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"There are no Nazis in NAFO" ![](


*Stupidity Belt is Baltics-Poland-Ukraine, i'm not sure where he is from, but probably Polish since usage of "kacap" and siberian border with China is a polish meme.

Transcript: >Let us examine a few examples among many. On 7 March 1998, Floricel Marinescu, a Romanian historian with links with the previous regime, was writing in *Aldine* (a supplement of the daily *România liberă*) : “from the strict quantitative perspective, the number of crimes perpetrated in the name of communist ideology is much larger than that of those perpetrated in the name of Nazi or similar ideologically-minded regimes.” Unlike President Emil Constantinescu, who had apologized for his country's role during the Holocaust during a recent visit to Washington, **Marinescu wrote, “no prominent Jewish personality [from Romania] has apologized for the role that some Jews have played in undermining Romanian statehood, in the country's Bolshevization, in the crimes and the atrocities committed [by them]. Proportionally speaking, the Romanians and Romania suffered more at the hands of the communist regime, whose coming the Jews had made an important contribution to, than the Jews themselves had suffered from the Romanian state during the Antonescu regime… The Red Holocaust was incomparably more grave than Nazism.”** ([Source.](

Was trying to find info regarding the rate of profit for tear gas, rubber bullet, "less lethal" weapon manufacturers beginning with Bush Jr.'s administration onward, and have maybe stumbled across the most cursed instagram page I have ever seen. For context, this is one of the largest corporate suppliers of tear gas and "less lethal" weapons to the U.S. police. Some of which are banned in international warfare because of their destructive, "inhumane" nature. All of them used to brutalize civil rights and anti-war protestors, especially if they're black or indigenous.

I don’t know who this guy is, but someone I follow on twitter took this screenshot and called him a Nazi and I’m willing to believe her. Anyway, I’d love to ship this guy to the front lines so he can experience the reality of what war is actually like. I wonder if he’d still think the same.

Begun, the dark days have. Beware of false comrades.
cross-posted from: > Twitter has gone the way of LiveJournal. First they broke the woke boba libs from the Tumblr zoo tarring the Left with teenage cringe, the gates of the Twitter gulag has been opened to freedom for chuds, Neo-Nazis, and reactionaries. What kind of timeline are we living in? It seems the sacrifices of 8.7 million Russians to bury the Nazi monster are in vain. > > Now we must keep a vigilant eye for false comrades, like how fascists try to lure some of our naive baby comrades by jacking off to North Korea.

You could post the entire website here lol

Transcript: > The “President of France” documents are probably just hacked emails. But I have to say. Among the current heads of state, Macron is one of the very few whose sex tape might actually be watchable. (Spotted [here.](

cross-posted from: > Crossposted from the SLS discord

Spilling blood everywhere. I just can’t wrap my mind around this. I don’t remember Trudeau being this fucking depraved during his first term. He was still shitty, especially to the Indigenous people. Now it’s just balls to the wall warmongering. So explicit and mask off. The replies on twitter are even worse! Thinking he’s doing Haitians a service. Well obviously it’s a imperialist thing ensuring that they can extract resources from Haiti indefinitely. But there’s got to be another reason. Maybe it has something to do with his minority government, apparently those don’t last the typical 4 year term. I’ve only ever lived under two Prime Ministers memory wise: Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau. I’ve only know the both of them so this would honestly be my first time experiencing something like this. Is he trying to go out with a bang should his minority government end before 2025? They do have a coalition with the NDP too so this just makes it even more confusing to me. Call me naïve but I’m just unable to comprehend ever brutalizing another person/peoples/nation for personal gain… **Also we have to leave NATO**

Documenting the bullshit that neofascists say and do. Mostly stupid shit.

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