Privacy Tools

Browser extension, which send false data to Google Analytics. It replaces utm_* parameters in URLs with a string of random characters…

A browser extension that redirects Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google Maps, Reddit, Google Search, & Google Translate requests to privacy friendly alternatives - Nitter, Invidious, FreeTube, Bibliogram, OpenStreetMap, SimplyTranslate & Private Search Engines like DuckDuckGo and Startpage. …


Big Tech Detective is a browser extension for Chrome that lets you track and avoid tech giants as you browse the web…

Big Tech Detective

Lot of people were waiting for this to be done. What do you think?..

Essential page in Bookmarks or as extension in the browser. …


If we talk about anti-bot measures, we still find the system, especially these terrible re-captchas, although Captchas in general are quite obsolete, since current bots solve them easier than the user himself. The best proof is this OpenSource extension for browsers, which is essentially a bot that …


Cloud Tube

To watch videos, unfortunately there is no real alternative to YouTube, regarding the amount of offers of all kinds of content. But if we can avoid all its ads, trackers and fingerprints that it carries, using a front end that allows us access to all YouTube videos, without ads, strange things and r…



FreeTube is an open source desktop YouTube player built with privacy in mind. Use YouTube without advertisments and prevent Google tracking from you with their cookies and JavaScript. Available for Windows, Mac & Linux thanks to Electron…


Remove automatically cookies, local storages, IndexedDBs, service workers, cache storages, filesystems and webSQLs from the sites you visited. (Whitelist Lemmy and other sites which you trust, if you won’t log in every time you visit it)…

Site Bleacher


I imagine that you all use an Adblocker to surf the network, for example uBlock Origin, which is quite efficient, but for an exhaustive protection against all the tracking methods used in the network it is certainly not enough. An excellent complement, which covers the holes left by the adblocker, c…


Who is peeking over your shoulder while you work, watch videos, learn, explore, and shop on the internet? Enter the address of any website, and Blacklight will scan it and reveal the specific user-tracking technologies on the site—and who’s getting your data. You may be surprised at what you learn. …


Bitwarden TOTP codes are different on my Windows machine

I have the bitwarden firefox extension installed on Firefox on my Windows work machine and the TOTP codes on windows are different than the codes on my phone. I just checked my personal Debian machine and the codes are perfectly synced. Any ideas?..

Sourcehut now has Sourcehut pages

sourcehut now has a tool where you can publish your own static site! every user receives domain and you can bring your own domain …

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