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I wasn’t thinking, thanks for a detailed reply. Tech sales make a bit more sense.

Stockfish, leela and lichess communities, you are awesome! Speaking of the code, stockfish is as much more I comprehensible as it is more advanced, compared to e.g. glaurung.

So Russia is like apple but they will steal the money instead of making it.

Because they signed one of the RMS letters, because they are being paid by large companies to promote them or because they have been doing random things with their money and closing a bunch of projects?

My bad, I confused it with south China morning post. The sun-looking logo made me think that. Still, some people prefer bloomberg for financial news.

The problem is the radio module - no matter what you put in your xiaomi it will still register on Chinese phone frequencies. All drivers code is also from xiaomi, that can’t go anywhere.

Than Chinese news talking about Chinese phones? It’s better to have both, and it states its source.

I agree, that phone security is a cartoon meladrama. However, the price for acquiring personal information varies between platforms. Both of these feed intelligences with users’ browsing history, passwords, credit card details and voice recordings, as can be seen in privacy policies and network monitors. The black market for personal data is so big that everyone is leaking every couple of weeks.

Why should that surprise you - US market is very competitive and they throw out players if they can.

Security-wise xiaomi is not in any way better than apple

What a place to bring that up, but Shura Gelman was my primary school teacher and now he’s an internet meme.

Easiest way is to get a Russian girlfriend, but for a broke student this won’t be the cheapest solution.

I only read the last sentence. But the reason I’m here and not on reddit is because I don’t get ads. Fuck off from here.

Why does it only have four available moves? I’d like to move the knight because it clearly leads to zugzwang, I.e. mate, but it only has options to move king/rook

Love it when they turn a tea party into a mathematical conquest.

This is interesting. But why would anyone patent an open source project? Is that because it works better than a license or because it’s a saas with partially open components?

On their website it says patent pending. How does that work? I mean, with open source.

TIL, thanks. I didn’t realise they decided to rewrite it.

Mate in 1

Mate in 1