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Sorry for the delay in posting…

Feel free to ask any questions you have about LibreOffice here.

If you have any questions at all about LibreOffice - support, documentation, bugs, etc. - please don’t hesitate to share them on this community…

What new features would you like to see in LibreOffice?

I think it’s time to try something new with this community rather than just posting articles all the time. …

Looks like LO 7.3 is really popular…


Do you want to contribute to the LibreOffice development, but you don’t know enough about the LiberOffice code internals? Do you want to enhance the application or fix a bug in LibreOffice, but you don’t know how to do that? LibreOffice developer community can help you not only for at the beginnin…

Tyler Durden, age 45, gave himself up to the authorities after the incident. He is now serving a life sentence.

I recommend Trisquel.

This is assuming her computer can run without any proprietary drivers. Trisquel uses the Linux-libre kernel, so some stuff like WiFi may not work. But if it’s just a desktop workstation that connects to Ethernet, she should have no problem.

Mine is just a 16-bit mushroom from Super Mario. I don’t remember why I chose it but I think it looks cool.

  • Ubuntu Touch, unfortunately. Though UBports is keeping it going.
  • Vidme and Vlare, which were both potential alternatives to YouTube but were shut down due to lack of funding.

EDIT: You should also try “sudo apt install hollywood” for a similar effect.

Well I guess I’ll have to stop reading Japanese comics /s

You think it’s funny to take screenshots of people’s NFTs, huh? You must be a very immature person to steal someone’s property that they PAID for. Yeah, I said it. You’re the kind of person who thinks that property theft (a seriously illegal offence) is a joke. I don’t even know why you took that screenshot, because you didn’t pay 1000 dollars for it. I did. The blockchain doesn’t lie. Even if you try to save it, it’s my property. You’re just angry that you couldn’t afford this priceless masterpiece. Even if you could, your fingers couldn’t even click fast enough to get one of the 10000 NFTs sold. You’re just mad you don’t own what I own.

So, delete that screenshot, or I swear, you’ll be hearing from my lawyers.

Source: https://teddit.net/r/copypasta/comments/qnsa95/you_think_its_funny_to_screenshot_someones_nft/

I was going to suggest using Jxself’s apt repository, but I just read that you use Manjaro.

It seems like the Linux-libre kernel is in the AUR. I don’t use Arch and have never used Arch-based distros, so I can’t say how well it will work.

If all else fails and you are insistent on using the Linux-libre kernel, you can just install a 100% libre distribution. There are ones that are Arch-based, if you so desire.

At this point I would just get a really big monitor.

I’ll try to get some of these right.

First Row: Arch, Debian, Fedora, EndlessOS, openSUSE, Pop!_OS, ???

Second Row: EndeavorOS, Gentoo, Puppy, Slackware, Trisquel

Third Row: Void, Solus, BSD(?), Crunchbang

Fourth Row: ???, ???, ???, Android, Ubuntu

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Thanks for informing about this project!

You can use CC0 for both code and artwork.

Examples of CC0/public-domain software are: Liberapay, youtube-dl, Anarch

Snail-mailing a handwritten note to your friend in a secret code that only the both of you know.