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Earn it act hasn’t yet passed the Senate, or I don’t know how to ddg

I believe you are referring to parentalist attitude to people’s own health, which I have no taste for either. Some doctors and businessmen get driven by this power of telling people what to do, and choosing who dies and who lives (this behavior is not specific to medicine, naturally). Beyond that, apparently there is a limited scope for arguing here, as the policy of banning discussions on public health is most unclear on this Lemmy instance.

Don’t overgeneralize, there are legitimate schemes that can only appear with web3. Everything else is regulated to shit.

I used permission manager X, an f droid app to change system permissions, these aren’t present in the interface

I would agree with you, except it is possible to export each Joplin note individually as an archive and in bulk, and I simply cannot imagine how it is possible to have markdown + media support without a “lock-in”.

He who keepeth a secret must keep it a secret that he has a secret to keep.

If you disable whatsapp’s permission to access fingerprint, it crashes. If you have an operating system full of apps like this, there is a problem.

So, the implications of this post are that Mozilla will have google default search engine, and ship with default configuration, rather than LM-specific one, because Ubuntu is moving their packaging to snap. I was anticipating more security fixes, but I guess that’s not what this is about. Did I miss anything?

Yes, those you don’t understand.

tf probability is more superior

Its not a bug, its a feature. Use the app, it 1) allows you to encrypt those files 2) works on a variety of devices 3) can export PDF/HTML/markdown for you. But if you want to edit the files without the app, you are better off just having a bunch of markdown files in a nextcloud folder, without Joplin.

I don’t fully understand the context of your question. If you use encryption you can only edit files using the app, but it is supported on a variety of platforms including android, Linux and freebsd. In practice - anything where you can use electrons builder (npm run dist). There’s also CLI app.

Threema is in Switzerland, right? So I guess that’s the reason.

You can host nextcloud or any other webdav backend, but for collaboration I don’t think the joplin server is quite ready yet, I tried to deploy it a month ago.

If you want to compare, there’s plugin https://github.com/joplin/plugins, I think it’s the link graph ui one, that allows you to see the knowledge network, to limited extent.

Has latex, HTML, code and mermaid-js (diagrams) support, this is the most convenient note taking app and I’ve been using it for years.

Those people seem toxic: even the most “credible” news sites write lots of biased emptu-worded speculations every day but they will intentionally avoid providing sources to increase the chance readers share their article instead of the primaries. Stop reading !privacynews.

RIP popcorntimes, you will be missed.

There is GNU Taler from GNUNet project (its not popular ofc), and hashgraph (discussion here https://libredd.it/rty0vt ), the main advantage of monero and crypto more generally is to have a way to send money.

Stablecoin is also full of shit, as in practice it is backed so little and with securities rather than moneu that it can easily crash. I heard that Nova coin transactions used in WhatsApp trigger movements in underlying USD accounts, if that’s more what you’d be expecting?

Mate in 1

Mate in 1