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return to monke intencifies

I heard manly of Audacium, but way too much forks run wild RW. Don’t know how many of them will be updated with time


Prime example it could happen to anyone

I will launch an open source (GPLv3), serverless, offline-first, frontend-first, and totally free alternative to musescore.com, LibreScore. Everyone is welcome to join the project development by opening an issue or emailing me.

The balls on this person

Not exactly, the average person needs privacy of course but they don’t care if privacy is actually present or not.

I like the idea of crypto, but not the industrial proportions it grown to

Glad to see you’re back to Lemmy!

It’s official, Macron owns France now

firefox nightly is the open beta version of Firefox

What is the name of Nuffle is that?

Giving this power to internet would be self-destructive

Does Librewolf suport Firefox extentions?

I don’t get the joke beyond “Windows bad”