Been really liking this show so far. We have reached the third episode and the struggle sessions known as White Nights, from now on its going to get really dark in Jonestown. Please be advised there is a lot of swearing and explicit phrasing. #Jonestown #Psychoanalysis #Healing #Christianity #Lacan #Freud #Communism #Maoism #Conspiracy #CIA #FBI #SIS #Rotary Credits  to Jonestown Education Institute for making research easy. You  can find  transcripts and tens of thousands of original files over at   jonestown.sdsu.edu/ Reading list: The Strongest Poison, by Mark Lane The Jonestown Carnage--A CIA Crime, by S.F. Alinin B.G. Antonov A.N. Itskov A Sympathetic History of Jonestown, by Rebecca Moore Dirty Work - The CIA in Europe, by Philip Agee and Louis Wolf Safe for democracy the secret wars of the CIA, by John Prados Whos Who in CIA, by Julius Mader

Interesting episode about one of the Jan 6 rioters.

I Don't Want Your Podcasts, Spotify!
As an internet community we need to reject this attempt to lock down the open ecosystem that is podcasting, or else risk loosing one of the last popular decentralized methods of accessing content. So cancel your Spotify, dust off your DRM free albums and RSS feeds and enjoy some freedom!

> Bislang gibt es in Deutschland keine Impflicht. Doch: Gibt es mittlerweile eine moralische Verpflichtung, sich impfen zu lassen, um andere zu schützen und die Überlastung des Gesundheitssystems zu verhindern? Was Markus und Richard nach einer ereignisreichen Woche zu dieser und weiteren Fragen durch den Kopf geht, erfahrt Ihr in dieser Ausgabe.

What are your favorite podcasts?
I love the [QanonAnonymous](https://soundcloud.com/qanonanonymous) pod and [the war on cars](https://thewaroncars.org/).

is good Also available on Gemini at gemini://gem.chriswere.uk/trendytalk/ and youtube probably. > Trendy Talk is an often gemini-centric punk as heck pseudo-podcast from the Internet's ChrisWere, Uoou and HexDSL. It has no schedule, no theme and no format to follow. It may however be the best gemini podcast on the whole smol-internet. So you are welcome.

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