Yo WTF, how I will push people to matrix now?


Nothing’s changed really, considering discord already has a process logger, I don’t see how it can get much worse.

But the buyout might have made it easier to push some people away from it. “Look what happened to Skype!”, etc etc.

Discord themselves have a pretty bad privacy track record AFAIK. Obviously not a raging dumpster fire like Microsoft, but still.


thank fuck. but that begs the question whos left to buy it?


Maybe they won’t sell it at all? But to be honest I do not know if their business model is sustainable enough to allow that option.


surveillance capitalism time 🤗

They want to go public

Discord was simply evaluating its worth before going public. Been saying it for a while. They are not idiots to sell off their young golden goose.

These kind of news are purposely planted and tipped rumours to get the masses get talking about this stuff.


I am not as convinced that it is a golden goose. Stock markets are insane right now but I really doubt a publicly traded company can really survive with a single chat app (which can easily be copied btw). Same issue that zoom has. You either make some smart purchases or you die in the next ~2 years. Either way - would be interesting to see what happens and discuss it on matrix and the fediverse.


Let’s see what’s gonna happen, seems plausible


I thought they decided this way because they wanted to go the IPO way

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