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Pretty much. I have strong connections with the digdeeper and spyware blogs as an independent privacy activist.

There is a zero.js offered via 4chan as well for hardening purposes, just like this user.js. Firefox’s stock config is barely better than Brave or Google Chrome.

The kind of BS sold to people is hilarious. Every phone has some AI thing, but the only phones with AI NPU chips initially were from Huawei and Apple. Qualcomm followed through years later, and the OEMs that used Qualcomm never really utilised the NPU while calling their features AI.

People fell hard for the AI meme without knowing what it is. But then, what do people even know?

Considering a technology good means society does not make a joke out of it. Currently, this is not the case.

Blockchain is a meme. It is the same buzzword lalaland meme that is AI in phone software these days.

LokiNet and Adamant are probably the only serious attempts I have seen in a while, and even they did not get me interested to check them out. If something does not get me tingly in the sack, it is not worth.

Because Google, Bing (less prominently Yandex and Baidu) have an oligopoly on how most of the world searches things.

Search engine indexing takes years, and open source engines lack the infrastructure to speed up web crawling. SearX is just an instance hoster, a proxy. We have Yacy, Wiby, Mojeek, Metager and some other niche search engines. Then we have Qwant, that indexes its own and supplies results using Bing that it has not indexed yet. Then there is DuckDuckGo with its own indexing but is USA based. Then there is System1’s StartPage, essentially a Google proxy with no self indexing that is hostile to Tor users.

Then there are others.

I settled on using Qwant for searching and Yandex via VPN for reverse image searching. Startpage is used extremely rarely and with VPN.

This is so funny. How do script kiddie school websites pass off as country endorsed international platforms?

It is not really much different. Obama carried out lots of invasions, while Trump trumped him on drone strikes. Biden will simply continue and escalate the activity of the military industrial complex. The economy of that country runs on the existence of wars and selling weapons.

IP address might not be a huge concern with dynamic IPs as you can make the case for plausible deniability, plus if content is encrypted, they can have no basis to point out your IP from the millions of IP addresses since there exists no metric to point it out.

There are a good number of criticisms popping up, which I am able to observe, like:

  • use of Cloudflare, and Google and AWS servers for storage of messages
  • non federation of use of Signal (I can partially see the point because of the mess XMPP has been for the past 2 decades, only handful clients are worth using, and Signal wants to be an app for masses that just works)
  • Moxie’s attitude towards federation itself as a practice in FLOSS culture

Matrix, despite being technically federated, has almost all of its users on matrix.org server. This is what happens with federation usually. XMPP and IRC are free of people like Moxie, but also without reliable easy-to-use clients with E2EE, and without lack of grants and fundings like Signal got from Acton.

These are problems that go beyond fruitful conclusions, pushing for bipartisan choices between easy-to-use encrypted lock-in apps and sophisticated half-baked federated apps with hard to use E2EE.

XMPP community must work on creating strong easy to use PGP E2EE clients instead. Technical folks underestimate the power of simple UX in user adoption terms. (Not to mention marketing does not have any role, since Elon Crap and Snowden pushed for Signal and it got 50 million people in a week.)

It is important to note that Firefox reaches top tier with their mitigation guide: https://spyware.neocities.org/guides/firefox.html This is what I recommend too with uBlock Origin medium/hard mode.

Seems Disroot and Snopyta no longer have VPNs. Editing it out. Thanks for alerting me.

I think you may be looking for the Digdeeper or Spyware Neocities blogs. https://digdeeper.neocities.org/ https://spyware.neocities.org/

What they say is quite true on privacy matters, but you must evaluate your threat model and measure things for yourself. The blog content works on a very high threat level, surpassing that of even some activists and journalists.

The fact that people keep reaching this guide keeps my hope alive for my mission of a pro privacy libre culture. Thank you.

I think I should mention that any product emerging from USA or USA fanboy country that has this problem of startup investor capitalist culture in youth minds (where youths love Warren Buffett ideas) should not be entrusted with such subscription style money. They are destined to sell out unless they are non profit style entities, and even then one must research.

It would sound a little weirdly worded (tried my best) but I think anyone should get the idea here.

ProtonMail is a commonly acceptable email provider, and for normies it might be good to use. That said, it does a lot of privacy posing and certainly does not make you immune to 14 Eyes spooks as the email header is unencrypted on transit, and you cannot use your own PGP keys properly.

P.S. People who believe UK-USA funded HK insurrection was a protest are scared of being cancelled for criticising mainstream propaganda and/or keep their mouths shut about the past 20 years of MEA stuff. I can see this from India, though I get called “a certain party” shill for it.

I might be late to the party, but I think I can point out some crucial things here.

They recommend a billion other bad things, like most VPNs that either track you by lying about policies, or have been hacked in the past. Privacy may be a gradient, but it is not a partial or full thing.

I was apparently silenced on r/privacytoolsio when I enquired about this page deployment: https://old.reddit.com/r/privacytoolsIO/comments/frz365/privacytools_delists_the_great_cloudwall/fm08anu/?context=10000

Digdeeper, a friend of mine lists more things. https://digdeeper.neocities.org/ghost/fake_initiatives.html#ptio

I do not know why I typed all this. Nonetheless maybe it can help.

Hello again!

I think everyone here knows my position on 14 Eyes from my smartphone hardening guide, which I have also earned some racist flak for for my rigid stand on the same. This is a large reason why I recommend staying away from Google Pixels with proprietary Titan M chip, or Qualcomm smartphones or even South Korean Samsung’s Exynos phones. Apple iPhones are equivalent to Ebola virus for me.

I myself use a debloated Huawei phone since the baseband modem and hardware is non 14 Eyes, and might only pick either a Huawei and/or an ARM based Linux phone in the future. I refuse to trust 5/9/14 Eyes proprietary technology for any sensitive work, and the only reason I am seeing Signal as decent for masses is its audited cryptography with ease of use. (I am also more outspoken on Lemmy compared to Big Tech Reddit.)

Still using XMPP and Matrix, and have special email provider for covert operations.

Please refer to my threat model guide ASAP. Evaluate where you stand, and how much privscy you need. This is a fundamental mistake privacy seekers make and end up being obsessed to unhealthy or critical points mentally. https://lemmy.ml/post/34223

I have not heard of anyone making a FOSS or third party client for Google Suite or such online services. Google does not allow working on documents from a guest or visitor/anonymous mode either. Might be a hard find.

This might not be a much helpful comment.