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Because Lemmy is not filled with redditor mindset and the privacy grifters prefer to stay away from here.

Is reddit and 4Chan better than Lemmy for medical advice?

I feel the same, letting these kinds in is only going to make Lemmy another Voat or Gab.

The computer does not trick people. The user behind it does. And some users are weirdos.

@truthsocial lol WTF is that username, named after the far right Mastodon ripoff

This is a personal attack on many joyful souls.

Reporting you to authorities for making them cry.

Me and my family got infected by Omicron variant. We have recovered just fine, but the symptoms seem to be lingering in some of my friends, even after their recovery.

Currently my short term goal is to get back in proper form to practice MMA by having lots of eggs and dairy.

Each set of vaccines makes the pharma companies richer by $13-18 ($13 for Indian Covaxin and $18 for Pfizer). Others may be within or around this range. The valuation of vaccine maker companies skyrocketed beyond anybody’s guess.

Pfizer even demanded a legal protection contract from Indian government for absolutely no possible cases of suing in case there were adverse or fatal effects. Media is supposed to keep up narrative in favour of vaccines, hence any criticism is suppressed as “anti vax”. Indians knew well to prefer our own Covaxin instead of Astrazeneca (Indian version), as quite the number of people experienced Bell’s Palsy among other acute symptoms like vomiting or lot of weakness.

Do you not see the conflict of interest?

Preservatives? Stop right there, chief. This is certainly not skepticism in good faith.

I never said to not take the vaccine, I am only presenting a cautionary tale against boosters this frequently. I took the Indian Covaxin, and after that I have recently recovered from Omicron as well.

Vaccination beforehand is indeed a safer way to protect yourself. However, at some point you will have to develop natural immunity, because COVID is extremely infectious and human to human transmissible.

The frequency of boosters is what I take an issue with, because this is not the case with Indian or Chinese inactivated vaccines. To a lot of doctors, the issue seems with the mRNA and the adenovirus platforms used for vaccines made in USA and UK.

Here is a reputed doctor, who has successfully treated over 8000 COVID patients in South Africa, explaining about spike protein reaction https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7PokX4kz30

Drugs are meant to protect you, however everyone knows that there should not be created a reliance on them in long term. This is why even the course for antibiotics or antivirals lasts 5-7 days atmost. The only long term medicines I have seen are for blood sugar regulation for old age people. There might be some others as well.

Vaccines before this have meant to be taken over a long gap, not every few months. Take for example tetanus, booster every 10 years. Hepatitis A/B, 2-3 doses over 12 months, no boosters. Pre-exposure Anthrax vaccine, 5 doses in 18 months and thereafter annual boosters. (Sourced from CDC’s website)

The closest I see is the Anthrax example. 3 months for the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines does not make sense, when the Indian and Chinese inactivated vaccines are far superior and do not lose their efficacy within 3-6 months.

Both darknets work separately. You have to choose between Tor and DNSCrypt depending on what you want.

For Tor, you have to individually add onion addresses if you want to use both DNSCrypt and Tor system coverage.

I only route 2 FOSS browsers dedicated to Tor and I2P usage, and nothing else.

Go to Tor settings in Invizible. There is an option to exclude exit nodes, and select countries you want to exclude. Should work well.

Disclaimer: this is not professional medical advice.

That said, my dad is a doctor. And we discuss this stuff a fair lot. To understand this, let me make clear what vaccines do, in one line. They stimulate body’s immune system, and create antibodies for the first line of defense. The second line of defense is B and T cells, which work differently, based on your diet (the multivitamin side treatment is to supplement this line of defense).

This is not merely personal observation. The basic rule is to allow body to fight as much as it can, with minimal supplementation. The more drug reliance, the weaker your body is in fighting. There has to be a level of moderation with how many doses you should take. And I do not think there is anyone, except those that have to sell you the drug/vaccine, that think hooking yourself up with vaccines/drugs every few months is going to make your body resilient on its own.

There is one more point I want to make. There will come one day, when you will be exposed to COVID. I am sure a lot of people have already encountered one of the strains by now, unless they do not participate in society and live in the woods. Even with the vaccine, you have to fight it out atleast once in your life. What about then? Will you want to fight it out with a weak immune system, heavily reliant on the 4th or 5th booster dose? Or will you want to have some natural immunity developed as part of the herd?

We can ponder over these thoughts. I have received two doses of Covaxin in India and have recovered from Omicron variant as well.

This is certainly a post I want to comment on. This is in no order. And I cannot list 10 games. Behold, the comment from an old true retro enjoyer is here!

  • Oni (this one is #1 for me)
  • Mario Forever (the global fanmake community is something)
  • N the ninja flash game (N v2.0, N+ and N++) (this game is something else)
  • Megaman series (1,2,3,4,5,6)
  • GTA SA and VC
  • NFS series – Most Wanted, Carbon and Underground 1/2
  • Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (2 player combat does not get any better)
  • Counter Strike Condition Zero/1.6
  • House Of The Dead 1/2
  • Metal Slug series (1,2,X,3,4,5,6,7)

A few extra mentions:

  • Mario Forever Galaxy (if Galactica and Mario franchise made a perfect child)
  • Genocide (too obscure, can DM full version personally)
  • Duke Nukem Manhattan Project (the feels is pure rusty nostalgia)
  • DAVE (DOS game, not the same as Dangerous Dave)
  • Pocket Tanks Deluxe
  • Marvel vs Street Fighter (on Arcade)

If someone is relying on Big Tech apparatus to resist the subscription leechers, I would say that is a very stupid idea.

100% FOSS Smartphone Hardening non-root Guide 4.0

https://lemmy.ml/post/128667 Crosspost but the guide body is so long, I had to break it into 5 parts…