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Honest question: Are there people using KDevelop as their main IDE, if so, what advantages does it have for you?

I am a huge fan of KDE myself and like the idea of a libre software set of applications integrated with each other and the DE, but when I tried KDevelop quite a while back, I don’t even remember what exactly it was, but I couldn’t stand something about it and quickly switched again.

You could try to apply for peertube.social they sound like they fit your bill. The application process was posted here before.

Holy shit, free full voice acting for every line as a free update is pretty nice…

I think I remember reading about this a few years back when it was fresh in concept - and if I recall correctly there were some concerns resource-efficiency wise that would make deploying it on a large scale unfeasible in the discussion. But, yeah, I am unsure, it’s been a few years and I shelved it in the back of my head. Maybe someone else knows more?

It’s running without issues in Proton for me, but native support would be indeed great

I really can’t recommend it enough, with just a few very small polish problems towards the end, it is hands down the best RPG in a very long time. Never have I ever seen a tabletop-like experience translated better, and the world is interestingly crafted and has far too poignant points to make about our own problems.

I’m waiting for a Switch release

Oooh, yes, I guess it could be a teaser for cosole releases. I didn’t follow them there too much and somehow thought those were already out. You may be in luck then if you want to try it out.

https://discoelysium.com/ \ https://archive.is/fMlV4 - what could it mean? A prequel set during the revolution? Release of an expansion? A sequel? A completely new game? A Tabletop RPG set in their world? Whatever the case, I am excited…

Yeah, if you want to you can check it out at https://yacy.wxnzxn.xyz, it’s mostly for learning and testing purposes right now, but I am having fun letting the crawler index my favourite parts of the web.

I guess with meta search engines like that I can’t get the bitter taste out of my mouth that they will always rely on other services and ultimately depend on them and end up as “a worse variant of” X results-wise.

Yes, I have tried it out, and it’s a fun project, but the results are abysmal to be honest. It has a decently large index, actually, but search ranking especially seems just off to me. When I search “peertube” for example I will get very random results of people mentioning peertube first, and stuff I’d be more interested in - the official website and/or maybe the wikipedia article - as distant results.

Really, if they managed to fix up that (which, granted, is the most complex part of search engines), it could easily become a decent alternative for some stuff.

Oh, wait, it’s clientside? I tried out an install on my server and I thought it was all serverside.

I grew up rather poor in Germany, and when I learned as a kid most families travel abroad at least once a year I was baffled (I had only been on one vacation abroad my whole childhood). With German tourists being so prevalent, it definitely goes back to being able to travel being a sign of wealth, status and affluence that has become culturally entrenched for everyone. Germany being a central and dominatingly rich country within the EU certainly adds to that.

I wonder if it’s counting stuff we colloquially wouldn’t think of as “tourism” at first glance, like visiting friends and relatives across the border.

Here in Germany, tap water is regulated more heavily than bottled water sold in stores, and it regularily has higher quality. In the city I’m from, it’s just genuinely high quality water. There’s a few regional exceptions, as expected more commonly with large cities, where people described their water as bad tasting, but I never met someone from here that was completely against drinking tap water like I later learned is common in other parts of the world.

So, silly follow up question, where is the data about servers I federate with actually stored? I checked the files in config, but couldn’t find it.

I don`t really want to remove everything one by one via the web admin interface. I`d rather just reinstall it altogether, but I am sure I am just missing the location of a config file here.

Thanks, that helps a lot and I think the linked index is what I was looking for.

Set up my own instance to try out stuff, followed everyone I found on other instances. Send help, please!

So, I was fully aware that might happen, but the fact only bitcoin and conspiracy stuff ended up in my trending list made me a bit sad. It was my intention anyway to remove everything again and then add more curated instances. (TBH, I would have expected more outright porn instead of “Free energy” a…

EU4 - "Development Diary" - 1st of December 2020

Basically just anouncing their LAN event due to sick leave, but teasing the next DD being about content for the Phillipines…

While it is a fun game, I think it’s really more of a traditional RTS and not really grand strategy.

I maintain that Imperator: Rome does have a lot of potential to become one of the best in their lineup, given some time and patches.

Clunky UI and lack of polish and depth aside, I found it’s setting and ideas quite enjoyable when trying it on release, but not enough to actually pay money for it back then I guess.

Open Source grand strategy games?

Are there any? With dedicated communities behind titles like FreeCiv, and the almost “roguelike” character these games can have, I’d expect that it could happen. It’s also heavy on mechanics and light on presentation, another thing open source games tend to be better at on average…

Created this as there didn’t seem to be something like it, it’s a bit bare-bones for now and focused on Paradox Interactive titles, although the scope can become grander…

Created this as there didn’t seem to be something like it, it’s a bit bare-bones for now and focused on Paradox Interactive titles, although the scope can become grander…

I actually think they are quite useful, when combined with filters. Even without that though, scanning and scrolling through a lot of content the post tags can help my brain filter and categorise stuff.

Yeah, thinking more about it, the “perhaps” case would still not make sense. For those communities, it would make more sense to have bots that directly fetch whatever announcements/news they need.

Relying on Reddit as an intermediate step is always a bad thing there.

I guess the existence of PeerTube is getting known more broadly, and I think what could happen eventually is YT fucking up in some way, that some major content creators that have funding secured through patreon publicly and in an organised fashion set up their own instance(s) or leave for something like TILvids.

Similar happened before when a lot of big names left for blip.tv way back when.

Also, with that amount of posts flooding Lemmy with its smaller userbase, it would be a lot of dead posts without engagement.

Perhaps some communities could profit from reddit mirror bots - when it comes to mirroring news/announcements for certain topics perhaps.

Also, as others mentioned, an opt-in reddit mirror instance might make some sense, I guess, an no one’s keeping anyone from setting smth like that up.

Loading ROMs from network storage (batocera linux on x86)

I have been running batocera Linux for emulation and media watching in my living room on an old AMD mini PC. It emulates stuff well enough up to PS1/Dreamcast/PSP. With batocera running emulationstation and kodi as frontends, it is a very neat entertainment device all around, after some fidgeting, e…