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How far has the biggest historical colonial power come? Oh wait they still worship that Queen and that Royal Family.

Ugh. Everything is not a slur. Lemmings also happen to be cute animals.

Oopsie whoopsie, they just quit the discussion upon having a debate with me, and deleted account.

Lukashenko is less deplorable than any American warmongering president, so that makes him… more human? He is also someone opposing neo Nazi forces, so that makes him… less deplorable? Belarus is a victim of EU and IMF mafia, that is all.

CPC’s “crimes” happen to be twisted in the first place. This is why Tiananmen Square is created into some kind of a massacre done by CPC, when that is absolutely and completely untrue, as noted at few sources besides the Tankman footage and the little collage I shared:




Ever tried to wonder why China has been historically bashed by Anglo imperialists? Refer to Cold War playbook used on Russia, and it might help you.

Cheap effort for what? Western media posting and reposting one still photo of the supposedly about to be crushed Tankman for 3 decades now? That never happened, you see.

As for Wikipedia and Wikimedia, you can see here a recent incident regarding their biases against mainland China. https://hongkongfp.com/2021/09/14/exclusive-wikipedia-bans-7-mainland-chinese-power-users-over-infiltration-and-exploitation-in-unprecedented-clampdown/

As for mainland China’s GFW, censorship extrapolated to censorship of narratives and isolation of the censorship action itself is the grift Western media plays. Nobody wants to talk about what led to Facebook being banned by CPC. Nobody wants to discuss what led to Twitter clampdown. Nobody wants to discuss Tankman video footage, when a photo still is all that is needed to be a grifter and throw stones at a country and its people you might never even visit.

Wikipedia has many instances of being more than just inaccurate. You have to look past the article information, and go to talk section on any of the “controversial” topic pages and see editing wars.

China, DPRK and so on never were colonialist powers that colonised foreign lands like the Anglo powers (see 8 Nation Alliance, nowadays 5/9/14 Eyes) did to the world in the past 5 or so centuries, essentially post Renaissance. Pre WW2, Britain held the baton, post WW2 they passed on the baton to USA.

Today, if you try and look how USA reinvented the disinformation media apparatus using USAGM, CFR, Bilderberg media and the Murdoch network, you will notice a pattern so vile and vicious, you will stop finding faults and self critiquing your supposedly “free” position on topics you reached of your own “free will”.

You are a victim of the Anglo imperialists’ generic psyops campaign, like most people, and that is normal to you. And you will find it hard to venture out of the normal comfort zone, so you keep denying information one side presents and only accept information from the other side. A victim of partisan politics, if you will, as I often say.

Edit: I just noticed you mentioned Lukashenko, aka Belarus. Let me present to you why the IMF mafia and EU news media was creating a nonsense narrative about Belarus’ supposed dictatorship.


Refer to Point AR 1 (ca):

express their regret at the unwillingness of the Belarusian authorities to follow the recommendations of international financial institutions such as the World Bank and IMF, or to implement reforms reducing the vast number of state-owned enterprises, reforming the business sector, encouraging entrepreneurship, supporting SMEs, reducing the public debt, outsourcing the realistic costs of living to the population and improving conditions on the labour market;

Basically EU wants Belarus to stay dependent on IMF loans, and reduce their independence with self owned enterprises and so on.

This same card was played in the “liberation” of Libya by NATO bombing last decade because Gaddafi wanted to install an African Monetary Fund (AMF), a communications satellite for Africa for $400M (for which they used to pay EU $500M annually) and a Central Bank of Africa to become independent from US and EU slavery.

Why exactly do people here (at least that is what I perceive) turn a blind eye to the brutalities of an authoritarian government such as the CCP?

Because your perception is one sided and taught by one side (Anglo imperialists), incidentally. Looking at your responses, you will never question your own position and then complain about the issues about understanding the position of people here. Someone not willing to self critique their own position on topics will never learn more than whatever they know, regardless of if it is right or wrong.

You are trying to drum up drama by denying the “authoritarian” “socialist” supporting facts, and believing in the imperialist black information taught to you since the starting.

Someone who cannot critique their own position will always end up being dishonest, willingly or unintentionally.

Can you explain to me how LGBT rights do not exist in mainland? Last I heard, LGBT rights were legally approved long ago, and the only controversy in recent times happened with a local court which was nullified by the higher authorities.

As for Tiananmen Square, let me shatter the propaganda you have seen with a picture that started the so-called massacre, and a tankman video clip from CNN Crew.

pictures of what Western media and Reuters did not show you

Tankman crushed? CNN footage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YeFzeNAHEhU

I wonder why the slur filter did not work here.

Look him in the eye with the coldest stare and walk away silently.

They were, but official revelation will have larger consequences, most specifically for mainland China.

[TINY GUIDE] How to stay safe from Pegasus and most social engineering malware these days

Hello! I think it is a nice time to re-mention some 101 tips of IT security for folks here, that I also practice. Pegasus malware investigation will be big news for a good while, so the more awareness it helps spread, the better. …

FYI, this US Nobel Laureate was one of the originators of the China lab conspiracy theory, debunked last year, and failed to be revived this year…