that gets us closer to each other.

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