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You especially should not touch Twitter. I’m so glad I left that site.

Super Mario Bros.: SMBX Edition (SMB1 Remake)

This is a very polished remake of the first Super Mario Bros. game from 1985, all made within the SMBX level editor…

I’d personally say, just code it by hand. If it’s just gonna be only a few pages then this will be easy.

Neocities is perfect for sites like these.


TheXTech is a C++ rewrite of SMBX, it’s licensed under the MIT license, and has a native GNU+Linux port. Now you can play SMBX without surrendering your freedom or installing Wine! …


Try downloading the APK from their git repository.


I second this. With Ventoy, you just copy over the ISO files, meaning you don’t waste the flash drive’s precious write cycles, and this makes it easier to create multiboot USBs (which is what sold me on it). And they support BIOS and UEFI.


I think LXQt is good, even though it’s not as light as LXDE (and probably never will be). Still better than GNOME.

Pale Moon, IceCat, Basilisk, SeaMonkey, and Waterfox are a few that I can name.

Wow, I’ve never heard of this, it looks really cool. When will it be available? /s

My only complaint about Lemmy is that it doesn’t render correctly on certain browsers like Waterfox and Pale Moon due to the fact that it’s written in Rust it requires the unloading of CSS. This isn’t Lemmy’s fault, rather it’s the problem of the other browsers because they don’t have Rust support have support for CSS unloading.

I noticed most of the images here are broken, I’m assuming this is a result of the fire. I hope everything’s going well on your end.

I enjoyed the game, though it was a bit laggy on my system. I really liked the graphics.

And a tip, you should add a license to the source code (like MIT or GPL) so people know what they can do with it.

These games are awesome. Just donated on Liberapay

I think it fits the community perfectly.

Since I’m already here, I have another example.

So there’s this Mario fangame called Super Mario Bros. X (which was proprietary to begin with), it was abandoned by its developer long ago but the community’s still active. Some fans modded the original game and called it “SMBX2”. Their homepage stated that “SMBX2 is an Open Source expansion” of the original game. Unsurprisingly, there was no source code to be found, anywhere. Not even a GitHub repo or anything.

This was discussed on a forum post, and people explained that the game used a framework licensed under the GPL. The OP had to explain to them that “A project doesn’t become Open Source just because they are using Open Source things”, which I absolutely agree with. Think of it this way: Microsoft uses BSD-licensed code in Windows, does that make Windows “open source”?

Sorry for the long post, had to get this out of my system.