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It’s not really criticism. I guess it’s more of a recursive, absurdist humor. The post was related to the topic (it being communities) and the comments (particularly by OP) were … odd, so I thought it would fit here nicely.

Creating communities on Lemmur
The comments also have a very communal vibe to them...

True but also they could actually finance themselves from donations (not applicable to China obviously, for the most part)

I am not as convinced that it is a golden goose. Stock markets are insane right now but I really doubt a publicly traded company can really survive with a single chat app (which can easily be copied btw). Same issue that zoom has. You either make some smart purchases or you die in the next ~2 years. Either way - would be interesting to see what happens and discuss it on matrix and the fediverse.

Ignoring the quality of the poster or the message, rhyming ума with фирма is just an increadible example of soviet public comitee levels of creativity and capabilities. Great piece of history though. A very thin sliver of time when western fashion brands and such posters coincided.

PopOS deals with nvidia drivers splendidly, if you’d Mike to stay in gnome

The concept of a “reading pioneer” (in the 1990s,mind you) sounds odd…

Das kann ich, als Ausländer, dessen Lebenspartnerin nicht weiß ist, nur bestätigen, dass man sich definitiv bequemer fühlt in Gebäuden und Gegenden, wo solche Schilder und Aufkleber zu sehen sind.

Bulgarian Translation of Lemmy
The joinlemmy one is here: https://weblate.yerbamate.ml/projects/lemmy/joinlemmy/bg/ The lemmy one has been requested (i'll add it here if it gets approved). If I have any fellow countrymen on here - help is appreciated, so we could help bring more people on board. At a later point I might consider hosting a localized instance. Edit: here's the link to the main lemmy site translation: https://weblate.yerbamate.ml/projects/lemmy/lemmy/bg/

What do you mean “of age”? Old people? I just set up element for my parents and tell them - I will call you on here. They don’t care where and what it is and they communicate with their friends mostly by phone or on Facebook. I don’t expect those to migrate to matrix or even signal at this point, so I wouldn’t bother with

I have never used a Mac in my life and also really like gnome (prefer it greatly to what I’ve seen from macs) - it just feels a lot more natural and fluid of an approach. It takes some relearning but formation and new habits and I get that not everyone are up for that.

I just checked it out. Looks good. Its surprising the interface would be slow with 4 vCores and 8GBs or is it because you are not located in Germany?

Tasks.org (from fdroid) works with WebDAV for free (you should still donate though if you adopt it). Have been using it for the better part of the past two years for calendar, tasks, contacts. For notes and documents - Nextcloud. Haven’t had one issue. Don’t know what OS you use - but CalyxOS have a feature where you can backup all your apps to nextcloud/local storage and restore them on a new phone .

Stimulating the right parts of the economy, you are

Yes, it enables the use of a work profile on your android phone, so you have separation between sensitive and etheical apps and closed source tracking hells (if you necessarily have to have those)

Yeah, they have a proper business model. You pay - they deliver a straight forward product and everyone is happy. Still put the Netflix app in Shelter. Can’t trust them too much…

Any Reply All fans out here?
What do you think about the current events? Do you think Alex can pull off the show alone (or at least without PJ)?