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LockUp has been on F-Droid for a while now. goes back to sleep

Cute. I am from India, and happen to not be brainwashed by the news media funded by global hegemonic rulers, like most of the masses are. I encourage critical thinking, which you lack.

We already saw what colonial dictators are, and we observed Western liberal democracy. We are currently observing a fascist authoritarian state, and the BJP government here is nothing remotely like CPC.

You damn idiots need to stop screaming democracy like you think you know what it really is, and how your countries really became a democracy, in name, in the first place. None of the Western nations, that claim democratisation today, were a democracy before Industrial Revolution. All of them were monarchies or dictatorships of some form.

The admins are not my buddies, and you called me a wumao. I am simply addressing the issue instead of becoming like you. If there was a report function, I would not have pinged them.

Whataboutism is a dog whistle of the dishonest people who want to spread an agenda, to deflect their racism in the name of moral elitism.

Harvard’s study over 2 decades tells 96% Chinese citizens approve of CPC, so you are only practicing your xenophobia against China here. That eating increased to 98% post pandemic.

I have nothing else to say to you, because you have a dishonest intent.

They have been in the deal for an extremely long time now, since more than a year for people who have no idea. Since EU passed the resolution for Google to offer multiple search engines upon setup, Huawei has had Qwant as option unlike others with DuckDuckGo, Bing, Google et al only.


@dessalines@lemmy.ml @nutomic@lemmy.ml @AgreeableLandscape@lemmy.ml just look into this redyeppit fellow.

Sorry, but I do not entertain folks like you who are anti facts.

They removed their Lemmy profile just 4 hours ago, looking at the edits they made. They were a disgusting person, to try and sabotage this Fediverse project. I will continue to stand against such elements. Take this as a threat, lurkers. I will make some fruit squash out of you virtual monsters.

Thanks for sharing that, I will read it. I am not the kind of person to get into drama usually though :p but you seem a lot more composed person to me.

You might like reading my thoughts on internet communities I wrote at the end of 2020 https://teddit.net/r/privatelife/comments/k7vngo/2020_special_the_good_the_bad_and_the_ugly_my/

I can see the same that happened with South Asian countries with heavy Facebook reliance. These social networks are basically communication tools with widespread reach, with someone who controls them behind the scenes.

This is why open, federated and non terrorist organisation funded communication platforms are necessary.

even though majority of people here are baserment sewage there are people here who arent that too. It also makes a space or a flag to go under against these people.

I really did not know you called majority people here this. Seriously, go to a free speech nazi platform or delete yourself off the internet.

CCP menace

LOL okay patriot, leaking reddit Sinophobia disease here, I bet you call Snowden a traitor too

The one who needs to be dealt with in ICJ courts is USA and their genocidal allies, stripping them of their warmongering powers and imposing permanent penalties on them. Cannot wait for the day other countries step up to become superpowers that compete and overtake the Western imperialist hegemony without flickering a single stone at them.

I will tell you, apart from that police dog paragraph, I knew it all in hindsight. I am not acting superficial when I say that.

I thank Skeleton for bringing me here, and whoever likes me here, should thank them too. I do not see much people like OP in this day and age, where everyone wants to go the corrupt and mainstream way just for societal compliance and clout. And that makes me give a little smirk.

No, I do not view world as a binary partisan format. In fact, I very much oppose it. I suppose you read me wrong, but I do not expect most to ever be able to read me, anyway.

Saudi and Israel are puppets for USA, no matter what they conspire internally. And yes, opposition to those entities is very much in line. Can tell from my years of talking to MEA friends.

My guess is Turkey or Lebanon, leaning on former. And I can see where your Uyghur sympathy comes from. It is displaced, that is all I can tell. In case you read this wrong too, I am not calling all Uyghurs, but the Turkic and Wahhabi extremists specifically falling hook and sinker.

The word root can be misused politically by malicious actors, especially those that are admittedly seeking to harm Lemmy actively. This can simply be called a dev or origin instance, instead.

And all “leftists” liberals are not correct. Buzzfeed is Facebook news. Not sure why that kind of citation is thought of as serious.

Can you downvoters explain to me this about the ETIM terrorists? The fact that even some Muslims are brainwashed about fellow Muslims is disappointing, just because they consume Western propaganda.

If anyone downvotes this, they would actually be supporting Uyghur kids become free terrorists instead of prosperity.

Can you explain to me why the opposite camp, Britain and USA, are not worse in human rights records, colonialisation and genociding, as far as history is concerned?

All Muslim States are not Shariah Law states. And the ones ravaged are because of USA’s activities post 9/11. Mujahideen was raised by USA in the first place. The same mujahideen is being propped up for Xinjiang, if you watched US Colonel Lawrence Wilkinson’s speech note on Afghanistan occupation.

Why are you putting more weight on data points by anti LGBT far-right theologists like Adrian Zenz, who claim to be “sent by God on a mission to destroy China”, more than Muslim states?

Also can you explain this AMA? https://old.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/hwi7ub/i_am_sophie_richardson_china_director_at_human/

You are the one pretending to be Muslim, probably. I have Muslim friends in Palestine, Saudi, Kuwait and elsewhere.

Sorry bud, you cannot talk on behalf of Muslims if you are supporting the ones that genocides and ravaged MEA in the last 2 decades.

You look like someone who has not bothered to look at the other side. Not Xinjiang. Not Hong Kong.

Personally, for me, Hallelujah chants and USA flag hoisting in HK was the turning point of my life, as far as political understanding goes. That seems too displaced in HK.

Want to see the atrocities committed by the rioters that some people called “protestors”? https://www.truth-hk.com/

Have you ever read Article 23 of Basic Law for Hong Kong? Also, do you believe colonialised HK was a better HK? You might learn when your country gets colonised, in that case. Mine was for 2 centuries, India.

The heck is this nonsense? Instance admins please take note of this attempt to mislead the community members. @nutomic@lemmy.ml @dessalines@lemmy.ml @AgreeableLandscape@lemmy.ml

Discussing soferman's history on Lemmy (WITH FACTS)

So I said a few days ago that I would make a post on this issue, and it got delayed as I was running busy with family. Apparently some people like @helix got no chill. @Sightline@lemmy.ml, here you go. …


Finally got time to welcome. I plan to try and populate this place with some content, as I am a hardcore retro fan. …