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I will let the community alive for some time, probably one or two months in case people didn’t know about the rebranding of the project, after that I will delete the community, so if you are interested in their work please start following the new community. …

List of Briar forums

I recently created repository with Briar forums to make it easier for new users to find forums and new contacts. Here is a link:

What would the web look like without big tech companies?..


Whether you print a page, or take a photo with your phone, they claim they will ID you as the source of the leak. …

This letter has been sent by the undersigned to EU & US regulators, to urge them to take action on banning surveillance-based ads, as recommended by the Norwegian Consumer Council. …

  • Fixed Aurora Services install issue
  • Updated Translations…

Non official community dedicated to the discussion of news, events, or anything related to the organization that focuses on recommending privacy respecting software and services.

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