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Like they did with death note?

Wow, they made it into a live action movie? Or is it the whole series?

No, we only get another nautilus bug so that it doesn’t open when you update :P /s

Makes sense, I think this sums it up for me.

Wouldn’t recognize, I don’t remember how he looks like


Conspiracy theories exist because the government’s version is a shameless lie attempting to cover its involvement in risky affairs. People being confused as to what actually happened, stapling cliches and chanting extremist ideas is not unique to this phenomenon, but is the reality of what happens to many people.

It’s a counter-reaction to western politics I think. Don’t underestimate that factor, even if you think this explanation is too simple. A lot of peeple here will like socialist ideas to spite American healthcare and insurance costs and such. I doubt anyone in the right mind would support the rule of terror.

This law would be like copyright: impossible or expensive to enforce and a joke to most people who really need to transfer money, because there is no other way. And what about the money that already circulates in there? When a market gets regulated, for example, anonymized crypto, the black market thrives. I doubt this money will circulate in the clear…

Actually all I needed to do was to switch to Wayland and install an additional gnome extension and now it feels alright. I don’t see why you are being rude.

Is it like hyperswarm, but with a different dht protocol?

I suppose it would prevent automation on some level indeed, but ironically I feel like this is nothing to do with the threat model.

Dumb question. Is graph neural network to multi-layered nn what Boltzmann machine is to restricted Boltzmann machine?

It’s meant to be for large groups, isn’t it? Why would the threat model of discord users require each of 120 users to keep their chats secret from the server?

Has anyone been able to enable the new touchpad gestures? I only have four finger swipe up and down, but no workspace overview magic.

I think many of us have had similar experiences with folding knives. You can use other tools without pointy things or blades that would do the job. My point was that a thing this basic and useful can cause trouble, and it’s a shame.

Good model, i’m using skeletool. If you look here and ctrl-F “139”, you will see that lock knife is not classified as a folding knife.

The word is locking blade - if you open it, it doesn’t close on its own unless you unlock it. Multi-tool version without a blade will be ok indeed. Which model has a folding one under 3 inches?

You probably do not know if they are stored safely. And no-one forbids the shadow user attack. At least WhatsApp doesn’t censor me like FB messenger does, it just quietly sits there until I admit to breaking the law,

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Mate in 1