The scotch gambit and opening resources Scotch gambit explained by thechesswebsite the scotch opening explained by Jonathan St Louis club. the best variation against the scotch, check it out. Make sure to read Starting out: The scotch game by Emm Hope this helps

cross-posted from: > 1st place wintermute > > 2nd; liwott > > 3rd; straight peach > > 4th; sexy peach > > 5th; michael > > 6th; me > > (Sorry about delay, been busy) > > Until proven otherwise, wintermute is the strongest chess player on the fediverse :p > > I learnt a lot of stuff about running an e-tournament. Biggest factor is needing a lot of substitutes for when people drop out. Which would make the results weird, because say wintermute drops out and I sub in for him, then i'd lose the finals. > > combah text, by david revoy the pepper and carrot author


cross-posted from: > tournament note for self; liwott won in 21 moves

[Event] The fedizens first global chess tournament!
cross-posted from: > *Roses are red* > > *Violets are blue* > > *You're gonna sign up for this chess tournament* > > --- > > --- > > # How to play: > > 0. Most important! Share this event as widely as possible! Post on the fediverse and even on your Facebook, Reddit, tiktok etc > > 1. Sign up in the comments here. Just say your signing up. > > 2. I'll arrange brackets. Or if you particularly want to play someone, mention it in the comments and I'll pair you guys up > > 3. I'm open to suggestions, but lichess seems like the easiest way to set up matches, but really, if you can get your opponent to agree to use like Minetest chess, go for it! > > 4. If someone off the fediverse wants to play, have them contact me somehow. You could even relay their messages to me. > > # prizes: > > - once [the fedizens enquirer news paper]( is up and running, you'll be featured there. > > - myself, [](, Michael from [Perthchat]( and/or []( will simp for you > > - paid tournament will follow later on, if enough interest > > --- > > Has this ever been attempted before?

CMV: woke chess. Black or white should move first
I'm partially memeing bc i get that it's a game from like 3000 yrs ago, but its a very easy modification. Is there a reason why this isn't done? Or changing the colors to something else? (Blue vs red, which seems to be video game standard)

I have aphantasia but managed to follow the moves in the video and notice the pin. Aphantasia is the inability to create mental images in one's mind. You can check for yourself if you have aphantasia by [imaging a ball on a table]( Do you have aphantasia? Can you play blind chess?

Old news, but cool. HTTP Warning

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