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I will let the community alive for some time, probably one or two months in case people didn't know about the rebranding of the project, after that I will delete the community, so if you are interested in their work please start following the new community. I know /c/privacytools was one of the communities in Lemmy with more followers but IMO it's pointless to still use it if we keep in mind it is very unlikely they will go through another change of its name, and also the fact that now Lemmy does not have too many users, so it will be helpful for newcomers if they try to search for it through the address bar. Please [join](!

Crossgeposted von: > Yattee is an alternative YouTube frontend for iOS, tvOS and macOS built with Invidious and Piped.

This page is a living document. We’ve aggregated a bunch of privacy-focused resources and tools we find useful . Check this page periodically to stay updated.

Privacy became a sexy topic, with fanbase & drama
I found this today. I wasn't aware of this situation. Like, I am reading about privacy and secure internet, I can see how community is growing and I've noticed by myself some shit, but... But now, after reading this text - I am simply mad. What the acutal fxck? Can someone show me this moment when privacy started to be a profitable topic with own fanbase and dramas? I would never say that it could be like that - I was thinking that "privacy" is something like "science" - not like "entertainment". Maybe you know this piece. Maybe you know this drama. I didn't know about it. I am not taking sides on this - but when I see this information about "rebranding" after reading this piece - I am disguised. And I have more to say, because I now see clearly a pattern. But I need some more time to write it down, so excuse me. I am open to read what this community thinks about this whole case and future of privacy-awareness entertainment industry. Huh.

Andi - Radically better search
Andi is search for a new generation - conversational, anonymous, and ad-free. OpenSource, relevant results with autolearning AI

Analyze | Webbkol
Please note: This tool simulates a normal browser visit with Do Not Track disabled (browser default) and with no add-ons. Even if you enter https://, http:// will be checked, to see if it redirects to https:// automatically (redirects are followed). Generally things work, but some sites (sometimes) don't work for various reasons. Feedback is appreciated: send email or open an issue.

List of Briar forums
I recently created repository with Briar forums to make it easier for new users to find forums and new contacts. Here is a link:

What would the web look like without big tech companies?

Whether you print a page, or take a photo with your phone, they claim they will ID you as the source of the leak. Be aware.

This letter has been sent by the undersigned to EU & US regulators, to urge them to take action on banning surveillance-based ads, as recommended by the Norwegian Consumer Council.

- Fixed Aurora Services install issue - Updated Translations

Non official community dedicated to the discussion of news, events, or anything related to the organization that focuses on recommending privacy respecting software and services.

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