Are US corporations liable for human rights violations in partner companies if they happen overseas? Not according to the latest judgement from the Supreme Court. …

Freegans of New York. Why New Yorkers eat food from the trash | RT Documentary

Today, I saw a video on Freeganism on Russia Today. This is a great way to fight against food wastage and save money. Just wanted to share this here…

Overconsumption and the environment: should we all stop shopping?

This is an interesting read about the ideas of degrowth, but viewed through a lens of ending consumer culture…

Anti to Pro

Sometimes defining things by what they aren’t creates a lot of ambiguity. As in what do you actually want if not consumerism. So, fellow anti-consumerists, what do you value that is in opposition to consumerism? I am for (pro) the respectful use of resources. We need to give back at least what we ta…



translation-ish …

Anti-consumerism organizations and tactics?

Do you know of any groups that methodically work to undermine consumer culture? (I’ve hardly been able to find any, which is surprising as it seems to be a widespread problem.) …

Before seeing the announcement for this sub, I’ve never put much thought into consumerism. I found this article by searching “anti-consumerism”, so I doubt this is a new one to more informed people. …

anti_consumerism is a community for discussing and critiquing the consumerist society we live in. The community uses an anti-capitalist lens to reflect on our own patterns of perpetuating capitalist values in our own lives and discuss alternatives.

Kill the capitalist in your head.


  • Strict adherence to’s CoC.
  • No debating or concern trolling capitalist arguments. There are other places you can do that. Our discussion starts with a presumption that capitalism is inherently unethical.
  • Cryptocurrencies are not anti-capitalist alternatives to consumerism.
  • No “holier than thou” attitudes. We can’t judge others needs/ability to survive the material reality of capitalism. Inspiring someone to consume less is more important than shaming some dude’s Funko Pop collection.

Ideas for Content

  • Articles and essays critiquing consumerism.
  • Instructions to repair or DIY goods instead of buying them.
  • Alternatives to consumerism (gift economies, mutual aid, libraries, sharing, etc)
  • Self reflection on consumerist habits and personal growth in moving away from consumerism.
  • Propaganda and memes that inspire people to consume less.
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