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It’s also sort of illegal under the GDPR but it’s a very gray area tbf

I am unable to locate the funny

I know this is a very specific answer and probably not what you are looking for, but anyways:

In the Netherlands there is a magazine called ars aequi which is a law magazine specialized for law students where both students and professors can write articles for. The articles are mostly written with in such a style that it analyzes complex law problems but in mind that it should be easily understood by every student; so also the students that have just begun with their study. I would say that even people who never studied law but are interested in it and are able to learn fast, could easily understand what the articles are trying to say. Too bad the magazine is only in Dutch, the concept is very good and contributes in my opinion to the enthusiasm people have for this field.

Maybe they won’t sell it at all? But to be honest I do not know if their business model is sustainable enough to allow that option.

Crazyhouse (…) is a chess variant similar to bughouse chess, but with only two players.

Isn’t bughouse also not with only two players? There is at least no option to do it with more on chesscom